Room 29

Maths Problem of the Week – 8-22vx4c3

Maths Problem of the Week – 8-22vx4cd

Maths Problem of the Week – 6-1r84ouo

Maths Problem of the Week – 6-1r84ouw

Spelling Week 6


Maths Problem of the Week – 5-t8v8ks

Maths Problem of the Week – 5-t8v8l6

Spelling Week 5


Maths Problem of the Week – 4-27cwk7a

Maths Problem of the Week – 4-27cwk7l

Spelling Week 4


Maths Problem of the Week – 3-2d6fh63

Maths Problem of the Week – 3-2d6fh6i

Spelling Week 3


Class Blog Week 2

Hi Parents/ Caregivers

We would love it if you came to our Sports Day on Thursday.

We have all kinds of things we want to show you.

You will get to see us do the health hustle and compete in lots of races and different events.

Please come along and have a look.

See you there.

Class Blog Week 1

Dear Parents/ Caregivers

Welcome back to school! I’m Oneli and i will be your host today. Let’s get started.

There will be lots of stuff going on this term. Here’s a reminder about loud shirt day 20th October. Your children will be asked to wear a bright shirt and bring a gold coin. It wil raise money for deaf children.

Please don’t forget sports day! Thursday week 2. The teams are red, blue, green, and yellow.

Also our class will be going on an excursion to the migration museum and the art gallery 6th November.

All right Photo Day 23rd of October, Monday Week 2. Click Click

Yay Pupil free day get excited 27th October

Finally the end of year concert 30 November

Well there you go.

See Ya

Spelling Week 2

Spelling Contract rubric blooms and multiple intelligences 2-1l6aolc

Spelling Contract Rules-21a8mp9


Maths Problem of the Week – 2-u1k5zi

Maths Problem of the Week – 2-u1k5zr

Week 10-1t95c49

Maths Problem of the Week – 10-1n345nn

Spelling Week 10

No Spelling this week as it is the last week of term

Week 9-2fyh9ta

Maths Problem of the Week – 9-1mdaz5i

Spelling Week 9

Week 9-2fyh9rz

Spelling contract 9-2jjcv2z

Week 8-100sraf

Maths Problem of the Week – 8-22rlm0l

Spelling Week 8

Week 8-100sr8p

Spelling contract 8-15dz7v2

Class Blog Week 7

Tote Bags For Sale!

Dear parents and caregivers,

As I am sure you are aware part of the school fundraising program for this year has involved each student in the school drawing a self portrait which will then be printed onto a ‘tote bag’ as a memento for this year. These are available to be purchased from the finance office and would serve as a great reminder for your children of all the learning and fun that they have had this year.

Spelling Week 7

Week 7-2d68512

Spelling contract 7-28ysmie

Week 7-2d68502

Maths Problem of the Week – 7-17cwj4j

Class Blog Week 6

Week 6-tw359z

Maths Problem of the Week – 6-1r3raq4

Spelling Week 6

Week 6-tw358e

Spelling contract 6-paap53

Class Blog Week 5

By Zac and Liam

Monday – we had spelling. We had to finish our spelling contracts

Tuesday – We had Italian. In Italian we were expected to do at least one escape to everywhere in Italian. I chose the leaning tower of pisa

Wednesday – We had PE. In PE we did tennis. We had to hit the ball over the net. If we hit the net the other team got a point.

Thursday – We had writing workshop. In writing workshop we were expected to have finished the ‘vomit draft’ of our stories

Friday – We had a parade for book week and we got to show off our amazing costumes.

Spelling Week 5

Week 5-1u2hwmm

Spelling contract 5-1qknun1

Week 5-1u2hwlb

Maths Problem of the Week – 5-t4k9fu

Week 4-1fga10n

Maths Problem of the Week – 4-278l0z6

Spelling Week 4

Week 4-1fga0z1

Spelling contract 4-1a4w4bn

Spelling Week 3

Week 3-17e22mp

Spelling contract 3-1bid5yu

Week 3-17e22la

Maths Problem of the Week – 3-2d2401a

Class Blog Week 1

By Emma

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

Welcome back to school for term 3 room 29. Hope you all had a good holidays. In the first week back we had Phil Cummings come to East Marden. Phil is an author and he explained how he got his ideas for a book and much more. Later this term in week 4 we have science week. The theme for science week this year is ‘future earth’. In week 5 we have book week. This year the theme is escape to everywhere which means you can dress up as anything. In week 7 the school is closed on the 8th of September for the Royal Adelaide Show. Finally, just warning you so you don’t send you kids to school the term ends on the 29th of September.

Thanks for reading.

Spelling Week 2

Week 2-1qzp4lm

Spelling contract 2-1vtlpgp

Week 2-1qzp4k1

Maths Problem of the Week – 2-txakf0

Maths Problem of the Week – 10-1myskzy

Class Blog Week 9

By Emily

Welcome to the class blog of Room 29 with Mr Joyce! (the best teacher)

Today I’m going to talk about this week and give it a rating, let’s get into it.

