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“Nature Play” inquiry excursion

On Monday we went on an excursion to compare and explore traditional and natural playgrounds as a part of our inquiry topic this term on “Local Places”. We started at Bonython Park which was a traditional playground and then to the new nature playground at Morialta Conservation Park. We were so lucky to have glorious weather. We explored both playgrounds and then, in teams, we interviewed each other using the ipads. Our focus questions included:

What do you notice?

What do you wonder?

What is your favourite part of the playground? Why?

What would you change about this play space?

Did you use your imagination to play today? How?

Our next step of the inquiry process is to design and build models of our own playgrounds based on our investigation. Stay tuned 🙂

Book Week

Book Week Parade

This morning the whole school came together for the Book Week parade with the theme “Escape to Everywhere”. We had so much fun and it was great to see everyone smiling and waving during the parade 🙂

Story Telling Sessions

Book week has launched and is jam packed full of learning activities. We start each morning by reading with a ‘Big Kid’ class. They  have chosen a picture book and planned an activity that we did in small groups.

Mr Parson’s class

Mr Halliday’s class

Ms Luppino’s class 

Open Afternoon

On Monday we had an open afternoon where parents and family members were invited to join us in a learning activity. We took on a S.T.E.M challenge (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) where we had to build the tallest free standing tower out of 25 toothpicks and 20 marshmallows. We had to use our problem solving skills and persistence to complete the challenge.

Nature Play SA

Today we worked outside with Nature Play SA. We worked in 3 groups which were Seashells, Gumnuts and Koala’s. We worked with our groups on 3 different stations; experimenting with lots of different nature play. We used our imaginations, creativity and teamwork to  build some pretty awesome creations!

Buddy Class

This week we went over to Mr Halliday’s class and worked with our year 5 buddies to design, build and decorate paper planes! We worked on this week’s character strength “Creativity” to do this! We had so much fun 🙂

Week 2 Assembly

Today we hosted the Junior Primary Assembly! We shared our learning from Visual Art and shared our favourite art works that we had created. Our Award winners with Jorja and Jet 🙂

Phil Cummings

This week we had a very special visit from Australian author Phil Cummings! He shared some of his favourite memories and his amazing picture books. This was a great activity leading up to Book Week!

Code for Kids

This morning we were lucky enough to work with Alex and Michael from Code for Kids. We started investigating basic codes and algorithms. We worked in teams of 3 to program a Bee Bot to move around the mat. In each team there was an Instructor, Coder and Programmer. We have another session next week and we are so excited!

For more information about Code for Kids visit:

Congratulations to our Principals Award recipients 

Term 2 Week 4

Campbell and Gabby both received their awards for showing the Habit of Mind of “Responding with Wonderment and Awe” for their “I wonder..” questions and “I notice…” statements in our inquiry and guided reading learning.

Visual ArtArtist Study

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri

This week for our artist study we learnt about Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri who was an Indigenous Australian painter, considered to be one of the most collected and renowned Australian Aboriginal artists. We took some time to analyse different art works, noticing the symbols and the colours and then we had a go at making some dot paintings ourselves, it got very messy!


Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

On Thursday the EMPS school community came together to share a morning tea on the oval to raise money for the Cancer Council. It was so nice to take time together, share some food and raise some money.

Buddy Class

This week we had a buddy class lesson with Mr Halliday’s year 5 class. We watched a clip about how to make a moving fish! Then we followed the procedure with our buddy to make our own.


National Simultaneous Story time

Today all of the Reception to year 3 students participated in National Simultaneous Story time. We listened to the story “The cow tripped over the moon” and we all wore our special hats that we made in the Library last week. It was so MOOch fun!

History Inquiry

This term our History Inquiry learning focus is “Past, Present and Future”. We have been posing questions, investigating and learning how to sequence using timelines! Here is some of the hard work we have been doing.

Congratulations to our Principals Award recipients 

Term 2 Week 2

Franky and Portia both received their awards for showing the Habit of Mind of “Persistence”

Visual Art – Artist Study

Pablo Picasso

This week we analysed the artworks of Picasso. We looked at some pieces from his Blue Period, Rose Period, Crystal Period and Cubism Period. We talked to our classmates about what we could see in his paintings, some were clearer than others and we mostly enjoyed the way he changed people’s faces in his Cubism work. We then had a go at creating our own Cubism style works of art!

Visual ArtArtist Study 


This term we are learning about different artists and re creating famous works of art. Today we had a lot of fun learning about Michelangelo and then we had a turn at painting in a similar way that he painted The Sistine Chapel! We couldn’t believe that his painting took 4 years to complete when our arms were sore after half an hour, wow!


