Room 28

Welcome to Term 2 of 2017!  Room 28!  Ann Wilkins          2/5/17

This week has been a wonderful start to an even more wonderful term!

The students have provided us with many great stories of their adventures over the holidays.

  • Devon travelled to Europe and saw many famous and fabulous sights (Paris, London….)
  • Meanwhile, Ridhey had the thrill of his life in Canada when he went ziplining over Niagara Falls and  indoor skydiving.
  • Nikita went on a 5 hour car trip to Mildura and played tennis and camped.
  • more to come…

This term our focus is Ancient Egypt. We love the topic.. as it is amazing and spellbinding! The stories, myths and legends have certainly stirred our curiosity and wonderment.

We will be inquiring into certain aspects and topics about Ancient Egypt!

We will be doing lots and lots of art and craft activities as well to do with Ancient Egypt.

We will be making timelines, maps, tombs, storyboards as well as can canopic jars, cartouches and death masks. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Ask the students about what these things are! We are Ancient Egyptian experts.

Stay tuned..


Room 28  Week 10 Term 1

Here are some photos of our class working and receiving  feedback from the council architect.

Wow ! Almost to the end of the Term 1.

We have had a very busy term.

Swimming, Interviews,  our class assembly this week, Liveability assessment, Maths presentations and staff meeting presentation.

This term we have talked lots about liveability and what makes our area  so liveable.  We have worked closely with the Campbelltown Council to create a play space for young people! This week we are presenting our play spaces to several council members for assessment. You never know they may take our ideas and use them in the next playground in the area.

The interview presentations were fantastic! very informative and valuable.  The reflections of  Term 1’s learning will be used in Term 2 Goal Setting. Well done Room 28!!

Next Week as a celebration of great work this term we are having an excursion to Latitude.



Week 5    Room 28     2017


Our class has been working with the Campbelltown Council to look at what makes our place  liveable and  reasons why our families live here. We have also checked out all the areas and spaces in the Campbelltown Council area to identify how  the council has addressed its 5 themes of

a liveable community

a connected community

a healthy community

a vibrant community

an informed and supported community

This week we have a guest speaker coming from Council to answer our questions about where we live and liveability. Should be awesome!



Hi, Welcome to Room 28! Did you know 28 is a perfect number?

Our class room is a friendly, collaborative working environment!

In our Italian lesson we made mod roc masks for Carnivale.

Great fun!


Our class norms makes everyone feel welcome.

are currently learning how to write Expositions

 Our classroom is a cooperative, safe and fun environment

with Ann at the helm.

                                   Room 28