Ok lets start with Monday! On Monday we tried to finish our ‘Fractions Avenue’ Fractions avenue is all about fractions.

Now Tuesday! We had a class meeting with Room 29’s SRC. SRC stands for Student Representative Council.

Wednesday! On Wednesday we finished our fraction avenue. They look great.

Dun Dun Dun on to Thursday. On Thursday we did some painting for NAIDOC Week. This was because in week 10 an artist is coming to help us paint some story poles.

Friday – We are going to assembly and 2 or 3 people will get awards from our class and every other class.

Rating – I rate this week a 9 out of 10



Hi everyone,

A note was sent home today 28/6 asking for volunteers to help with painting the undercoat on our story poles for the NAIDOC week art project. Please if you are able to help on Friday at all with painting the undercoat it would be much appreciated.

Class Blog Week 8


What was the most exciting thing this week?

Using the laptops for HASS because I like laptops

What was the most exciting thing on Thursday?

Our crystal shrunk

What was the most exciting thing on Wednesday?

PE because I really enjoy running around

What was the most exciting thing on Thursday?

HASS because we filmed our videos

What was the most exciting thing on Friday?

Character Strengths because we got to take our pictures

What was the worst thing on Monday?

Maths because it was boring

What was the worst thing on Tuesday?


What was the worst thing on Wednesday?

PE because we had Mr Dolan

What was the worst thing on THursday?


What was the worst thing on Friday?

Spelling Test

What was your favourite thing this week?

Filming for HASS because we finally got to do our videos


Week 9-2fu3v82

Spelling contract 8-15a0npy

Maths Problem of the Week – 9-1m8xkj6


Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

We have been given an amazing opportunity to work with an aboriginal artist, Nikki Carabetta, to help contribute to a major redesign of an outdoor area in our school. As part of our work with Nikki, we will be painting story poles, with symbols and that tell a story.

We are asking that all students please bring in a smock to wear to protect their uniforms. This could be an actual smock, but even better would be a man’s old shirt worn backwards so that sleeves are protected.

Smocks will be needed in week 10, starting on the 3rd of July (NAIDOC Week)

Do you have some paint in the shed? We would appreciate any donations but it needs to be water based paint only and in the following colours – white, black, red, yellow, green, blue, or orange. We appreciate your donations.

Thank you,

Lana Dubrowsky and the year 3/4 team.

Class Blog Week 7

By Deklan

Maths Problem of the Week – 8-22na11o

Spelling Week 8

Week 8-zwh69m

Spelling contract 7-28utyh9

Spelling Week 7

Week 7-2d1yl5i

Spelling contract 7-28uj2mx

Maths Problem of the Week – 7-178mz85

 Class Blog Week 5

Spelling Week 6

Week 6-trrl72

Spelling contract 5-1qgopir

 Maths Problem of the Week Р6-1qzfqkr

Class Blog Week 4

By Glen and Callan

Class Blog week4-1g13gfa

Maths Problem of the Week – 5-t085fg

Spelling Week 5

Week 5-1ty5sit

Spelling contract 4-1a0xhtz

Class Blog Week 3

Evan & Giordan

Highlight: I got an awesome Fidget spinner from Evan.


On Monday we started our class design.

It was really cool, we had to measure the classroom with tape measures.


We had Italian and we had to sing a weird song about weather.


Our class had P.E and we played Star Wars chasey.


In the morning we had a test about writing and after that we got to play capture the flag.

Friday: We had assembly and Evan gave me a Fidget spinner.

Spelling Week 4

Week 4-1fbyhb3

Spelling contract 3-1beelal

Maths Problem of the Week – 4-2749h8c


Spelling Week 3

Week 3-179qi2y

Spelling contract 2-1vpl7v9

Maths Problem of the Week – 3-2cxsfgb

Class Blog Week 2

By Ava


On Monday we were redesigning the class for maths. We had to measure the main things in the class and then we had to design a new place for all the furniture to go.


On Tuesday we had Science and we had to make plasters. To make it we used 2 tsp of plaster, flour, and 3 tsp of water. Then you had to mix it with a paddle pop stick. After that you put the mixture in the mould and pop out the air bubbles. I chose a love heart.


On Wednesday we had PE and we played Star Wars chasey as a warm up game. For the main game we played a ball game where you get a partner and you have to underarm throw a ball to your partner.


On Thursday we had health and we had to find a fruit or vegetable that starts with every single letter of the alphabet but you had to write 2 words for each letter.


On Friday all the year 3 classes went to Linear Park. We walked there and then we played on the playground and on the grass. Then we walked back to school and it was time for lunch.

I give this week a 7/10 I had a great week.

Student Shout Outs

Last week we introduced “student shout outs” into the classroom. This provides students with a platform and opportunity to thank each other and recognise all of the awesome things that people are doing that may not normally get noticed. As you can see from the picture below it has really taken off with students loving all the awesome stuff that students in the class are doing for each other. As a parent/ caregiver if you notice a student, or teacher ;-), doing something awesome in the classroom feel free to add to our wall and recognise all the little things that we do for each other everyday.

