Room 19


   Welcome to Room 19      Year 2    2018

During the first two weeks of school this year our focus was on the ‘Learning Lift Off ‘ program.

Valuable time was spent getting to know each other, building positive relationships, practising how to work as part of a team and establishing a successful learning environment.  We discussed the school values of Teamwork, Kindness, Gratitude and Respect and many learning activities were based around these very important character strengths.

We have been discussing how we all have an invisible bucket that we carry around. We can fill each others buckets when we say or do things that make others feel good. We have been practising using this skill by leaving messages for people in their bucket. We put the handle up to show ‘you’ve got mail’ and have discussed how these messages inside help to put us in a positive mood and feel good about ourselves.


We spent time exploring information about the brain, what it means to have a positive mindset and discussed how we will be developing the skills associated with ‘Executive Functions’ during the year.


Members of our class who celebrate the Chinese New Year shared how their own families celebrate this special time with friends and family. We have quite a few displays up in our room associated with Chinese New Year.