Room 5

English – Procedure

We have been learning about procedures. A procedure is a text type that tells the reader how to make or do something. A procedure is explained in a step by step way.  The order of steps is important. The class followed a procedure to make fairy bread.


Character Strength Assembly

We presented the character strength of Kindness at this assembly.

Coding using Bee-Bots

Last Friday afternoon we were lucky enough to have Alex from Code For Kids come into our classroom and teach us about coding. We learnt that coding is the language that is used to talk to computers to get them to do something or to solve a problem.  We also learnt that an algorithm is a list of instructions or steps to solve a problem.

We had to work in groups of 3 with the roles of Programmer, Instructor and Coder.  The task was to code a Bee-Bot robot to move from one place to another along a course. We had to work as a team, persist and have a good understanding  of location which was a challenge at times. It was so much fun to see the Bee-Bots move along the course that we had programmed and to reach the desired goal.We thoroughly enjoyed learning how to write code and can’t wait for our next session.

For more information about Code For Kids visit

If your children want to do more activities like this, Code For Kids will be running coding sessions at the West Torrens and Burnside libraries in the January school holidays.


English: Expositions

Room 5 have been learning the structure and language features of expositions. We wrote some expositions together as a class and then the students have independently written their own exposition.  I am very impressed with their ideas and reasoning skills. Ask your child to share their topic with you.




SpOrTs DaY

At our Sports Day last Friday the sun came out and I am very proud of how Room 5 participated. Our students showed great teamwork, intense focus, a sense of fairness and lots of friendly encouragement. Congratulations to the green team who won this year. Well done to all of our students who got involved in the spirit of the day!


Welcome back to Term 4 

I hope you all had a great school holiday. It has been lovely to see the children so excited about beginning Term 4. We really enjoyed hearing stories about each other’s holidays. Some children shared what they did to celebrate Diwali this week. I can’t believe this is our last term together before students move to Year 2. It is Sports Day this Thursday the 26th October and Friday the 27th October is a pupil free day.

Last Friday we supported Loud Shirt Day. EMPS raised $641. Thank you for your donations.


Please find attached the Term 4 Overview.

T4 Parent overview



Week 10 – Term 3

Here’s wishing you all happy and safe holidays!

Look forward to seeing you all and hearing your stories in Term 4.

 Go Crows !


Week 10 – Term 3

 Geography Inquiry Unit

This week  the children worked collaboratively and creatively to design and construct a nature play area for our school. It had to include some natural elements and different features for play. Here are some photos of the children working together and the finished products. We were very impressed with their ideas and skills in completing this task.



Week 10 – Term 3

English: Information Reports

Task: to research an animal and compose an information book.

We learnt that the author’s intent with an information report is to inform the reader about a topic.

We looked at the sub-headings – classification, appearance, habitat, diet, young, cool facts.

We also learnt about the text features – contents page, index, glossary and labelled diagram. We looked at grammar features – nouns, verbs, adjectives, expanding information.

We used digital technology to create an interesting front cover for our books with photos and fancy fonts.

Our completed information books are amazing and we have shared them with each other and learnt lots of new information about animals.


Week 9 – 18th September 2017

Bonython Park Playround and Morialta Conservation Park nature-inspired playground

Last Friday we finally got to go on our excursion. We had lovely sunny weather. The children explored nature play as part of their inquiry unit – how it makes them feel, and what parts they enjoyed. This week they will be designing their own nature play area contributing ideas for a nature play area at EMPS next year.




Week 7 – 4th September 2017

Assembly Presentation

Room 5 did a great presentation last Friday about the character strength- Kindness .


Our Geography Inquiry Unit

The big idea of our unit is –  Places in our community have different features.

The key concepts are

  • What is a place and its features?
  • Natural, managed and constructed features
  • Mapping
  • Ways to care for places

We have explored different places and their features. We took photos around the school with the iPads and then sorted the photos into natural, constructed and managed. We are now learning about traditional play areas and natural play areas.




