Room 16

Term 4 Week 5

We stared to make our products this week on Monday and Wednesday for Business and Economics. Some people made their products on both days. We also started our business identity page so we know what we had done in the past few weeks.

The best subject this week is HASS because of all the fun I have had with my group. It was also fun because we finished making our first products and looked at everyone else and what they were doing. We made our product posters which was fun to.


Here is a joke

Why did the pig cross the road? to get ham

What do you call a fish that has four eyes? A fiiiish

Thanks for reading bye

By Laleh rm 16


Term 4 Week 3

We have learnt about are new HASS project about business and economics and we have learnt what a business and what an entrepreneur and we have also done a PowerPoint presentation on a business and what an entrepreneur is. Something that has challenged are class this week was sports day.

Here is a bonus educational website you may know of:

And here is  riddle for you to solve as well: Mr. and Mrs. Mustard have six daughters and each daughter has one brother. How many people are in the Mustard family?











There are nine Mustards in the family. Since each daughter shares the same brother, there are six girls, one boy and Mr. and Mrs. Mustard.

Term 3 Week 7

Last week the year 5s and some year 4s went to Mylor Adventure Camp. We stayed there for two days one night. For most of us it was the best two days of our lives. We were split into three groups our cleaning groups, active groups and dorm groups. We are now going to tell you how we started and ended camp.


First, we got to the bus, and the bus driver packed our bags into either the first bus or the second bus. The bus drive was approximately 50 to 40min long. On the bus we played 2 games. The first game, was duck when we go under a bridge. The second game was hold your breath when we went in a tunnel.


When we reached Mylor Adventure Camp we ate our recess at the dining hall. Then we had a quick tour around the camp telling us where to go and not to go. Then they showed us our dorms and we got ready inside for our first activity. After our first two activities we had lunch and then another activity. After we finished our first two activities we had lunch and then another activity. After we had finished our activities for the day we had free time where we could have a shower, play a game or just talk. After free time we had dinner and night activities. Our night activities were E.M.P.S. talent show, spotlight and indoor games.


The next day we had to clean our dorms and make them spotless. After that we had to haul our luggage to the dining hall and our dorms were closed. After breakfast we did our last 3 activities and had lunch which was chicken burgers and watermelon slices. While we had lunch the bus driver loaded the luggage on the as we got ready to go home. On the bus most people were quiet and sleeping.

The activities were:

  • Low Ropes
  • Giant Swing
  • Flying Fox
  • Challenge Course
  • Nature Village
  • Initiative Pursuit



Term 3 Week 3 

Welcome to our BLOG! In our blog, you can read about what is happening recently. The biggest thing is 1970’s Fashion! Have you ever wondered what they looked like…?

Hi, we are your bloggers, Angeleen and Anna. Today we will be showing you some learning we have been doing.

We have been learning:

  • Mandalas
  • Lattice Method (multiplication)
  • Country comparison project (HASS)
  • 1970 fashion!!



This week we have been learning about Mandalas to calm ourselves down when we feel upset or overwhelmed. All of the mandalas are very different shapes and patterns but most of all…


We enjoy all the students hard work on these beautiful patterned artworks.



Lattice Method:

This week we have also been learning the lattice method. If you do not know what the lattice method is, this newspaper will tell you.

The lattice method is a method for doing multiplication for larger equations.


Inspirational quotes:

  • Creating something out of nothing
  • Respect the ones who deserve it, not the ones who demand it
  • The more you read the more you’ll know, the more you know the more places you will go!
  • You are the artist, your life is the canvas
  • You can’t blend in if you were born to stand out



  • I start with P and end with E and I have millions of letters. What am I?
  • I start with e and end with e and have only one letter?
  • What letter of the alphabet holds lots of water?


Our new HASS project country comparison


We have started our new HASS project and it is called country comparison.  Our goal is to compare three countries, including Australia, one from North America and one from Europe.

We are now learning about how to make our own graphs using excel. Most of the students in our class have completed one question and are working on their second. We are enjoying this project as well we enjoyed our previous HASS tasks.


1970’s fashion!

This week we have been doing some drawing and printing on the 1970’s fashion, a lot of us have enjoyed finding fashions, clothing, and style from the past! Then, we stuck them to an A2 canvas to display. The A2 canvas includes a Title, 1970’s fashion of course, with all our printing and artwork glued near.


We had lots of fun these two weeks. See you readers later. Bye!!


By Angeleen and Anna


Term 2 Week 5

 Hi this is room 16, now we are going to share with you some of our learning we have been doing in class.

Lately we have been working on our HASS project. Here we had to do some research about Civics and Citizenships in Australia. We had to then create our own country with a classmate on a website called Scratch. We had to do a lot of coding on Scratch. We basically had to explain all the civics and citizenships in Australia. Everyone has had a lot of fun and is finally ready to share it with everyone on Friday.

