Room 17

Week 8

Last week we completed our Chemical Engineering Unit of work. The students certainly acquired new knowledge and skills with a strong focus on  Science, Maths and Engineering. Through Inquiry there were many opportunities to question, investigate, discuss, observe, record, make conclusions and create. The students worked individually, in partners and collaboratively in small groups depending on the lesson. As a final activity the students chose to make some of improved play-dough for a reception class. They did product research to ensure the colour of the play-dough was what the reception children wanted. The class  delivered the play dough to individual students which was accepted with enthusiasm.


Week 6

Chemical Engineering update

The students were very excited to get an email from “Jenny,” the Chemical Engineer from the Creative Fruit Company. She was impressed with the product research recommending the colour of the new Strawberry-Orange juice. Last week the students changed the order of the process to create high-quality play dough. On Wednesday they experimented with the amounts of the materials(flour, salt, water). They added, subtracted or kept them the same based on the original process. Then the play dough was scored using the properties and usage tests, 6 being the highest score.  Most groups created high quality play dough  with scores of 5 and 6. They discussed and recorded their ‘Improved process to produce high quality play dough)

We finally went on our walk to Lochend House today after it was cancelled due to the heat last week. A big thank you to Mr and Mrs Rumbelow, who spoke to the class about the history of the house and about the original owner, Charles Campbell.  The students were very interested, viewing items, making comments and asking lots of questions. Thank you also to Brock’s mother, Marian who assisted on the excursion.


Week 5

The students made hats and wrist bands to display images and words of encouragement for the character strength of  PERSERVERANCE. They wore these on Friday during the special assembly focussing on Character Strengths.


Week 4

We are now well into our Chemical Engineering Unit and the students are engaging in ‘Hands On’ activities. They have posed questions, created  colours for a new juice,conducted product research, tested high-quality / low quality play dough and scored the properties and usage. They have also tested how materials change when mixed together. Ms Gallego visited our class to show and explain her favourite juice that she makes to drink. On Monday Jared Wilkens from Questicon based in Canberra, came to visit us. He was impressed at the level of work,  student’s enthusiasm, knowledge and vocabulary gained so far. Alexia and Achyut wrote to Jenny, a Chemical Engineer that works for Creative Juice Company outlining one of our activities. Click on below to read it. Here are also several photos capturing some of the activities.

Letter to Jenny-2dtisy7


Term 4

We have begun a unit of work called A Work in Progress – Improving a Play Dough Process based on a book called “Michelle’s MVP Award” A Chemical Engineering Story. Our class is trialling  this Engineering unit overlooked by Questacom (National Science and Technology Centre based in Canberra). The activities integrate Science, Technology and Maths concepts with a focus on the Engineering Design Process. The students are developing many skills and expanding word knowledge connected with the unit. We are adding to a word wall almost daily. Thank you to Alexia’s father Theo, who was a guest speaker last week. He presented a very informative session about what type of work Engineers do. Ask your child to discuss some of the story and some of the activities so far.

 Sports Day

I would like to commend all the students on their positive behaviour and for demonstrating character strengths of Teamwork and Fairness. Thank you to the parents, families and friends who came to support everyone. It certainly was a fun day. There were many highlights throughout the day. The students enjoyed watching  the adults participating in some of our events. Thank you to Ryan in our class, who was our official class photographer for the day. Here are some of the moments he captured.

Term 3 History Inquiry: How has changes in technology affected toys and games over time? How has this impacted on play?

The students enjoyed this history inquiry unit. A big Thank You to all those who contributed toys for our display table. The students participated in many activities which included : e.g. asking lots of questions, note taking, observing,  researching using books, iPads and computers, interviewing people, data collecting watching videos, creating toys, making toy timelines. Finally, groups of students did  oral presentations to their peers to demonstrate their learning. Well Done Everyone!


Students in Room 17 have been busy designing and creating iPad holders. Models were presented to the class, tested and modified if needed. Such a wonderful display of the variety of materials used and ideas.

Toy & Games Incursion

Wednesday 30th August 2017

Today the students participated in a ‘hands-on’ incursion, based on toys and games of the past, to support our history unit. It was well organised and they enjoyed it immensely. The students then reflected on the experience by discussing and writing about it. Here are a few comments:

Mayumdi ” I learnt that toys from long ago were made from wood because plastic wasn’t  invented. I felt excited and I wanted to play with all the toys and games because they were interesting and fun.”

