Room 5

Welcome to Term 2 

Hello parents and caregivers and welcome to Term 2. All the students returned to school rested, eager to see their friends and learn new things! This was great to see.

Today I have sent home a curriculum overview for the term. Please have a read over this so you are aware of what students are learning. Also feel free to have a look around the classroom to see examples of students’ learning.

During Inquiry in Term 1 students explored the concept that families are both similar and different and come in many different compositions. This term, we will explore how families have changed over time in terms of structure, daily routines and roles. Roles include chores undertaken and today children discussed the chores they do at home to help their family. They surveyed people in the classroom to find someone who performed a particular chore in the table they received. As you can see from the photos below, they really enjoyed this activity!

By the way……

On the last day of Term 1, many students participated in the Colour Fun Run. They had an awesome time. For those of you who weren’t there to see it, I have attached some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos below.


Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone. I hope you are all enjoying some relaxing and fun times with your children these holidays.

I am really proud of everything our little learners have achieved during Term 1. I hope you have seen growth in their learning – I certainly have! On the last week of school I asked students to reflect on what they had enjoyed learning during the term. Here are their responses:

  • Friends of ten / Rainbow Facts 

  • Skip counting 

  • How to read by practising and using strategies like ‘Stretchy Snake’ 

  • How to draw different types of lines 

  • New words in Italian 

  • Making different types of patterns 

  • Sorting words into groups 

  • Counting in 2s 

  • Recount writing 

  • Sentence writing with describing words 

  • How to throw a frisbee 

  • Counting to 100

  • Quiet time in the library

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

Kate McDonald

Descriptive writing

During Week 10, students practised descriptive writing using adjectives. We were lucky to have Mrs Vickers, our school’s EALD teacher, join us for three lessons, where we explored leaves and wrote accompanying descriptions. Students learnt that leaves can be described in terms of their shape, size, colour, texture and smell. They really enjoyed the chance to explore leaves in a hands-on experience.

Mrs Vickers will continue joining our class for three lessons each week during Term 2. She will join us during our English lessons and assist students who have English as an additional language or dialect, with narrative writing and grammar.

3-Way-Interviews – Week 9

I look forward to meeting with parents who have booked an interview with me this week. Please remember that interviews last for 15 minutes only as there are people booked in after you. Also remember to bring your child with you to the interview so that they can share and discuss their learning with you. If you have not booked an interview and would like one, please contact  me and arrangements can be made for a later date. My email address is:



English – Word Making

This term students have been learning about the different sounds each letter can make (e.g. c can make a ‘s’ or ‘k’ sound) and also the sound made by digraphs (where two letters together make a new sound – e.g. sh, wh, th).

Students really enjoy the opportunity to practise making words in response to hearing the word. They either write words on whiteboards, or make them with play-dough or magnets.



Harmony Week

Students really enjoyed Harmony Week festivities during Week 7 and displayed a good understanding that our differences make us all unique and special. They enjoyed waving their flags during the Harmony Day Parade to show their cultural heritage.