On Friday week 4 our class hosted the assembly with Ms. Taylor’s year 3 class. We all had great fun while preparing and also presenting. In the end it turned out really well and the choir was absolutely amazing and overall it was just a wonderful day and everyone had tons and tons of fun.

We are currently learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Some new words we have been learning about is equilateral, vertices and many more.

Fun Riddles:

  • It is as light as a feather but yet the strongest man can’t hold it for even 5 minutes
  • Poor people have it, Rich people need it, if you eat you die. What is it?

Fun Fact: Did you know that snails can sleep for 3 years?

Kazi & Amelia

Room 16 class blog – Term 1 Week 11

Cyber safety:

In week ten a police officer came in to talk about keeping us safe online. She said that we need to be careful on what we post online because if you post it, it stays there forever. It is called a digital footprint and it stays on your profile forever.

Exhibition of HASS:

On Friday the 6th of April (last Friday) all the year 5s had an exhibition of HASS. We shared our learning and our HASS posters. We enjoyed teaching others our knowledge and receiving feedback from other students. We interviewed 2 students in our class, this is what they said:
Ethinia enjoyed reading her information to others and Haasith enjoyed receiving constructive feedback to improve his work.

Classes favourite subject and why: 

The classes favourite subject was art because they get to be creative. We enjoyed creating name art. We had to present our name in an art work and our name had to stand out.

Inspirational quote:

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.

Fun fact:

Even when a snake has its eyes closed, it can still see through its eyelids.

The Fun-Run:

The fun-run is on Friday the 13th of April. Students will get the chance to wear old clothes and run around the oval getting bombed with colour supplied by CUA. Students are looking forward to running around the oval, getting bombed with colour and having fun.



Brigitte and Suzy
(class bloggers weeks 9,10,11)

Term 1 Week 8


Our class is having the opportunity to go to swimming classes at the ARC.   We are learning the different movements and swimming techniques.


The school’s fantastic fives had a lesson to make friendship bracelets to gift to one another. The materials we needed were: wool, sticky tape and ourselves.

Term 1 week 5

Hello Everyone, we are Anan and Justin, we will be your class bloggers for this week. This week we have been learning about decimals in maths. We have been challenged in maths with decimals.

Moving on to art. This week the year 5’s have been doing Impressionism by Claude Monet. We have just started our impressionism art.

Time for history, for history have been learning about the early settlement of Australia, as week 3 bloggers (Jasmine and April) mentioned we went on an excursion to the Migration museum, art gallery and botanic gardens.

In English we have been learning about narratives and describing a setting, here is one:

As I sat on the edge of a bridge the only sounds I could hear was the water crashing on the rocks and the fish jumping up and down, it also had a spectacular view of cliffs in the distance.

In spelling we have been learning about Macrons and Breves. A macron is saying a letter but the word sounds longer, and a brief is saying a letter but it sounds shorter.

In health we have been learning about being safe and not talking to strangers and different warning signs.

And that’s all for this week. Thank You.

From Anan and Justin.


Term 1 Week 3

Hi we`re April and Jasmine! We’re the first class bloggers for the year! How exciting! These first few weeks have been AMAZING! Our class has faced many challenges along the way such as riddles. Here is one:

A man drove his car down to a hotel. He stopped out the front of a hotel sighed and said “I’m bankrupt!” Why was he bankrupt?


These past three weeks we have been learning about heaps of things, one of the things is place value in maths we have been looking at billion, millions, hundred thousand`s, ten thousand`s, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. If you add all of these together it equals 8 digits.

In English, we have been working on narratives. A narrative is a fictional story [made up story]. We started with quick write which is a small story written in 20 minutes. On the board there is a picture that we have to add in our story. This is the structure of a narrative:

  • Title
  • Orientation
  • Complication
  • Series of events
  • Climax
  • Resolution
  • Coda [optional]

On the 15th of February 2018, our class went on our first excursion for the year! It was to the art gallery, Migration Museum and the Botanical Gardens. At the art Gallery we looked at lots of artists such as:

  • John Glover
  • Hans Heysen

We also looked at the artist’s paintings and sculptures, they were AMAZING!

At the Migration Museum we learned about all the Australian history. At the botanical Gardens, we saw lots of plants. One of them was Ficus Prasinicarpa.

Fun fact: Aboriginals have lived here for over 65,000 years.

In class novel we have been reading the witches by Roald Dahl. We didn’t want to spoil any so we have written the blurb:

The witches have a motto: One child a week is fifty-two year. Squish them squiggle them and make them disappear. The grand high witch of all the world is the scariest of them all, but one boy and the grandmother he adores have a plan to get rid of all the witches for good.

That’s it for it for the blog. See you soon for more exciting news!



Fantastic Fives!

Welcome to 2018. This is our classroom blog where you will find updates on the learning taking place in our class. The posts are created by the students in our class and will be regularly uploaded.


We look forward to sharing our learning with you! Hope to see you soon!


Year 5 Cohort

Here is a photo of the whole year 5 cohort working collaboratively to create letters with our bodies. Can you figure out what we spelt?