Sascha ” I liked playing with the knuckle bones. We have a picture of these in the classroom, that we wondered about. Now I know what they are and how to play them. There were some real knuckle bones and some fake, plastic ones.”

Will ” I enjoyed all the wooden toys because it was a new experience. I learnt that in the past most toys and games were made out of wood or metal because there wasn’t any plastic.”

Grace ” It was fun testing and playing with the old toys and games because it was fascinating to see how they worked. My favourites were the big puzzles and the puppets.”

Emma ” It was very exciting playing with the old games and toys. I have never played  some of the games before, like the knuckle bones and throwing balls into milk tins.”

Charles ” I really liked all the old toys because some were tricky to play with. One of the games I had to throw a ball into a clown’s mouth. I persisted and got it in after three throws.”

Ashley ” I felt happy playing with the toys. Some were toys that I didn’t know about like the wooden car track.”






Book Week Parade

What a wonderful display of characters, creativity and colour for the Book Week Parade. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. Thank you to all who came to support the event.

Kalai, our school pastor works with the class every fortnight on Fridays after recess. She is implementing a series of lessons  to enable the students build a repertoire of knowledge and strategies to address negative emotions, bullying and child protection. The program compliments the Mindfulness lessons that I also implement. After the Book Parade, the students participated in a sensory activity by feeling, smelling, hearing and  observing  various items while calming music was being played. The focus was to engage the senses, to take your mind of negative thoughts and to enjoy the beauty of things.

Story Sacks

Every day during Book Week we had a mystery Story Sack to read and enjoy in the class. The Story Sacks contained clues in the form of e.g. items, pictures to guess the theme of the books. There were several books  to read and we also accessed further stories online on some days. Themes included- Oceans, Monsters, Dinosaurs, Moving House and Teddy Bears. The students engaged  in many activities related to the books. On Tuesday, when our Story Sack was all about monsters, the student wrote adjectives that were in the monster stories. They also made a monster mask and wrote a simple description which they share with their peers……. being careful not to scare them!!!!!





Monday 21st August 2017

A big THANK YOU to the parents, caregivers and other family members who visited our class today. The students were excited to share their Maths learning  about “Arrays”, demonstrating, recording and discussing their findings. We ended the session with a  “GOTCHA” game which brought lots of fun and laughter.


Meet our Toy Frogs!

The students have absolutely loved making their toy fabric frogs. A big THANK YOU to Ms Benn who helped make  them . Each frog is unique with so many different features. Each student wrote a detailed description  of their toy frog  and shared it with other students. Our Year 4 Buddies were very impressed. The description included what the frog was made and filled with, its physical appearance, any special jewellery, clothing etc., character strengths and personality, its name and any special traits the frog may have e.g. special powers.  The frogs were also measured , weighed and compared during a Maths lesson. It is wonderful to see the students role playing with their frogs in the morning and in free time.

Play “Guess the Frog! ”

Your child can describe a frog orally to guess the frog chosen. Listen carefully and have fun playing.


Term 3

Meet our new student.

Hello, my name is Mayumdi.

I am seven years old.

My family and I came to Australia from Sri Lanka about a year ago.

I like doing Maths and reading books. I also like learning about Space.

I have made lots of new friends here at this school.

 We have started our inquiry unit about “The History of Toys” as mentioned in the last blog. A reminder to please send any old toys to school for our class toy museum. They will be greatly appreciated. (Nothing valuable or precious.)


Week 10

Talk and Share Topics

Please click on the link below .

Talk and Share Term 3 2017-y06xpg


The students were involved in several activities to celebrate NAIDOC WEEK. These included making Aboriginal inspired  mandalas using beans, seeds and lentils and producing a mural, based on the Aboriginal Dreaming Story of Thukeri.

Beautiful Aboriginal art  inspired mandalas.

The students worked meticulously, painting, printing and weaving to produce a stunning mural.

Next term we will be focusing on a History Inquiry Unit of work :-

 How have toys changed through time? and How have changes in technology of toys  affected play?

We will be setting up a class toy museum. Please send any old toys (nothing precious or valuable) to add to our museum.

Wishing everyone  happy and safe holidays.





Week 9

The students have created some amazing Aboriginal inspired artwork. In Reconciliation Week they chose two different coloured hands to symbolise “Coming Together” and dot painted designs.

We have been inquiring “How  Aboriginal people are connected to places?” Our findings include “That Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are connected to places through Dreaming stories and  artwork”. We invited Tracey, our Aboriginal support teacher to share her Aboriginal culture and paintings that she created.

