Room 24

Hook your reader!

The creativity is flowing in Room 24. Students are learning entertaining ways to hook their reader when creating a narrative. A snapshot of one of our lessons is displayed in the photos below.

Prior to this lesson, we had learnt a variety of ‘hooks’ to engage a reader. This lesson, the students had opportunities to demonstrate their learning by beginning a story with a hook relevant to a picture prompt. After 10 minutes of thinking and writing, we shared our writing with our peers and gave each other constructive feedback.

To add another challenge, and link with our Guided Reading vocabulary focus, we attempted to include some of our focus words in our story beginnings.

Learning Intentions and Prompts


Independent writing


Sharing and peer feedback








Sienna, Himath and Vanya hooking their readers!


Design & Tech Maths Projects

Designing, measuring, constructing and critiquing. Have a look at our playgrounds so far….

Visual Arts

Linking with our History learning and following our excursion to the Art Gallery, we began our Visual Arts assignment; replicating artwork by an Australian artist from the decade our History inquiry is focused on.

Have a look at some beginning sketches…

Happy Harmony Week!

What fun the parade was on Tuesday morning. A welcoming way to begin the week.

Exciting times continue with our Year 6 History Excursion tomorrow and Cultural Shared Lunch on Friday. We hope parents can join us at 12:15 Friday in the Topaz building for the Shared Lunch.

Look at our amazing team, some beautiful traditional costumes and our talented Cookbook Artist Winner. Three out of the six winners came from Room 24!

Amazing Room 24



Beautiful Traditional Dress







Congratulations Marcus!




Current Projects…

History Inquiry Big Idea: How has Australian Society changed throughout the decades?

For our History Inquiry projects, each group is researching about a specific decade in the 20th Century with our Big Idea as a driving question.  Students are choosing which focus area they want to delve into including; important people, significant events, inventions, cultures, migration, entertainment and family life.

Mathematics and Design and Technology Project: Design a Playground!

Part 1 of this project is to design some new playground equipment incorporating prisms and pyramids. Students will be accurately drawing shape nets to build their 3D objects, comparing and classifying 3D shapes and reasoning about 3D shapes in real life contexts. Part 2 is all about measuring!

Stay tuned for updates and photos!


Class NovelFreak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick

Room 24 thoroughly enjoyed our first class novel of the year.

“It was a good friendship story.” – Vanya

“It was descriptive and had lots of figurative language.” – Himath

Of course, we completed many activities before, during and after reading the novel. These activities helped strengthen our comprehension, extended our vocabulary and gave purpose to our writing.

“We had to do a lot of inferring.” –  Sree

A snapshot of our activities are below. They include a word wall, predictions, summaries, opinions, and comparisons of the novel and the movie.

Book Introduction
Stages of Predictions
Word Wall (ongoing) and Summary notes (class brainstorm)
Descriptive Writing of Main Characters – Mahalia
Summary & Opinion – Zoe
Compare and Contrast – Novel and Movie – Marcus


Mathematics – Special Numbers

Room 24 have been looking at Special Numbers; factors, multiples, prime, composite, negative, positive, square numbers and more. Check out the different things happening in just one lesson…


Buddy Class Fun

Room 24 met our Buddy Class, Room 9’s Receptions, for the first time today. We enjoyed reading and drawing together. We look forward to more activities with our buddies throughout the year.


Welcome to Room 24 Year 6s 🙂

What a positive beginning to the year we have had. Week 1 has flown by! It has been wonderful getting to know our new classmates and their parents. Hopefully all parents can visit our classroom on Wednesday 15 February for Acquaintance Night.

Next week we have our Leadership Conference. This day is a great way for the year 6 and 7s to mingle and get to know each other. We will develop our senior leaders for 2017. Notes have been sent home and a copy is below. Remember to bring a small plate of food for the shared lunch. Looking forward to Friday 10 February!