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Today quite a few notes were sent home in diaries so below I have included a picture of each note in case it doesn’t make it to you.

Notes included information about Three way teacher-student-parent/caregiver interviews and how to book these online, request for volunteers to walk to swimming with us, Harmony Week, school fun run, book club ordering.

A reminder that swimming notices should be back by now, please fill them out and send them back to school ASAP.

Reminder that Monday is a public holiday and Tuesday a pupil free day so students wont be back at school until Wednesday 14th March next week.

Have a great long weekend!

Curriculum information

Parents/caregivers if you are wanting any more information about the types of things your child will be learning in Year 4 you can look at the link below from the Australian Curriculum.


Week 6 entry by Aarya, Oneli and David.


Hi, my name is Aaryaa! Today I’m going to talk about our H.A.S.S Project. Our project is on sustainability. We have been researching 3 big questions & we are up to our 2nd big question: How can EMPS students manage their waste more sustainably?

To answer the big questions we had to answer several little questions such as:

  • What different types of waste are there at our school?
  • How much waste are we currently producing at EMPS?
  • How are we currently managing our waste?
  • And last but  not least, What solutions are you going to suggest for EMPS based on the information you have gathered?

Our task is to complete the sheet and then answer the big questions. I personally think this will be a fun task!

SEE YA! Aarya


Visual Art

Hi my name is Oneli and I’m going to talk about year 4 collaboration art. We have changed our form of art and I’m on to Aboriginal Art. Right now, my group is doing sand art. This is a very unique form of art that the native Australians used to do. When they finished, the would smooth it out so others wouldn’t see it.

Our task was to draw our bedrooms in the sand. We were sorted into groups and we took turns sharing. When we were all done. we got to share our work before wiping the sand clean.

This was a really fun task and a special thanks to the year 4 teachers for organising it.

Cheers, Oneli.

Visual Art – Cubism

Yesterday, Room 31 has been doing visual art. We’ve done pop art, cubism and Aboriginal art. The art that I am doing now is Cubism. Cubism includes characteristics such as more than one point of view, broken mirror effect and sophisticated lines.

Here are some examples of our first attempts.



Week 4 entry by Elissa, Lilly and Rosa.

Literary Recount
Our class has been learning about another type of recount. It`s called a literary recount.
A literary recount is a recount that can be make believe or something that has happened in your life.
We made sure they were interesting and detailed.
We made our own orientation for a literary recount using
• Who
• What
• When
• Where

It was really fun.

This year in maths we will be focusing on times tables but right now we are focusing on place value. We’re looking at putting numbers in the right place and how to pronounce and add big numbers properly.
Elissa Z

On week 4, Thursday, the year 4’s did their first visual arts lesson. Mr Taylor’s class, Miss P and Miss Weir. Mr Taylor’s class did Pop Art, Miss P did some Cubism and Miss W did Aboriginal art. We had a lot of fun.