Room 19

Welcome to Room 19

Dear Parents

Thankyou so much to all the family and friends who managed to come to the recent open classroom afternoon in room 19. I really appreciated the ‘hands on’ help creating the variety of ‘Guff’ soft toys as part of our Inquiry Unit. It was wonderful to see all the children showing perseverance while learning how to tie knots and sew on buttons. Thankyou again, kind regards Ros



Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you have a lovely break with family and friends. I intend to sit down this weekend and read a book. I also have two ‘play dates’ organised with both my grandsons which will be wonderful.

This term the children certainly worked very hard during our inquiry unit to produce these wonderful posters. They have developed many skills associated with researching information from a variety of sources as well presenting their units of work. Well done everyone.

The posters are on display in our room if you would like to have a closer look next term.

Kind  Regards

Ros  Edwards


The children in Room 19 have spent time creating a ‘dream machine’ in Technology . The machines needed to have included:

1.  Wheels that could turn on an axle.

2. The ability to be ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’ successfully without falling apart ( this was to coincide with the Science theme this term.

3. They had to modify, add or change at least three things on the machine. (We used a fiction book called ‘Louise Builds a House’ as a basis for our innovations.)Some of the innovations the children thought of  for their models included…’It must have a shelter outside, to get shade.’  ‘ It must have an underground level to play in.’  ‘There will be lots of wings so that I can fly around.’  ‘It must have a clock so that I can tell the time.’  ‘I will build a cupboard to put my books in.’  ‘There must be a pool so I can swim.’

Part of the assessment included that these innovations needed to be visible on the machines. Everyone did an outstanding job with some very creative thinking occurring. Unfortunately our last task was to see whether the machines could be taken across the rough asphalt outside without falling apart or the wheels coming off. We weren’t expecting to be caught in the downpour this afternoon! We had to try and get our dream machines back inside without them disintegrating in the rain! A big thankyou to all the parents who helped us get back inside under their large umbrellas.



What a wonderful start to Harmony Week at East Marden! The children were very proud to take part in this parade and to wear some of the traditional clothing and costumes for us all to admire. Well done everyone!


Dream Car Competition 

Here are four examples of some of the artwork submitted to the Dream Car Competition. The creativity shown by all of the children in Room 19 is commendable.



Happy Chinese New Year 

Here are some examples of the wonderful dragons and poems created by Room 19. They look wonderful hanging in our room.