Room 22

Term 1, Week 6

For our narrative writing unit, students played a game where they came up with a setting, character and object for other students in the class. Students randomly selected the made up scenarios for their narratives and wrote a creative piece using them.

In art, students have started creating their own mandalas. Prior to creating them, students learned about the history of the mandala. Students carefully selected patterns and used their own ideas to complete them. We had some amazing finished results!



We have been getting to know our buddies better through interviewing our buddies. We have been helping our buddies create posters about themselves in the process. The class have enjoyed being role models to the reception students and having a greater sense of responsibility.

Term 1, Week 5

This week we joined up with Miss Taylor’s class to complete a STEM project where we had to create a paper plane based on the wings of a flying animal. The class enjoyed working with other Year Three students in groups to complete this activity and were extremely engaged!

We had to plan our designs on whiteboards before making our designs with paper: