Room 16

Term 1 Week 3

Hi we`re April and Jasmine! We’re the first class bloggers for the year! How exciting! These first few weeks have been AMAZING! Our class has faced many challenges along the way such as riddles. Here is one:

A man drove his car down to a hotel. He stopped out the front of a hotel sighed and said “I’m bankrupt!” Why was he bankrupt?


These past three weeks we have been learning about heaps of things, one of the things is place value in maths we have been looking at billion, millions, hundred thousand`s, ten thousand`s, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. If you add all of these together it equals 8 digits.

In English, we have been working on narratives. A narrative is a fictional story [made up story]. We started with quick write which is a small story written in 20 minutes. On the board there is a picture that we have to add in our story. This is the structure of a narrative:

  • Title
  • Orientation
  • Complication
  • Series of events
  • Climax
  • Resolution
  • Coda [optional]

On the 15th of February 2018, our class went on our first excursion for the year! It was to the art gallery, Migration Museum and the Botanical Gardens. At the art Gallery we looked at lots of artists such as:

  • John Glover
  • Hans Heysen

We also looked at the artist’s paintings and sculptures, they were AMAZING!

At the Migration Museum we learned about all the Australian history. At the botanical Gardens, we saw lots of plants. One of them was Ficus Prasinicarpa.

Fun fact: Aboriginals have lived here for over 65,000 years.

In class novel we have been reading the witches by Roald Dahl. We didn’t want to spoil any so we have written the blurb:

The witches have a motto: One child a week is fifty-two year. Squish them squiggle them and make them disappear. The grand high witch of all the world is the scariest of them all, but one boy and the grandmother he adores have a plan to get rid of all the witches for good.

That’s it for it for the blog. See you soon for more exciting news!



Fantastic Fives!

Welcome to 2018. This is our classroom blog where you will find updates on the learning taking place in our class. The posts are created by the students in our class and will be regularly uploaded.


We look forward to sharing our learning with you! Hope to see you soon!


Year 5 Cohort

Here is a photo of the whole year 5 cohort working collaboratively to create letters with our bodies. Can you figure out what we spelt?