*** Room 5 are presenting at assembly this Friday the 1st of September at 11am. Please come along if you would like. ***

Book Week Parade

Today the whole school came together for the Book Week Parade dressing up as our favourite book or film character. It was a wonderful whole school event. We were so impressed with all the costumes.




Book Week – “Escape to Everywhere”

We have had lots of fun celebrating Book Week. We started each morning by reading with a primary class. The older students read a picture book to the junior primary students. It was wonderful to see everyone in the Opal building reading at the same time. We even had a visit from Ms Gallego, reading one of her favourite books to Room 5.






Term 3 -Week 3

Nature Play Incursion

On Friday the 11th August we had a beautiful sunny morning for the outdoor Nature Play Incursion! Hayley and Bec from Nature Play SA came and ran three different groups; a building and making area, a fine motor small nature play area and making seed balls. The seed balls have Nasturtium or Sunflower seeds in them and are ready to be planted at home! We also enjoyed using our muscles in new ways, like pretending to be animals and having wheelbarrow races. The kids had a fantastic time being creative and imaginative and embracing play-based learning with natural elements. This also helps to build up gross motor and fine motor skills, which are extremely important for both school and home. 

We also talked about the importance of less screen time and more outdoor adventure time with friends and family. Some of the natural places the Room 5 people said they enjoy visiting are; Thornden Park, Morialta Falls, Waterfall Gully, the beach and rivers and creeks. We also watched a fantastic video from Nature Play SA. You can watch it with your family here:

Enjoy going outside and playing and getting dirty with your family! 

Click on pictures below to make them bigger


This week we talked about our new school value and the character strength of CREATIVITY. When we are creative we are able to think of new and interesting ways to do things.   Creativity is often associated with artists or scientific discovery, but creative people can apply their imaginative skill to take new perspectives and solve problems in many areas of life. We practised creativity with paints. Come in and have a look at our masterpieces.



Welcome back to Term 3!

Phil Cummings

This week we had a visit from Phil Cummings, a South Australian children’s fiction author. He talked about where he gets his ideas from, and how he write his books. Our class loved his talk and were very interested in his books.


Character Strengths

Each week we will be looking at different character strengths as part of our positive education program.  Character strengths are ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. This week we looked at the character strength of Love.  We talked about what loving ourselves and others looks and feels like.  Loving people enjoy having friendships and are compassionate.  Here are some of the books we read together.

 Maths Problem of the Week

A snail has 1 leg. A starfish has 5 legs.  A crab has 10 legs.
If there are 43 legs in my fish tank, which different sea creatures might I have in my tank?

Term 3 Overview

Term 3 Overview


Last Day Of Term 2

Casual Clothes Day and Games Day




Term 2 – Week 10 – 2017

PoSiTiVe EdUcAtIoN

We have started Positive Education in our classroom.

Positive Education focuses on specific skills that

  • assist students to develop positive relationships and emotions
  • foster mindfulness, build resilience and a growth mindset
  • increase the awareness of character strengths in self and others

We have been doing mindful meditations and made individual mindful place mats.



We read the book “Splat says thank you!” and discussed the meaning of gratitude.

We end each day with a reflection -“I am grateful for….”


Readers Theatre

Room 5 have enjoyed practising and performing plays this week.
Their fluency, expression and confidence in presenting in front of the class have developed over the week. Well done Room 5!


Happy Holidays!


Term 2 -Week 9 – 3rd July 2017

Maths – Money

We have learnt – about Australian coins and their value

-how to count small groups of matching coins

– how to make money amounts different ways


Place Value- 

We have learnt how numbers are made up of hundreds, tens and ones.




Artist Study

Picasso – We looked at the way Picasso changed people’s faces in his Cubism work and then had a go at making Cubist portraits ourselves.