Class Blog – Week 1

By Oneli

Dear parents/ caregivers of room 29,

Welcome back to EMPS for term 2. My name is Oneli and I’m going to tell you what we have been doing this week in room 29.

On Monday it was great to see smiling faces again at EMPS. My favourite day though was Wednesday. During PE (Physical Education) we played a warm up game call Star Wars tag. I loved it! It was really fun, I wanted to be Darth Vader but it was still fun.

I’m looking forward to term 2. I really want to celebrate after NAPLaN. I am looking forward to NAPLaN though I like challenges.

My goals for term 2 are extending my reading level and spelling. I want to get better handwriting and do more homework.

Thanks for reading. I hope you are looking forward to the rest of term 2 as well.

See you later.

Maths Problem of the Week – 2-tsx4jm

Class Newsletter

Dear parents/ caregivers, attached below is the newsletter for this term. Please take the time to read through it as it contains information about what students will be learning this term as well as in regards to up coming events. Should you want any more information about any of these things please don’t hesitate to come and see me or send an email.

class newsletter term 2-pqkjyw

Welcome Back

Welcome back for Term 2. I hope that everybody had a great holiday and that you are all excited to be back at school and ready to learn. I have attached below the spelling words, spelling contract, and maths problem of the week for week 1. I will also be attaching a newsletter for this term so that you are aware of some of the different things that we will be doing this term.

Week 1-svszli

Spelling contract 1-1fyeqqn

Maths Problem of the Week – 1-1tzmos1

Maths Problem of the Week – 11




































Spelling Week 10

Week 10





Maths Problem of the Week – 10

Class Blog Week 9

By Zac and Liam

Class Blog Week 8

By Alex and Martia

Maths Problem of the Week – 9


Week 8


Maths Problem of the Week – 8

Class Blog Week 7

By Jasmine












Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As I’m sure you know our class is attending swimming lessons during week 9 of this term. Our session is from 11:30 until 12:3Image result for swimming clipart0 with us leaving school to walk to the ARC at approximately 11:00 and aiming to return at 1:00. If at all possible I am asking for parent volunteers to accompany us on the walk there and back each day with parents welcome to stay and watch the swimming session if you wish. If you are able to assist on any of the days please send me an email or come and see me before or after school one day. I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

School Interviews are taking place this term during weeks 9 and 10.

They will use the same process as last year with interviews booked online and using the 3 way interview process with students being involved in the interview as well in order to discuss their progress. More information about how to log in and book interviews will be provided this Friday 10/3/17.


Week 7

Class Blog Week 6

By Emma

The best thing about this week I thought was when we had PE. I love sport and I love playing basketball. THe other thing I thought was fun was when we did art because it’s almost Harmony Day and we made some flags of where we are from. The last thing I liked was the wellbeing performance because he was really funny and he did an optical illusion where he made a blank piece of paper turn into a picture and then turn into colour. I didn’t really like when my friends and I had a fight about someone getting tripped over.

I’d give this week 4.5 stars.

Thanks for reading

Maths Problem of the Week – 7

Maths Problem of the Week – 6

Class Blog Post Week 5

By Lucy

Today I’m going to be doing a review on the week. I think this week has been good because we had lots of fun things and we had something called pen pals and that is a new thing for me. Their teacher’s name is Liz and she used to work at our school at OSHC. What we have to do for pen pals is send letters to that school which is called Flinders Park Primary School.

I rate this week 10/10. So that means it has been a good week for me.

Bye Bye we will have another blog post next week.

From Lucy.

Class Blog Post Week 4

By Polina

Maths Problem of the Week – 5

Student Post – Liam and Zachary

Welcome to Room 29. We will be writing our first class blog post. Your hosts are Zachary and Liam.

We have been learning about art. The first project was a scene in a keyhole. We had to imagine we were looking through a keyhole into our favourite place. We had to design the door and draw the scene in the keyhole.

In PE we have been learning how to play invasion games. One of the invasion games was soccer, we learned how to throw the ball in from out of bounds.

We have also been working on building a growth mindset. We had to design posters on A3 paper that showed our understanding of what growth mindset is. All of them look awesome.

Finally we have been learning about our human rights. We were each given one of the right from the Declaration on the Rights of the Child. For example Article 24 “You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help you stay well.” We had to create a display that showed what that article meant so that everyone else in the class knows their rights.

Thanks for reading

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

Attached below is the homework grid that your child will be working through this term. Students will be required to complete one of the activities every 2 weeks with work being submitted on the Friday morning of each even week. Further, students have compulsory activities that they must complete each week. These are shaded in grey at the top of the grid.

Term 1 Homework Grid

Welcome to our class blog

This will be used throughout the year to update you as to the goings on of our classroom. Please find attached below a letter of introduction giving you some information about myself and my teaching strategies.

Feel free to contact me at any point via email

I will generally respond to emails within 24 hours. Alternatively you can come and see me in the classroom before or after school or book in a time to discuss any issues, comments, concerns with me.

Letter to Parents