Room 32



Hi, this is Christopher and Navya. We are this week’s bloggers. In week 1 and 2 this year we did a self-esteem lesson called The Garden of Greatness. It was all about us, as well as what our top character strengths are and what we like to do. Here are some people’s examples; helpful, kind, sensible, responsible, honest, reading, gymnastics, doodling, humour, swimming, sport, dancing, singing, loving, music, talking, playing, colouring an drawing. That’s enough for now! Now let’s have a break.

Q: Why can’t teddy bears eat?

A: Because they are already stuffed!

We also learned about Growth Mindset and Fixed Mindset. To learn about these we made brains and we had to write what a growth mindset means and what your personality is if you have a growth mindset. We did the same to understand the fixed mindset. So that is all for this week.

See you next week.



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