Room 10

Welcome to week 4!

Attached is a copy of the term overview.

Term 4 2017 overview

Thank you to all parents/ grandparents who came to Sport’s Day! The class had a great day engaging in some healthy competition and were all winners!

Welcome to Term 4, week 2!

Thursday 26th October – Sport’s Day.

Friday 27th October – Pupil Free Day

Just some information about Sport’s Day tomorrow:

Outlined below is the structure for Sport’s day.

*Please note that parents can take students home at 1.50pm ONLY if they have seen their teacher and signed the student out on the teachers roll.

8.50-9.40 – Students in class as usual

9.40-10.00- Recess in classroom

From 10.00- 10.20 – Students will be under the cola in their house colours for the welcome, war cries and health hustle.

10.20 – Students walk in house colours and meet under their coloured marquee where they stand and support their team

10.20-10.40 – Years 3-7 Races on oval

10.40 – 12.25 – Tabloid events

12.25- 12.35 – Students eat lunch in classrooms

12.35 – 12.55 – Lunch play outside

12.55 –  Relay races, teacher vs parents 3 legged races

1.25 – War cries and presentation of shield (under COLA in house colours)

1.40- 1.50 – Yard clean up, students return to class

1.50 – 3.00 – Students back in classrooms (or parents can take students home at 1.50 only if they have been signed out on the teachers roll.)

Week 10!

I cannot believe how quick this term has gone. We have had a very busy term and students have been doing exceptional learning.

In English we have looked at Information Reports and students have learnt facts about different animals and living things. This has coincided with our inquiry topic and students have explored facts about dogs and other animals of their choice.

Students have had fun exploring Measurement in Maths. We have looked at length, weight and capacity and have done lots of hands- on work and investigating inside and outside the classroom.

Students have really enjoyed our inquiry about Living Things this term and their love of learning has  been demonstrated by their curiosity and zest for the topic. Students were very excited to go on their first excursion to the Marine Discovery Centre where they were given the opportunity to explore and investigate shells on the beach and sea creatures found in the sea. Thank you to the parents who volunteered and came with us. I know the students loved having you there learning with us!

Pictures to come!


Welcome to Week 7!

Welcome back!

Important dates for the term:

  • Friday 8th September – School Closure Day
  • Thursday 21st September (week 9) – Reception excursion to the Marine Discovery Centre. I  already have two parent volunteers who are coming with the class however I need two more parents! So if you are able to come along with us please let me know as soon as possible. I have not received some excursion forms yet so please bring them in and don’t forget to pay at the finance office.

Important notes:

  • No students are allowed on school property before 8.30am as there is no teacher supervision
  • When picking up your child/ren please wait outside the Opal building at the end of day dismissal. Teachers and School Support Staff often work with individual students and groups in the middle learning space of opal building throughout the day. This will support the focus on learning and minimise disruption. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • For families who missed out on ordering a tote bag last month, the school is offering a last chance to purchase until September, Thursday 21st. These tote bags are a great memento for every student for their year at EMPS! Pick up an order form at the front office.

Room 10 looked wonderful in their Book Week costumes! Thank you for putting so much effort into your child’s costume. They all enjoyed themselves and looked great!

We had all sorts of characters in our classroom. From pirates to princesses!

In Maths we have been exploring length – how long or short something is. We have also been continuing to partition numbers and write facts of 10.


Here are some more pictures of the wonderful learning happening in Room 10..


For our book week open classroom, we read The Three Little Pigs and students were challenged to make a house of straw (pipe cleaners), wood (pop sticks) and bricks (building blocks) for a STEM Challenge. Students were excited to see which house was the strongest and didn’t blow down from the Big Bad Wolf.

Here are some things students have created during play times.


Welcome to TERM 3!

Here we are already in Term 3! What a year we have had so far! So much has been happening this week already. We have had author Phil Cummings visit our school and the receptions were given the opportunity to meet him and listen to him speak and read his stories.