We had lots of fun learning about Michelangelo. Then we had a turn at painting in a similar way that he painted the Sistine Chapel. We couldn’t believe that his painting took 4 years to complete when our arms and backs were sore after half an hour.



Term 2 -Week 8 – 22nd June 2017

History – Inquiry Unit

This term the big idea of our inquiry topic has  been –

My life is different to my parents and grandparents lives.

Our driving questions were:

  • What has changed in daily life over time?
  • How do we describe the sequence of time?

We focused on the changes in home life, technology, toys,transport and schools over time, and predicted what changes we think will happen in the future.  The class posed many interesting questions to research.

Here are some examples of the work we completed in class.





Term 2 – Week 6 – 8th June 2017

English – Narrative

We have continued to explore narratives. We created our own trolls and wrote a character description, describing their inside and outside characteristics.

We have also practiced writing an orientation to a narrative and then shared them in groups.

 Visual Art – Artist Study

This term we are learning about different artists and at styles.  So far we have looked at “Pop Art” and the artist Andy Warhol.  We had a go at colouring our own designs, and tried to use opposite colours that POP!

We also looked at Clifford Possum who was an indigenous Australian painter. We studied some of his artworks, noticing the symbols and the colours, and then we made some dot paintings ourselves.

Today we looked at Wassily Kandinsky who was a Russian artist, and made our own Kandinsky circles.

Term 2 – Week 4 – 26th May 2017

It has been a busy, exciting week.
Room 5 did a wonderful job of hosting the  Junior Primary assembly today. Well done!

On Wednesday we had National Simultaneous Story Time.  We listened to the book “The Cow Tripped Over the Moon”.  We wore our cow hat s to encourage the Cow to jump over the moon.

On Thursday the  School hosted Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.  We raised over $950 to  support the Cancer Foundation. We had a “whole school” morning tea picnic on the oval that all of the children loved.

Welcome to Term 2!

It has been great to see everyone again. The children have settled into the new term well and are excited and ready to learn.

English – We have started the term looking at Narratives. We have been reading stories and identifying the orientation, setting, characters, problem and resolution. The class created there own characters, wrote a character description and then shared their writing in groups.

Maths – We have been learning our rainbow and doubles facts. 

Please find attached the term 2 learning overview.

Term 2 Overview

The end of Term 1 – 2017

Wow! We have had a fantastic, busy  Term 1. What a wonderful group of students. There has much kindness and gratitude expressed towards others, a great vibe of curiosity and an amazing enthusiasm to learn, persist and practice by all students. Thank you for your ongoing support for your child’s learning. We have had such a great start to the year with all children making progress with their learning.

Happy holidays! 

Have a safe and happy Easter and school holidays. Look forward to seeing you back at school on Monday the 1st of May.



Problem Solving In Maths…

Today’s Maths problem: I need to plan an Easter Egg Hunt for my nephews Rex and Sam. I need to hide 36 eggs.

How many “hidey” holes shall I have? How many eggs in each” hidey” hole?

Students used “Post-it Notes” to represent the hiding holes.

Aathmika: 4 hidey holes – 10, 10, 10 and 6 eggs in each hole.

Maggie: 7 hidey holes – 5, 5, 5, 5, 5,5 and 6 eggs in each hole.

Dwij: 3 hidey holes – 12, 12 and 12 eggs in each hole.

Joshua: 10 hidey holes – 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 5, 5, 5, 5 and 6 eggs in each hole.






If I were queen/king for the day…

We read the book No Queen Today and then enjoyed being creative and designing our own crowns. We also wrote

“If I were queen/king for the day I would ….”

Isabella: I would sit on my royal throne in my palace and do royal painting.

Aarav: I would play on my royal tablet and tell the guards to bring me chips and a chess game.

Hannah: I would eat lots and lots of cake and visit my friend Mrs Thorpe.

Elias: I would do all my royalty jobs first and then go and ride my horse into town to visit all my followers.

