Room 32


Week 2

Hi we are the new bloggers and our names are Eshel and Mya.

In our class we have been learning about information reports in our writing lessons. In writing we found out information reports have a title, introduction, description and conclusion.

In maths we are learning about fractions. We did a little activity with Miss Weir and smarties. We each got a packet of smarties and we had to count them and turn them into collections of fractions. At the end we got to eat them. They were yummy. We also learnt there is a numerator and a denominator in a fraction.

The character strength we have been focusing on is humour. Here is a joke:

What is an Aliens favourite thing?



Hi our names are Charlie Lark and Glen Li from Room 32. We write the blogs about the classroom and the school.

The SWAT members had a meeting on Monday and they discussed about the school grounds. The  character strength of the week is Social Intelligence.

Our Hass topic for the term is about – How does the environment support people and living things?

Here’s a thought for you – How long does the average person spend on the toilet there entire life?

3 years

180 minutes

12 years

Or 14 months


3 years!


This week we did maths. Our topic was multiplication and division.

In writing we have ended our texts on narrative topic and started a new topic which is information reports.

We hope you enjoy our blog.

Charlie and Glen




Hi, this is Christopher and Navya. We are this week’s bloggers. In week 1 and 2 this year we did a self-esteem lesson called The Garden of Greatness. It was all about us, as well as what our top character strengths are and what we like to do. Here are some people’s examples; helpful, kind, sensible, responsible, honest, reading, gymnastics, doodling, humour, swimming, sport, dancing, singing, loving, music, talking, playing, colouring an drawing. That’s enough for now! Now let’s have a break.

Q: Why can’t teddy bears eat?

A: Because they are already stuffed!

We also learned about Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset. To learn about these we made brains and we had to write what a growth mindset means and what your personality is if you have a growth mindset. We did the same to understand the fixed mindset. So that is all for this week.

See you next week.



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