Room 9

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Next Thursday the 30th of November East Marden will be hosting the End of Year Christmas Concert. The Reception children from Room 9 and Room 2 will be performing ‘SANTA BRING ME A DINOSAUR’. The children have been working extremely hard on learning the words and actions. To support the children in looking like a ‘Christmas Dinosaur’, could you please dress them in a plain T-shirt either GREEN, BROWN or RED with denim bottoms. (If you are unable to find denim, school bottoms will be fine). We will be making the dinosaur head pieces in class to wear on the night.

Thank you for your support.

More information regarding the night will be coming out tomorrow in the school newsletter.


Meagan and Christina.

Reminder: In Week 7 Friday the 1st of December we will be sharing some of our learning at the JP Assembly. A few children will be talking about our learning and others holding the work pieces. We hope to see you there (11am start)


This year we have introduced character strengths into our PERMA Plus whole school framework.  Character strengths are the characteristics in a person, these can be used to help us in a range of situations.
All are welcome to please join us to celebrate our first EMPS Character Strengths Day with a whole school assembly and shared morning tea.

Each child is to provide a SMALL plate for shared morning tea.  If you are not sure of ideas please see your child’s classroom teacher.

When: Friday, November 17th, Week 5
Time: 9:30am, assembly
10:15am, shared morning tea
Where: Under the COLA for the assembly
   Oval for shared morning tea
What: Classes share their learning about characters strengths and to celebrate our unique strengths


What a busy start to the Term we have had, the children had a wonderful time on Sport’s Day and did such a fantastic job of following the rules and being real ‘TEAM PLAYERS’.  A big THANK YOU to all the parents, grandparents and siblings for coming along and joining in on all the fun and supporting the children and myself… What a great day we all shared, I’m sure there were some very tired children in the early evening.

There were also plenty of gorgeous smiles on ‘School Photo Day’. I was so proud to stand right next to the 24 amazing children I have taught this year for their 1st school photo, what an excellent bunch of children I have! (We should be handing these out soon).

In week 3 I handed out the Reception Team overview of learning for Term 4, along with the News Time plan. I am hoping the children have given these to you, otherwise check in their blue reader bags. Please remember readers will no longer be available from week 6. We need to hand them ALL back to the library staff, who have the HUGE  job of creating a new system for take home readers in 2018. Please check to make sure you do not have any extras at home. Your understanding and support is appreciated, thank you! 

We have also ran out of tissue again, if you would like to donate a box that would be greatly appreciated.




Friday 8th of September is ‘School Closure Day’.

I hope everyone has a fabulous extra long weekend and I hope to be fully recovered and back on Monday for Week 8!

School Calendar Update – for Term 4


BOOK WEEK PARADE. It was great to see everyone in Room 9 dressed up for Book Week, and a big thank you to the parents and grandparents who came along for the morning.


OPEN DAY! Wow, what a great lesson we had. The children have been learning about the measurement of length and how to measure effectively. It was great to see so many parents and grandparents joining in on our learning and helping the children measure the length of their arms, torso and legs. We were lucky enough to have enough time to put them all together to make our very own ‘Mr or Ms Measure’. Well done team.






Room 9 has been learning how to read, write and spell their sight words, CVC words and looking at numbers. We have had a wonderful time using shaving cream, play dough, chalk, fishing games, sand, paints and much more to enhance our learning. We have also been focusing on creating interesting sentences with the use of capital letters and full stops. The teamwork and scaffolding of one another’s learning has just been a delight to watch.




Look at the wonderful teamwork from all the children in Room 9. 



                    WELCOME BACK TO TERM 3 EVERYONE!

Here are some photos of the wonderful experience we all shared on our ‘Nature Play Day’. The children used logs, sticks, branches, shells, gumnuts, leaves and sand to create fantastic masterpieces. We were so lucky to get to play with play dough that had cinnamon in it, yum, it smelt like we could eat it! Some children were making sight words with the play dough and others were moulding boats, animals and homes. What a great experience, if you have any little logs, gumnuts or other interesting things from our environment we would love to use them in Room 9.

Term 3            

25th of July to 29th of September

Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful break and the children are well rested and ready for another exciting term of  learning. Term 3 will be busy again with lots of fun experiences happening at EMPS. We have Science Week, Book Week, a new playground being built as well as a new garden development out the front of our office. We have already had our visit from the ‘Famous Author’, Phil Cummings. The children really enjoyed Phil’s funny stories about his achievements in life and loved listening his new story book ‘BOY’.


I have handed out the Reception Team ‘Overview of learning’ and the ‘News Time’ letters, please check your child’s blue reader bag for this information. I do have spare copies in the room if you need another one. If you have any questions regarding the learning for this term please come and chat with me before or after school.

Just a reminder, that in Week 3 and 4 I will be on holidays. I have the beautiful Ms B coming in to teach the class. Ms B has had many years experience with teaching JP children and has spent a few days in Rm 9 already getting to know our gorgeous Receptions. Ms B will follow the program as planned and will continue to teach the lessons I have organised. Another date to remember is the 8th of September as we have a School Closure Day.