I hope parents/caregivers enjoyed their holidays with their children. It’s good to see students refreshed and excited to be back at school.

I have attached our learning overview for this term and the newstime sharing topics that are related to our inquiry for this term.

Term 3 2017 Overview

Reception sharing term 3 2017

Some important dates this term:

Friday September 8th- School closure day


Please stayed tuned for pictures of our wonderful learning!


Welcome back!

Welcome back parents/caregivers!

I can’t believe how fast this term has already gone. We are already in week 6!

Thank you to all the parents that donated money for our morning tea a few weeks ago. The children really enjoyed themselves and were thrilled to share the morning with all of EMPS.


Below you will find an overview of what we have been learning this term and our news time sharing topics that was sent home in week 1.

Term 2 Overview


Important diary dates:

  • Public Holiday- Monday 12th June
  • Pupil Free Day- Tuesday 13th June
  • School will return on Wednesday 14th June after the long weekend
  • This Friday (9th June) our class will be sharing an item of learning at Assembly in the gym at 11am. Please come along!

Just a few notes:

  • As winter is finally here and the cold/flu season is upon us, it would be great if parents could bring in a donation of tissue boxes for the class.
  • I am also collecting bottle tops to use for literacy activities. Instead of throwing your bottle tops out please bring them in!

Room 10 has been doing some amazing learning this term and it has been great to see the children are enthusiastic to learn and are continuing to build on their skills developed in term 1. Here is some of the learning we have been doing in Room 10:


  • We have started a program called ‘Read it again!’ with a focus on reading books and developing phonological awareness skills, such as rhyme, syllables, letter/sound knowledge, comprehension and many more early literacy skills
  • We will continue with Jolly Phonics- revising sounds and digraphs
  • Shared reading and writing experiences to recognise features of a sentence, concepts and features of print, with a focus on narrative writing


  • Our focus this term is number sense and positioning
  • The class has been doing lots of hands on activities and games to build on their counting skills, ordering numbers from 1-10, matching numerals with their number names and quantities, finding different ways of making 10 (rainbow facts) and subitising (recognising numbers without counting)

Looking at different ways to make 10 using a ten frame and using Mickey Mouse ears (part-part-whole)


  • This term we are focussing our inquiry on Geography with our topic being ‘My Place’. The class will be inquiring into many places that are special to them and others.
  • As part of the Child Protection Curriculum we will be looking at safe places- at school, home and in the community. If you could please also reinforce these safe places with your child at home. Conversations may include:
  • What to do if you can’t see your parents/caregivers after school- wait with the teacher or go to the front office if they can’t find their teacher. They should not look for their parents out in the yard as it could be unsafe.
  • Where to go if you can’t find parents in a shop
  • Who to speak to if they are feeling unsafe and how to recognise the early warning signs of feeling unsafe
  • Where their safe place is
  • Where they should never be alone without a trusted adult

Here are some pictures of our library inquiry lessons:


Please stay tuned for more updates and photos of our learning to come!


Week 9


  • This week is swimming week. Please make sure your child brings their labelled belongings for swimming to school.
  • Thank you to the parents that have volunteered to come with us to swimming, I do still need a few extra volunteers for each day so if you are able to come along please let me know on Monday.
  • Parent-teacher interviews also begin this week and will run over the next two weeks. If you have not booked a time online please feel free to see me so that we can arrange a suitable time.

Here are some photos of what we have been learning over the last few weeks. Children have been continuing to explore patterns using hands on equipment. It has been great to see the different types of patterns that children have made. We have been continuing, copying and creating patterns.




Harmony week celebrations

Harmony week was a fantastic week full of celebrations and learning about different cultures. Students were involved in many activities and especially enjoyed the harmony parade. Thank you to all parents/caregivers that joined us to watch the parade.  It was great to see most students arrive to school in their traditional costumes and in orange- the colour of harmony! Students also enjoyed making their cultural flag to hold up at the parade.

Getting ready for the Harmony parade.