We studied several Aboriginal artists including the Keringke Artists in Northern Territory and David Malangi. The students used modern and traditional techniques in their artwork.

We also created Aboriginal inspired mandalas as a mindfulness activity. The students sorted, counted, patterned and focussed deeply in this task. The result……. outstanding, beautiful designs!!!

Week 8

Room 17 Junior Primary Assembly

Thank you to all the parents and other family members who came to our assembly. Your positive, wonderful comments were appreciated by all. I am so proud of the class for being  organised and confident in front of an audience. Well Done!!!!

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

Our class will be hosting the Junior Primary Assembly on Friday 23rd June 2017. It will commence at 11:00am in the school gym. You are invited to attend.


Week 7 Wednesday 14th June 2017

What an amazing Aboriginal Virtual Reality Incursion we had today!

A big THANK YOU to Mr Simpson for organising and recording parts for us to view.


Week 5 Wednesday 31st May 2017

Today we had a Coding workshop with Alex and Michael in our class. They will also be back next Wednesday.

Brock -“I learnt that coding is important because it talks to computers”

Grace-“I learnt that an algorithm was a list of instructions or steps to solve a problem”

Emma-“I enjoyed being the Programmer because I liked pressing the buttons on the Bee-Bot”

Will-“It was exciting to have Alex and Michael in our class to show us the Ball- Robots and help us use the Bee-Bots.”

Alexia-“We all worked together and persisted to make the Bee-Bot go,where it was supposed to go.”

Rien-“I liked that everyone took turns being the Instructor, Recorder and the Programmer. Our group co-operated and there were no arguments.”



Week 4

Thursday 25th May 2017

A BIG THANK YOU for all your support and generosity. Our class raised an amazing  total of $92 for the Cancer Council. Everyone enjoyed sitting outside and participating in such an important, fundraising event!

National Simultaneous Storytime 24th May 2017

Invention Hour

Hooray!!!! The students have all now completed their inventions. Throughout the lessons the students referred to the ‘Success Criteria’ of this task to ensure they worked to their potential. 

Success Criteria

I will:

  • use creative methods to make improvements to a classroom tool/item
  • create a successful new invention
  • persist (not give up)
  • challenge myself to think flexibly
  • clearly explain my invention to the class

They shared their inventions with peers using Six Hat Thinking last Friday. The students were active listeners asking many questions. They also made relevant suggestions and comments while critiquing the inventions.

Showcasing the  next generation of budding inventors!!!!




Image result for happy mothers day 2017 images


Invention Hour!

Busy inventors designing, constructing, testing, modifying and critiquing!

Welcome to Term 2!

The students and I wish to welcome Prajin to our class.

Hello,  my name is Prajin. I am seven years old. I was at East Marden Primary School last year.

My mum, sister Sadhana and I went to India in November. I went to school in India. I had 45 students in my class

then 50 with just one teacher. I am happy to be back at this school with my old friends.

The students have settled in quickly back into the school routine and are very eager to continue their learning.

In the first few weeks the students will be doing “Invention Hour “. They are learning to use persistence, flexible thinking and creativity to invent a new and improved classroom item or tool. Design plans have been drawn and ideas shared and documented. Construction  has commenced. There will be cycles of testing, modifying, critiquing  and sharing to ensure they have created a successful invention to their satisfaction.

Examples include:

  • a new and improved chair
  • a new and improved reader bag
  • how could you keep your tray organised
  • a table caddy for shared class equipment
  • a case for keeping eye glasses safe
  • a new and improved class lunch order box

Thank you to those families who have sent materials e.g. boxes, fabric, wool etc. to school for the students to use.

Our writing genre focus is Expositions also know as Persuasive texts  for the start of the term. An Exposition tries to persuade or convince someone about something.

The students are learning the features and structure of an Exposition to enable them to write strong, well constructed texts. In the first few lessons they used cards and stood in the correct sequence to help  with the structure. After lots of oral sharing, the students wrote their first Exposition “East Marden Primary School is Great! Then they read and shared their text with several peers.

In Guided Reading we will bereading Exposition texts with a focus on making connections, monitoring understanding and  summarising.



I wish everyone an enjoyable, safe holiday and “Happy Easter” to the families celebrating.

Image result for happy school holidaysImage result for happy easter

Week 11

Year 2 Geography Inquiry Unit: Research Project

To demonstrate the learning acquired in our ‘Geography Inquiry’ the students had to do a research project and present it in a poster.

