Room 8

Assembly Success!

Room 8 have done a wonderful job this week getting ready for and hosting the Junior Primary Assembly! I am very proud of all their efforts. Well done guys!


Monday is a public holiday and Tuesday is a student free day, so I will see you all Wednesday.

Miss W and Room 8

Welcome back to Term 2!

Week two already! My time has flown this term. I hope you all had a wonderful time during the break and it has been wonderful to hear all of the interesting things the students did during their holidays. It is also nice to see that they everyone came back to school ready to learn.

This term we will be focusing on Narratives in the Year 1 Unit. We have started focusing on adjectives and describing characters. This will tie into a very special event occuring into this weekend.


On that note, this Friday (12th May) at 11:05, Room 8 will be presenting an item at the Junior Primary Assembly. It would be wonderful to see you there!

Thanks, and I look forward to another busy and wonderful term!

Miss Wilamowski and Room 8

Harmony Week

It is the end of a wonderful Harmony Week, and the whole school has been very lucky to be involved in a wide range of activities, events and presentations, including the Harmony Week parade, a wonderful shared lunch, and performances and information from a Kaurna man named Allan and Pam from the Turban and Trust group.

Thankyou to everyone who sent food in or came in and helped at the shared lunch yesterday.

– Miss Wilamowski and Room 8

Swimming Week Information

Swimming week is nearly here, and there are a few small things I would like to remind people about before next week.

1. Please remember to send your child in with a towel, their bathers, goggles, dry clothes and any other items they might need for their swimming lesson in a bag that they can walk with.

2. We will be changing into our bathers at school then walking over to the Arc. Boys and girls with two piece bathing suits can choose to come to school in their bathers. We will change out of our wet clothes over at the Arc.

3. We will begin walking to the Arc at 12. Parents who have said they can supervise our walk and lessons are most welcome to come a few minutes earlier to help us get ready for the walk. Thankyou to all of the parents who have offered their time!

4. If you have any questions about this week, please let me know.


Wellbeing Performance

Today, Room 8 were lucky enough to experience a Wellbeing performance held in the hall. Our guest, Michael, talked to students about letting worries go, looking forward to things that are happening the next day, persistence, looking after others, and the importance of eating a good breakfast. He sang songs, and invited students up to help him perform. The children had a blast.

Here are all of the Year 1 classes pictured with Michael.

Harmony Week

Harmony Week will be celebrated in week 7, Tuesday 14th March until Friday 17th March.

There are many activities planned for the week, however there are two very important ones:

  • Harmony Week Parade Tuesday  9.15am . Children are asked to wear orange clothes (the colour of Harmony Day) or their Traditional National Costume to school on that day.
  • International Food shared lunch Thursday 12pm. All students to bring a plate of savoury finger food from another country to share.

It will be a wonderful week.


Our class will be swimming in week 8 (20th – 24th March).

Our lessons will run from 12:30-1:30pm.

As we are walking to and from the ARC we will need to leave school at 12pm, and will arrive back at around 2pm. This means that students eating times for lunch will be changed for the week to accommodate swimming.

We will be looking for 2 parent volunteers each day to walk with us to and from the pool! If you are able to help out please speak to Miss Wilamowski.

Thankyou to everyone who has returned their swimming forms.

Week 5/6 in Room 8 – Information and Recount writing.

Hello everyone! The term is now well underway, and we have been hard at work for the past few weeks.

Important information:

Spelling lists began going home in week 5, along with some suggested activities that can be used to help your child practice their spelling words. Spelling tests will happen on Friday mornings (unless there is a student free day/public holiday), when it will be the next school day.

Here are some examples of things you can do to practice your spelling words.

The students have had some wonderful learning moments over these past two weeks, including beginning to skip count using pattern rules, in 5s and 10s.

Students are also beginning to write their own recounts of their weekend. We are using a guiding form to guide our writing, and are working towards independently writing these recounts during Swimming week.

We had a wonderful time with our buddy class last week. We were given a STEM challenge that helped us practice our persistence – never giving up, and having a go! Our challenge was; build the tallest tower that you can using….20 pieces of spaghetti, 1m of string, 1m of tape, and 1 marshmallow.

Here is what we did.


Miss Wilamowski and Room 8



Week 3 in Room 8 – Information and our Maths Topic: Patterns!

It was wonderful to see many of you here at our classroom information night. There was a lot of information to get through, and I am still discovering things that we ran out of time for. As I remember things, I will add them to this blog.

Important information:

The Yellow Sight Word books went home last week, with all 404 Oxford Sight Words inside. Words that are highlighted are words your child knows. Words that are not highlighted are ones they need to practice.

Your child should only practice 6 words a night to help them memorise them.

A few children have completed all 404 words. Throughout this week, I will be adding some additional pages into their yellow book. On these blank pages, I will write words your child needs to practice that come from their reading or writing.

Thank-you to all the parents who have asked me these questions, it is great for me to think about the answers as well.

Maths: Patterns

This week the class began working on Pattern. Noticing and creating patterns is an important part of maths, and in week 3, we began by talking about what we already knew about patterns.

We discovered that patterns can be made with many different things, even our bodies by moving, clapping, stamping, even jumping!

We also discovered that patterns could be simple and complex.

Challenge: Have a look at this pattern Jordan made. How many different patterns can you see? (there are more than you think!)

Have a look at Scarlett’s pattern. It is a very unusual type of pattern!

I can’t wait to see what week 4 brings.

Miss Wilamowski and Room 8


Welcome to Room 8 – Miss Wilamowski and the Amazing Year 1s!

Welcome back to the 2017 school year. The students and I have had a very busy two weeks getting to know one another, and learning the rules and routines of our new classroom. The class have been working hard across the learning areas, but particularly in literacy groups. It has been wonderful to see the students working together with their group members to revise their learning and practice reading skills.

We read a wonderful book by Oliver Jeffers called “Stuck” and the class have brainstormed some very imaginative ways of getting all of the items out of the tree. Well done Room 8!

Don’t forget acquaintance night is Wednesday the 15th of February from 6:00 to 6:30pm and will cover important information about the school, and how Room 8 will run this year.

See you then!

Miss Wilamowski and Room 8


What has been your favourite thing we have done so far at school?

“I liked reading Stuck because it’s a very funny book” – Ruby

“I liked making goals. My goal was to learn how to say all the Pokemon names. I also liked playing the silly sentence game” – Kai

“I liked playing DinoDots because me and my group like playing it” – Scarlett

“Learning about our favourite places to play” – Dylan L