Room 20

Science Week

For Science Week, we joined up with Mrs Tilbrook’s class to conduct some experiments.

Could we make a simple circuit using a battery and alfoil to light a light bulb?


Could we make a tissue paper ghost dance using static electricity?


Could we build a tower out of straws that could hold a tennis ball?


Could we make a chair out of newspaper that could seat a stuffed toy?


 But not for very long…



Aboriginal VR Incursion

On Wednesday we were very lucky to have an amazing virtual reality experience! A special thanks to our provider Mel for making the experience so fun and educational.


“My favourite part was with the giants because it was scary.” – Olive

“My favourite part was when I was sitting on the world.” – Thiseni

“The game was my favourite part because you could move around and collect stuff.” – Vama

“My favourite part was when the Rainbow Serpent came towards me.” – Joey



Happy Holidays!

Dear parents/caregivers,

This is just a quick message to wish you all a happy holidays with your children. It’s been a long, but enjoyable term! A special thank you must go out to the parents who volunteered to speak to the class about life in another country – we were all fascinated and grateful for all the effort you put in.

Week 5 Assembly

Dear parents/caregivers,

Thank you for attending the first Early Years assembly of 2017! It was great to see so many of you there. The children did a fantastic job of hosting. They spoke very clearly and confidently – it was evident that they had been practising at home. Thank you for your support.


Welcome to Room 20!

Dear parents/caregivers,

It was wonderful to see so many of you at acquaintance night – I hope you found it informative. Our class will be updating this page fortnightly to keep you up to date with what we are learning. So far this term we have focussed on building social skills through communication games and class rotation activities. Below are some examples:


We have also started our new inquiry topic. Our big idea for this term is ‘There are many places in the world’. So far it has been very pleasing to see the children engage in this topic and work well in groups. We look forward to providing you more information soon regarding our inquiry topic, and keeping you informed of our learning this term!