The students chose a country and a partner to work with. They used prior knowledge, books, cultural items, maps, globes, images and researched on the internet. Our guest speakers also added valuable information.

After writing their draft, the students worked collaboratively and eagerly to produce their poster. The poster included: a title, relevant information under the correct sub-headings, a map and a flag. Images were added by “copying and pasting” from the internet into a word document and then printed. Some students also drew extra pictures.

Each group shared their poster through an oral presentation to the class and other Year 2 students.

The students are very proud of their work. Please take the opportunity to discuss their ‘Inquiry Learning’ with your child. I’m sure you will also be very proud of their achievements!!


Week 11

Creating Mandalas with our Buddy Class!

Our class worked with our Year 4 Buddy class to create Nature Mandalas on Monday afternoon.

Mandalas which are circular designs are found in many artworks in many cultures. Creating mandalas create a sense of calmness and are very therapeutic. Nature mandalas make connections between Maths, Art and the environment. Concepts such as e.g. patterning, number, shape, size, texture, symmetry, colour and seasonal natural items are explored. When creating these nature mandalas with our buddies, working in groups assisted in positive interactions in sharing, taking turns, valuing all input and building team spirit. It was also about the process of making the mandalas rather than just the end design result. The students were motivated, on task, co-operative and produced nature mandalas that they were very proud of. A big THANK YOU to all who helped the students collect additional natural items from home. Why not try making a natural mandala at home!



Image result for maths

As part of our Maths program we implement Ann Baker’s daily mental routines. Many students would have engaged in similar mental routines last year. Each child has their own whiteboard marker, plastic sleeve and several relevant maths sheets. We also use  individual whiteboards. Skills and knowledge are consolidated through these activities. The tasks are success orientated which enable all students to participate confidently. It is about ‘Working smarter not harder!”. The children assist each other and talk about their maths. The students certainly look forward to all the games and tasks.

A Maths word wall at the back of the class displaying Ann Baker’s posters and relevant maths language also assists learning.

Maths content in term 1 included Number patterns, place value and the relevant vocabulary e.g. after, before, between, double, halve, odd, even. Addition and its maths language (sum, total, add, plus, more, altogether) has been a focus in Number work. We have learnt some traditional ways of working out answers, however the children are also revising and learning to use some of Ann Baker’s strategies to solve number work. These include rainbow facts, number splitting, doubling, using friendly numbers and bridging through ten. It is so important for the students to be able to understand and apply their learnt processes to worded Number problems. I implement lessons focussing on how to solve these types of problems and will continue to give the students opportunities to engage in challenges to demonstrate their thinking and knowledge. Other topics have included more complex addition, grid work, data, symmetry and simple tessellation. Accessing different levels on Rain Forest Maths, Maths Labs and internet games like Hit the Button in the computer room have proven popular and enjoyable. It is also pleasing to see that some students are doing extra practice at home to consolidate their school learning.

Image result for rainforest mathsImage result for hit the button

Image result for addition number split

Week 8

Image result for thank you

A BIG THANK YOU to all the parents and other family members who walked with us, met us at the pool, helped with shoes and socks, dressed their own child or watched the children swim during our swimming week. It was greatly appreciated by all.

School Interviews

Image result for parent teacher students interviews

School interviews begin on Monday 27th March 2017. I am looking forward to meeting with you and your child to discussed their school learning.    Please remember to be on time to enable the sessions to run smoothly. For some reason, if you can not attend your booked time please notify me as soon as possible.


Harmony Week!

What a wonderful, exciting Harmony Week! The strong themed messages “Everyone Belongs!’ and “Our Diversity is our Strength!” were highlighted with school and class activities.

The Harmony Week Parade was very successful with students dressed in beautiful national costumes or wearing orange.


A highlight of the week was the shared lunch.  All the Year 2 classes came together for lunch. We certainly had a variety of delicious food from many different countries. It was great that many parents and other family members were able to join us.



National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence was on Friday 17th March 2017.

‘TAKE A STAND TOGETHER BULLYING NO WAY!’ was the main focus.  The students learnt to identify what ‘Bullying’ behaviour was and to take an active role as bystanders to help those being bullied if the need arose. They also learnt strategies to use, if they themselves were being bullied. The students created poems, role played, made badges, viewed videos and listened to raps and songs against ‘Bullying.

We will review the concept of trust and identifying people and other agencies on their personal network. A letter and your child’s  network will be sent home soon. Please take time to talk your child, to remind them use their network if needed.