Maggie: I would tell my servants to get me food, chocolate, lemonade and juice boxes right away!

We then played “Is my number odd or even?”


Welcome to Week 9 in Room 5!

Author Study: Aaron  Blabey

We read lots of Aaron Blabey books and this week we learnt that Aaron Blabey is a famous Australian author/illustrator who writes funny stories.


Class Comments….

Olive: He writes really funny stories,

Archie: He writes funny stories and is a little bit cheeky.

Nikki: I liked all his books and think he is very clever because he can write stories and illustrate books as well.

Hailie-Grace: I like the words he uses in his stories.

Elias: He is really famous because his books have been published in 25 countries.

Aathmika: I love his stories. “Busting” is my favourite book. I had to buy my own book so I could have it at home!

Ilario: His books are so funny, it makes my head explode!

We decided to find out more about Piranhas and made our own Piranhas.



Maths – Tens and Ones

We have learnt two-digit numbers are made up of tens and ones. We played the game “Make My Number”.


A BIG THANK YOU to all the parents and family members who helped us with walking to the pool and helped students with their  shoes and socks. We appreciate your support.

Welcome to Week 7 in Room 5!

We started Harmony Week with a wonderful parade to celebrate “Everyone Belongs”. We have 14 different nationalities represented in our class.  The colours, costumes, flags and pride of our students was inspiring. We finished harmony week with an international shared lunch on Thursday. Thank you to all who contributed with a fabulous range of dishes.



Welcome to Week 6 in Room 5

This morning we attended the whole school Wellbeing Performance in the gym.  Michael the presenter talked about persistence, setting goals, letting go of your worries at night and instead looking forward to things  that are happening the next day. He also talked about the importance of eating a good breakfast.

We enjoyed seeing Hugo get up on  the stage with Michael and his didgeridoo.

In Maths, we are learning to skip count using pattern rules, in 2s, 5s and 10s.  We counted how many fingers we have in our class.    

Ms Wilkins Year 7 class is our Buddy Class. We work together every fortnight fostering mentoring and collaboration skills. In this lesson the Year 7s read a picture book to their buddy and then they made a visualization poster together.


The class will have swimming lessons in week 8 (20-24th March). Our lessons will  run from 1.30-2.30pm.
As we are walking to and from the ARC we will need to leave school at 1pm and will return at approximately 3pm.
This means that the student eating times for lunch will be changed for that week to accommodate swimming.
I am looking for 2 parent volunteers each day to walk with us to and from the pool. Please let me know if you are able to help.


Welcome to Week 4 in Room 5

This week in English we have learned to write a recount. A recount tells about something that has happened in the past. First we practiced our recount orally. Then we wrote our recounts about the weekend. Next we shared our recounts in pairs.

We also read the book “Camille and the Sunflowers”,  then pretended to be Vincent van Gogh and drew our own still life sunflowers. The children were great artists don’t you think?

Lina Thorpe 

Welcome to Week 2 – Maths

The class have been using a 1-100 number chart to develop their skills in locating sequencing and ordering numbers 1-100. We have been using the language “more than”  “greater than” “less than”  “before”  “after”  “between”.

Some of the questions that we have asked are:

I am thinking of the number that is:

  • less than 11. What is it?
  •  2 greater than 17
  • the number before 36
  • the number after 59
  • the number between 86 and 88
  • 10 more than 16

We also played “guess my number”:

Think of a number between 1 and 100 and you can ask yes/no questions to guess the number.  You cannot ask what the number is!

Try this at home!

Welcome to Year 1 in Room 5!

Room 5  have had a great start to the term. We have been getting to know each other and practising working with partners and in groups. We have read the book – “How Full Is Your Bucket” and have brainstormed ways to fill someone’s bucket. The children have enjoyed giving each other compliments.

A reminder that our Acquaintance Night is on Wednesday 15th February from 6-6.30 in Room 5.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Lina Thorpe