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 Our Excursion on Thursday

On the 16th of March we travelled to the Art Gallery and the State Library. At the Art Gallery we saw an amazing collection of Australian artists from the Twentieth Century. It was interesting to interpret the artists’ intentions and how each painting relates to the decade it was painted in. A very interesting tour! Next we walked to the State Library and saw the Mortlock library which looked like something out of Harry Potter. We got to see the desk where the constitution was written on back in Federation time. We also got to see the secret basement which was amazing. Then we had a quick look at Adelaide Oval.  A big thanks for Angela (Michael’s mum) and Cindy who helped supervised our day. Read the students’ Reflections below.

Class Reflections

William “ I enjoyed the whole excursion, I feel like we were very privileged to go to the basement and office of the museum and see all the historical documents. I remember and learnt lots of interesting information.”

Rhys “ I enjoyed the library and the basement.”

Tilly “ I enjoyed the art gallery because we had fun playing the Frisbee and the awesome books and library.”

Amalee “ I will always remember that this painter painted a painting with his wrong arm because his other arm got cut off. My favourite part about the library was when I got to see this person’s desk and got to look at all the different books.”

Eloise “ Today I enjoyed going to the art gallery and looking at all the styles of drawing and painting.”

Sam “ I enjoyed the art gallery and loved the Aboriginal paintings and the library basement.”

Sophie “ I liked the painting Red Gold in the art gallery the best out of all the others.”

Taylah “ My favourite bit was when we went to the gallery and saw the Picasso like paintings.”

Charlie “ My favourite part was when we went into the library’s basement. It was very coo and interesting.”

Cameron “ I liked how big the basement was because it was massive at the SA State Library.”

Anaya “ I liked the picture that was painted with a different hand.”

Michelle “ I enjoyed seeing the basement of the State Library and my favourite painting in the Art Gallery was the Red Gold by Hans Heysen. I also enjoyed going to the Adelaide Oval and seeing everything there as well. I also liked rolling down the hill after lunch. It was a bit tiring while we were walking but I still had a wonderful excursion.”

Michael “ I enjoyed pulling the shelves. I liked looking at the cartoons. I remember the Harry Potter library.”

Aaliyah “ I enjoyed going to the State Library and seeing all of the books and journals that people actually wrote from the time of Federation.”

Wil “ I enjoyed going to see the State Library basement, and seeing the old books, diaries of the Prime minister. And seeing old pictures from before and after Federation.”

Daniel “ During the time at the State Library I enjoyed seeing the old documents in the basement.”

Victor “ I enjoyed looking at the basement in the library and the nice paintings like ‘Red Gold’.”

Abbey “ I learnt that in just one simple artwork or picture can have a huge story behind it so you can just tell what’s happening by just looking at the picture.”

Emersyn “ I enjoyed going to the Art Gallery. My favourite piece of art was the torso sculpture. I loved the detail, I loved how there was a fold of fat. It was a woman’s torso and it made the boys uncomfortable.”

Angus “ I really enjoyed visiting the Adelaide Oval, checking out the Sir Donald Bradman area was okay but my favourite part was sitting on the chairs and finally having a rest.”

Neha “ I learnt  a painter painted a painting with his not really used hand. I was surprised how old the books at the State library were and that the Art Gallery used to be inside the library.”

Jesse “I enjoyed when I got to go into the State Library’s basement. $5 well spent!”

Natasha “ I enjoyed the Adelaide Oval because I got to see the oval where Adele performed. I remember Hans Heysen paintings. I got inspired because an artist lost his arm and learnt to paint with his left arm and he never gave up.”

Jess “ I enjoyed seeing all of the really old paper work.”

Luke “ I will always remember the Institute of the State Library is the oldest library in South Australia.”

Thisum “ I enjoyed the different types of art and styles. I remember in the State library basement that I saw old books and pictures from Federation. My favourite part was the Harry Potter library and the State library basement and the art.”

Hans Heysen “Red Gold”
Our guide Brien talking to us about the Aboriginal Art work
Interpreting paintings by Sidney Nolan
Karen showing us inside the Mortlock Library. It looked just like Harry Potter’s world.
Part of the massive basement where all the old documents are stored
The old invitation from Federation

The Construction of our Prisms and Pyramid playgrounds begin!

First we had to draw our designs to meet the requirements of the playground. It had to include a balance beam, cubby house, swings, climbing wall, sandpit and hopscotch. We had to think of how we were going to incorporate prisms and pyramids into our playground. We also have to include notice boards to explain the differences between a prism and a pyramid. As we discovered today, that sometimes you have to moderate your plans and make changes to your design. Also if plan A doesn’t work, then you have to try plan B. We are thinking like mathematicians because we are using our imaginations, asking questions, solving problems, experimenting, sharing ideas and explaining our solutions. Can’t wait to see the finished products!

Swimming notes given out today. Please return as soon as possible. Swimming starts in week 9. Our time is from 9.00am to 10.00am with Miss Luppino’s class.


Reminder to practise 6 times tables ready for test tomorrow!


More Masterpieces!

MASTER PIECES- Initials Artwork!More to come

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