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My name is Catherine Almond and I am teaching Year 4-7 Science this year at East Marden.

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If you ever have any questions or comments about the science program, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at Alternatively, if you leave a message at the front office, I can call you outside of school hours.

Term Four Program

This term, students Year 4-7 are learning about PHYSICS!

Students have been asked to plan and conduct an experiment linked to their year level’s Achievement Standard:

Achievement Standards:

  • Year 4 – Students describe how contact and non-contact forces affect interactions between objects.
  • Year 5 – Explain everyday phenomena associated with the transfer of light.
  • Year 6 – Students analyse requirements for the transfer of electricity and describe how energy can be transformed from one form to another when generating electricity.
  • Year 7 – Students represent and predict the effects of unbalanced forces, including Earth’s gravity, on motion.

To complete their project, students will need to:

  • Write Investigation Planner (see headings/sentence examples here)
  • Run the experiment, taking measurements and recordings in the form of notes/diagrams/tables
  • Summarise what they have learned about their Achievement Standard from their experiment and discuss their results

Students will be marked based on:

  • The quantity and quality of scientific vocabulary covered and concepts explained in their own words
  • The originality and creativity of their investigation question
  • Their thoroughness with keeping the test fair
  • The detail in recordings, measurements and/or observation notes
  • The ability to summarise the findings of their investigation

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