These topics are part of ‘The Child Protection Curriculum’.

Year 2 Geography Inquiry Unit

We are well into our geography inquiry unit.

Our Big Idea is: There are many places around the world.

We have three driving questions:

  1. How is the world divided?
  2. What are the features of different places?
  3. What is life like in different places around the world?

We have been working in the library with Ms Amato as well as lessons in the classroom.

Thank you to those parents who have sent along items for our display table.


We invited parents to our class to share their cultural background. Thank you to Uzma, Apri, Theo and Hitesh who delivered interesting, relevant information to the students.


My mum came to talk about “Life in Pakistan” last Friday. First she showed us a PowerPoint and told us many things. There was a photo of my sister and I wearing national Pakistani costumes. Then we also watched a video with lots of pictures as we listened to the National Anthem. My class learnt lots of facts about Pakistan. I enjoyed my mum coming to our class.


On Tuesday my mum came to our class to talk about India.

She showed us a PowerPoint and told us things like:

  • the mango is the national fruit
  • tigers and monkeys live in India
  • the national animal is the peacock



My dad’s name is Theo. On Wednesday he came to our class to talk about Greece. First he showed some photos about Greek houses, food and costumes. Then he told the class how my papou (grandad)  and yiayia (grandma) lived in Greece many years ago. My papou came to Australia by ship and my yiayia came later by plane. Finally my dad taught my class to say “Hello and Goodbye” in Greek. It’s Yasou!!! I enjoyed having my dad at school.


On Thursday 9th March, my dad came to our class to talk about India. First he had a PowerPoint with lots of pictures and information. He told us about the Indian flag. The colours of the flag were orange, white and green. Then he also told us about the Taj Mahal and lots of other things. Finally the children asked lots of questions. I enjoyed having my dad at school.



Meet Our S.R.C reps


My name is Alexia. I am seven years old and in Year 2.

I like dancing, reading and art. The class voted for me because I am a responsible

student and a good friend. I will confidently participate in the SRC meetings.


           My name is Achyut and I am 7 years old. I like doing Maths and playing chess with my friends.

The class voted for me because I have good ideas and I can also problem solve. When I am at the SRC meetings I will tell them

about ideas our class came up with.

Helpers Needed for Swimming Week!

As you know, our class will be going swimming in Week 8, Monday to Friday at 11:30am – 12:30pm. We will leave school at 11:10am and return approximately 1:10pm . We require two extra adults to walk to the ARC Centre and back daily. Please notify me if you can assist.

Buddy Class

Ms Paladino’s Year 4 class is our Buddy class. We  work together every fortnight, implementing a range of activities which foster collaboration, mentoring and co-operation.   We have met three times so far since the start of the year.

Tasks have included:

  • collage art
  • Sport and outdoor games
  • playing Aboriginal Stone Game
  • Go Noodle fitness/dancing

This week the students played a Maths game which enabled them to use their skills to predict, count forwards and backwards and double numbers.  Great co-operation and  team work was demonstrated.

Welcome to Room 17!

Mrs Pallotta’s Year 2 class.

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

I would like to thank those who attended  the ‘Acquaintance night’ last Wednesday.  I appreciated the feedback, that it was interesting, relevant and informative. Ongoing communication is important to support positive learning, social and emotional outcomes for your child. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or need further clarification on any issues.

Our class will be updating this page fortnightly to keep you informed about our learning.

We began the year with a focus on social skills, creating a positive class culture and finding out about each other. For example:- we played games, wrote poems, negotiated our class rules and created collage portraits.

“Gong Xi Fat Cai! (Happy Chinese New Year!)”  to all my students and families, who celebrated ‘The Year Of The Rooster’.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who contributed items to our Chinese New Year display table.

The students were very interested to learn about Chinese culture and celebrations.  They participated in various tasks and activities integrated across many curriculum areas.

These included for example:

        • reading and listening to Chinese fables
        • learning about Chinese culture (e.g. language, food, customs)
        • viewing Lion dancing on the internet
        • brainstorming and writing adjectives to describe dragons
        • writing dragon poems
        • matching  dragon descriptions
        • writing open and closed questions
        • sharing information during Talk and Share
        • comprehension and cloze tasks
        • singing related songs
        • making paper Chinese lanterns and kites

We have started our Geography Inquiry unit – “There are many places around the world.” We are looking forward to having many guest speakers in our class.

Don’t forget to keep viewing our class page each fortnight for updates!