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My name is Catherine Almond and I am teaching Year 4-7 Science this year at East Marden.

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If you ever have any questions or comments about the science program, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at Alternatively, if you leave a message at the front office, I can call you outside of school hours.

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Term Three Program

This term, students will be learning about earth and space!

Curriculum Overview will be uploaded by the end of Week 5.

One of our ongoing success criteria is using specialist scientific words and concepts. To assist students with this in chemistry, I’ve created a Quizlet set for each year level with vocabulary specific to their achievement standards (saying this, they would benefit from understanding the vocabulary from all sets). Click on the link below to see the vocabulary sets.

Term Three Projects

All students will be creating a booklet of information for their Term 3 Summative Project. See the linked Google Docs below for the task sheets – if you have trouble accessing these files, send me an email and I can attach a PDF for you (alternatively, there are extra hard copies in the Primary Science room, you’re welcome to come in and pick one up).

Year 4 Project Task Sheet
Year 5 Project Task Sheet
Year 6 Project Task Sheet
Year 7 Project Task Sheet

Online Resources

Year 4 – Changes to Earth’s Surface

Reading for adults (teachers/parents) linking to Australian Curriculum achievement standard

BTN – Kid Geologist (Video)


Impact of Natural Activity on Earth’s Surface (Natural Landforms)

Impact of Human Activity on Earth’s Surface (Erosion and Weathering)

Year 5 – Our Solar System

Year 6 – Natural Disasters

Year 7 -Positions of Earth/Sun/Moon and the Seasons

Year 7 – Renewable/Non-Renewable Resources

Great Books About Earth and Space!

Here are some books for your children to read that link in with their learning in Science this term. I’ve highlighted books in bold that are particularly good and made comments in italics if they link well with a particular year level’s content.

Tea Tree Gully Library

Campbelltown Library

  • Coming soon!