Week 8 update


  • Today your child has brought home a ‘word box book’. In this book is oxford sight words. The main function of this is to provide practice in word recognition so that your child is able to achieve greater fluency in reading. A new word box will be sent home once your child is able to fluently read each word at least five times. This book will stay in your child’s blue folder. Please practice regularly with your child and place a tick next to each word once your child is able to read the word independently.
  • Next week (week 9) is swimming week. We will be walking to the swimming centre with Rm 9 and will be swimming from 2-2.30pm. A swimming reminder note went home this week, please read it as it mentions what your child will need to bring. If you did not receive a note please see me or pick one up from the office. Children will need: appropriate swimwear, towel, goggles (optional but recommended) and a plastic bag for wet items. Please make sure your child’s belongings are labelled as things seem to get lost during swimming week. With this in mind, this week may be a good time for your child to practice getting dressed  independently at home so when next week arrives they are able to get changed by themselves at the swimming centre. If you have any questions or concerns about swimming please do not hesitate to see me.
  • I still need some volunteers for swimming week, so if you are able to come along please let me know!

Stay posted more to come on this blog!


Welcome to Room 10’s classroom blog!

Hi parents and caregivers of Room 10, welcome to our Reception class blog!

Throughout the year you will find notices, attachments, reminder notes and photos of what has been happening in our classroom.

I can’t believe we are already at the end of Week 6 of Term 1. I’m sorry it has taken me a while to write my first post, I hope to update this page on a regular basis to keep you all informed on what is happening in room 10.

As we are well into term 1 I am impressed with the organisational skills that children have been displaying. Children are becoming more and more independent with getting organised in the morning. The children have settled well into the classroom and have become more familiar with the classroom expectations and school routines (which can be difficult at first, so thank you for your patience and assistance).

If you would like to contact me personally you may see me before or after school or contact me via email to organise a time. My email address is I kindly ask that you do not expect me to reply outside of school hours although I may check my emails outside of school from time to time.

This being my first year at East Marden Primary, I am just as excited as the children to have started this learning journey together!

Children have already displayed some amazing learning in our classroom. In Maths we have been exploring patterns using hands on equipment. Children have been copying, continuing and making their own AB and ABC patterns. Here are some photos of the children exploring patterns.


Children have been enjoying the Jolly Phonics program to learn their sounds. We have learnt many sounds so far and we have started to blend these sounds together to make words. They have been having lots of fun during literacy rotations, where they have been using whiteboards, playdough, kinetic sand, letter blocks to find or write sounds. Just a reminder that the Jolly Phonics homework is optional, but recommended to reinforce sounds and letter formation.

I have also attached below a term overview of what our class have and will continue to be learning in Term 1. On this overview you will see the days that the children have their specialist lessons. Note that the children’s library borrowing day will be on Wednesdays, if you could please ensure that your child brings their book back before this day so that they can borrow a new book each week.


Just a few reminders:

  • Every Wednesday is Independence Day. This means children are expected to unpack their bag, change their reader and get organised for the day by themself. The idea is to get children to become independent and responsible learners, so please make sure to say goodbye to your child at the door.
  • Next week we will be celebrating Harmony Week from the 14th- 17th March. Throughout the week we will be participating in different activities that celebrate different cultures. The theme for Harmony Week is Everyone Belongs- Diversity is our strength. Please see the note attached that was sent home. Our Reception classes will be having a shared lunch on Thursday 16th March to celebrate, if you could please send a plate of food from your culture with your child that day it would be much appreciated! We will be having a parade on the Tuesday 14th at 9.15am where students will bring their cultural flag that they have made in class.

Harmony Week Parent Note (1)

Harmony Week 2017 (1)

  • This Friday 10th March is a Pupil Free Day and Monday 13th March is a Public Holiday. This  means no school on these days, so enjoy the extra long weekend!

Please stay updated with our class news and information on this blog.

Thank you all for your warm welcome and support!

Kind regards,

Miss Stephanie Roumeliotis