I would like to say a ‘BIG THANK YOU’, to the parents of Room 9 that have been trained to help with reading in the mornings. The children get excited & absolutely love reading to you all. If you have not had the training please remember you are more than welcome to grab a cushion and get comfy with your own child, either reading to them or having them read to you. Let’s get everyone to fall in love with books and have a love of reading! 

Thank you, enjoy the rest of your week.


(Donations, if anyone would like to donate some more tissues it would be very much appreciated)


                         Our STEM Challenge, the children had to build a house that could not be blown over by the

Big Bad Wolf!


 Geography Inquiry: Special Places

Our receptions had a wonderful time learning about places and how and why they are special to people. The children investigated the features of places, the differences of special places, what makes a place special, how to take care of a special place as well as how maps can help us find a place.

:Creating maps of the zoo with buddies, making a school map, painting special places, making special places, draft copy of zoo map, outside drawing our special place, the school oval!!

(To see more photos of the learning in Room 9 come in and look at our ‘photo board’ at the front of the room)


Welcome To Term 2 Everyone!

Wow what an excellent start to Term 2, the children are enthusiastic to learn and I can really see them building on the skills developed in Term 1. Thank you to all the parents that donated money for our morning tea and the food, well, we definitely had enough of that! The children enjoyed eating all the goodies and being outside in the fresh air with the whole of EMPS.

Thank you to the parents who have completed the ‘Reading Training’, the children and I can not wait to have you read with us each morning.

We have a very busy Term ahead and the children and I are excited about the learning that is going to occur in Room 9. I will hand out a copy of our Term 2 overview throughout the week, if you have any questions please come and chat with me. Below is a little about some of the learning that is happening in Room 9.

In English we have started a program called ‘Read it Again’, the focus will be on developing the skills of rhyme, syllables,  letter sound knowledge, comprehension and many more early literacy skills. The children will be continuing on with Jolly Phonics and looking at diagraphs. We will be gradually introducing and working with the first 25 sight words from the Oxford Wordlist which many of the children have already become familiar with. Through shared reading and writing experiences we will recognise the features of a sentence and begin to sequence descriptive sentences. Our text type focus is Narrative, which we will explore through oral and written retellings. Reading experiences form a large component of our day in Room 9 and through shared reading we will begin to develop reading skills e.g. concepts of print, understanding of how books work, following a text and using illustrations to make meaning.

In Maths our focus will be on Number Sense. The children will be engaging in a range of experiences to establish an understanding of the language and processes of counting. We will begin building the foundation for mental computation strategies through focusing on subitising. This is the ability to instantly recognise the amount of objects in a small collection without counting, for example the number of dots on a dice. The children will be working towards subitising to 10, counting in sequence and making connections between numerals, number names and quantities to 10.

The topic for Child Protection this term is ‘The Right To Be Safe’. We will be learning about identifying our feelings, safe and unsafe situations, warning signs and risk taking.

There will be a BIG focus on our Inquiry Project this term and the topic is ‘My Place’. The children will be inquiring into many places that are special to them and to others. A great way to encourage inquiry is through play.

Some of our ‘Inquiry Play’ rotation will be:

*STEM challenge: Build a home that cannot be blown down by the big bad wolf (my hairdryer).

*Technology: Build a place using Lego

*Art: search through books of homes around the world and paint this place

*Oral Language: create your own narrative with a partner using the dolls’ house

*Fine motor: Make a couch for the house using play dough



WEEK  11 


Last Day of Term is Thursday the 13th of April, Early Dismissal 2pm

First Day  of Term 2 is the 1 1th of May

Reading Parent Volunteer Workshop will be on the 24th of May 9am –10am

Public Holiday/ Queens Birthday is the 12th of June

Pupil Free Day on the 13th of June


Mon—Thurs 8.30am-9.15am 2.45pm—3.15pm

Fri 8.30am-9.15am

Volunteering at East Marden Primary School 

This year we are implementing the new DECD Volunteer Policy (November 2016).  It is a mandatory policy and staff are required to adhere to the content. The policy provides clear guidelines about recruiting, inducting and managing volunteers so that they comply with relevant legislative and policy obligations.

The new process involves:

#Filling in a volunteer application form

#Screening and assessing suitability of volunteers

#DCSI Screening (for regular volunteers) 

#RAN-EC Training (Online)

#Volunteer induction

#Any necessary workshops for volunteers Signing a volunteer agreement


If you would like to know further information about the policy it is available on the DECD website





Wow, what a BIG Term 1 we have had! The children have worked extremely hard and have enjoyed all the new learning experiences.

Please click on the link below to see what we have been doing in Rm 9. 


Welcome to Room 9’s

Classroom Blog!

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Classroom 9 Blog Term 1 week 4



Afternoon Everyone,

Please Remember the school is closed on Friday the 10th of March for a Pupil Free Day.

I will see you all on Tuesday the 14th of March, don’t forget your orange clothes or Traditional National Costumes for the Harmony Week Parade. It starts at 9:15am on the basketball court.


Ms Thompson



*Don’t forget we are having our shared lunch tomorrow (Thursday 16th). All children are asked to bring a plate of savoury finger food to share with all the Reception children. We will be having the shared lunch at 12pm in front of the Diamond building.