(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

S.T.E.M challenges help us to develop our problem solving and innovative thinking skills.

This week we took an a S.T.E.M challenge to design and construct a chair made out of newspaper. We could work in teams or individually. The only criteria was that the chair had to be strong enough to hold a teddy bear and had to be off of the ground e.g. have at least 1 leg. Some students took on the extra challenge of constructing a newspaper chair that was strong enough to hold a student! Great work!


Term 2 News Time topics

Week Topic
1 Welcome back! No news talk this week
2 Describe a character from your reader.
3 Free choice
4 Retell the events from your reader in the correct order. What happened first, second, third, next, finally?
5 Change the ending of your reader. What event would you change and why?
6 Imagine you are a character from your reader, describe your characteristics.
7 Would you recommend your reader to a friend? Why/why not.
8 Choose 2 things you learnt or found interesting from your reader to share.
9 Write a short narrative to share with the class (no more than a page). Don’t forget to include an orientation, a problem and a solution.
10 Free choice

Harmony Week

We have had a very busy and exciting week celebrating Harmony Week! The theme this year was “Diversity is our Strength.” We kicked off the celebrations with a parade. On Wednesday we learnt about Aboriginal culture including boomerangs and didgeridoos. On Thursday we went to a presentation titled Turbans and Trust and then we all enjoyed a shared lunch with a variety of dishes from all over the world! We have also been working on our skills writing recounts about all of the new things we have learnt making sure to include all of the elements. Throughout the week we focused on learning and sharing the similarities and differences between each other and our cultures. Wow, diversity really is our strength here at EMPS! What an amazing week!



























Please remember that…

Pupil Free Day – Friday 10th March for teacher training 

Public Holiday – Monday 13th March for Adelaide Cup

See you all Tuesday 14th at school for our Harmony Day parade!


Clean Up Australia Day

Today we came up with a list of reasons why it is important to keep EMPS clean. Some of our ideas were:

  • to make it look nice so that people want to visit
  • because we don’t want to play in rubbish
  • to look after animals (so they don’t eat the rubbish)

Then we put on gloves, walked around and picked up rubbish to make our school clean!


Image result for clean up australia day

Wellbeing Performance

This morning we attended the whole school Wellbeing Performance. We learnt about persistence, setting goals and letting go of our worries. Here is a photo of us with the presenter Michael and the other year 1 classes 🙂

Harmony Week

Harmony Week is next week (week 7) and our students have some very exciting activities planned to celebrate the theme “Diversity is our Strength”

Tuesday 14th March – Harmony Week Parade

Wednesday 15th March – Aboriginal contemporary arts

Thursday 16th March – Turban and Trust presentation

– Shared lunch

Students are encouraged to wear traditional clothes or the colour orange (which symbolises harmony) for the school parade, otherwise they should wear their school uniforms. Students have also been working hard on flags to wave during the parade.

Students are asked to bring a plate of food for the shared lunch on Thursday. Please remember if there are any dietary requirements/allergies that children need to bring their own packed lunch.


Related image

Wellbeing Performance

Tomorrow (Thursday 9th March) all EMPS students will be going to a Wellbeing Performance in the gym that goes for around 1 hour. The cost is $5 and was included in the school fees bundle at the start of the year. Students who have not paid the $5 will not be able to attend however this can be paid before hand at school tomorrow morning. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Image result for happy kids graphic

Buddy Class

Today Mr Halliday’s class came and joined us in the Opal building to learn about the Carnival of Venice celebration in Italy. Here are some of the masks we created!


We will be swimming in week 8 (20th – 24th March).

Our lessons will run from 1:30-2:30pm.

As we are walking to and from the ARC we will need to leave school at 1pm. This means that students eating times for lunch will be changed for the week to accommodate swimming.

We will be looking for 2 parent volunteers each day to walk with us to and from the pool! If you are able to help out please speak to Miss Taylor.

Swimming notes have been sent home today so please complete the forms and return them to school as soon as possible. Fees and completed forms have to be returned to the school before your child can participate in lessons.


Buddy Reading

This week we have started “buddy reading” after lunch to help us work on our confidence and fluency when reading. Students are asked to choose a leveled reader and read outloud to a partner. Here are some photos of us working hard to develop these skills.



Welcome to Miss Taylor’s classroom blog!

We have had a great time at school so far this year, getting to know each other, developing group work skills and classroom routines. Here are some photos of us having fun during Developmental Play time in the Opal shared space.

Don’t forget to come in for our Acquaintance Night next week on Wednesday 15th February from 6-630pm in our classroom.

See you then!

-Miss Kaitlin Taylor