Room 16

Week seven blog

Hello every one and welcome to the term three blog week seven and your bloggers for this week are Aadi and Manraz. And it is so weird this went past in like seconds they just get faster and faster don’t they, and anyways let’s get to it.

So recently in maths we have been learning about twenty-four-hour time with Mr Taylor 2.0. It has been really fun and challenging for some people but easy for others. And here’s the result of the things people enjoyed this week

p.e 5 science 2 model making 8 and btn was 4

and the joke of the week is

why does a tiger have stripes?


So it wouldn’t be spotted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahahaha nice one Manraz.

And this is what a few people are going to do on the weekend.

Ben: I am going to spend time with my family.

Tharuk: I am going to play tennis.

Charlie: I am going to have music lessons.

Tom: I am going to watch a basket ball match.

Manraz: I am going to get a giant lego set.

We have also been working a lot on our natural disasters project where have to make a model of the natural disaster we chose, and they all look absolutely awesome, good job everyone. We have also been working on our civics and citizenship project. And I bet everyone has been working really good and being collaborative.


And that guys is the blog for week seven hope you enjoyed and hope to see you next time.


Term 3 Week 3

This week all the fantastic fives went to the art gallery and parliament house. At the art gallery we saw amazing art pieces, the most recognisable one was “we built this city” it was a whole bunch of tents put together to make one big massive tent that can fit a load of people in it. We really loved all the art pieces. At parliament house, we had a tour. The first room we were in was the legisitive council also known as the red room. In the red room the black rod is held. We went to another room called the house of assembly also known as the green room. In the green room the golden mace is held. In parliament house we got to see a real argument (7 or 9 news was there videoing everything going on) we had to be really quiet while they were talking.

How was the excursion?

Most people voted: Great!

By Chayse


Term 3 Week 2

Hi our names are Maddie & Shahrin and we are your class bloggers this week. Our class has been learning about civics and politics. On Tuesday 8/8/17 we are going to the parliament house and art gallery we are also doing a project about natural disasters we had to come up with two questions and type them up on a computer also last week room 16/12 had a visit from the crows we also had showdown donuts the score of the 2017 showdown was crows (130) power (46).

The classes that did the meet and greet were so lucky to have that opportunity to see some of the people who inspire us when I say that I mean the (BOYS) we even got their signatures and this week our class favourite topic was digital technologies.


The joke of the week is DADADAAAAAAA what do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear!


We also did a vote for what everyone is grateful for and the winner is friends and family and Mr Halliday. We also did some character strengths most people got humour and others got love, zest, kindness.

As I said we are doing digital technologies we have been doing coding it’s fun but a little hard.

Now time for the riddle of the week:

Q: You walk across a bridge and you see a boat full of people yet there isn’t a single person on board. How is that possible?
A: All the people on the boat are married.

Now here are some photos:


  If your child is in choir remember to pay so they can go to the excursion on Friday, the 11/8/17 they will be provided with egg and bacon breakfast with a hot drink you will have to drop your child off at 6:20 and we get on the bus at 7:00 we get back at 9:15.

Thanks Maddie and Shahrin


Term 2 Week 10

Pictures from our Business and Economics Enterprise.


Term 2 Week 8

This week our class is starting a topic in literacy about information report. So far, we have learnt about the structure and also some very helpful tips in writing.

Our classes favourite subject this week is business and economics.

This week our class is grateful for having a growth mindset, classmates and teacher, having respect and knowledge, and for being positive.

Next week our class is looking forward to using EMPS wheelers/ ePlatform.

Thanks for reading the blog this week!

Mr Halliday’s class

Daina & Dulanya

Maths Learning

Term 2 Week 5

Hi my name is Manraz and I’m Marley. We are the week 5 bloggers; hope you enjoy any way let’s get to it.

So recently we went on an excursion to the Tetris performance, we also went to play at the Paper Planet, and we had lunch at the Adelaide Oval.

Here’s what people thought of the excursion last week on Friday.




This week on Monday we got to skip last week’s Spelling test because we were away on excursion. Some people were upset but most people were happy.

This week on Tuesday we learnt what an array is in maths and how to make one. We had to look around the classroom to see if we could find an array. We were sorted into maths groups and the topic was arrays. The groups were purple, blue and orange.

We also got started on our business and economics HASS project. We had to decide on five options we will be selling near the end of the term. Next lesson we will probably decide what we are selling. And hopefully start making the products.

Our riddle for this week is, there are three brothers travelling around the world. They all use different ways to get there, one runs, one flies and one crawls. What is the object.

Answer: the hands on a clock.

Marley: hahahahah nice one Manraz.

Paper Planet!


Term 2 Week 4


Dylan: Room 16, Mr Halliday’s bloggers for this week are Ben and Dylan. This week the majority of the class are looking forward to go on our excursion to the Children’s Festival.


Ben: I am looking forward to go on our excursion to the Children’s Festival because our class doesn’t have to do any school work for the day. YAY!!!!!


Dylan: I am looking forward to our excursion to the Children’s Festival because it sounds really cool!!!!!


Ben: Adem: I am looking forward to go to the Children’s Festival because I want to learn new things that I haven’t learnt and I’d like to meet new people!!


Dylan: Maddie: I am looking forward our excursion because I want to see new things and I hope it will be fun!!


Ben: Our joke is what animal can jump higher than the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Any animal can because the Sydney Harbour Bridge can’t jump.


Dylan: ha, ha very funny


Ben: this week Mr Halliday’s, Miss Poli’s and Mrs Burt’s classes created the word fantastic out of human bodies on the oval. Most of us enjoyed it because we got to talk to our friends from other classes. We made the word fantastic when we had almost finished our shared lunch.


Dylan: now you are up to date with Mr Halliday’s bloggers.

Working with our buddies this week.


Term 2 Week 3 Blog

Hi, my name is Ryan and welcome to this week’s blog. I am going to show you what we have been learning.

Here is a joke to think about while you’re reading. What comes up but doesn’t come down? Answer is on the bottom of the blog and good luck!


  1. We have started on a Geography project. We need to pick 2 countries (one from North America and one from Europe) and think of six questions. Then, we compare the countries with Australia using the questions.


  1. Mother’s Day has finished but we would still like to thank our mother`s by all the roles they play and I hope you had a great Mother’s Day.


Well, I guess that’s the end and the answer to my joke is…… your age! That was a good joke I would say and I hope to see you soon.


Hello my name is Massimo.

This term the fantastic fives are doing two assignments. Business and Economics and Geography.


In room sixteen we are writing persuasive texts in English and in maths we are working on number and place value.

We are nearly finished our class book ‘Wonder’. It`s about a deformed kid named Auggie and he is starting school for the first time and he goes through a lot but I`m not going to spoil it for you! It`s a great book!

Thank you for reading the room sixteen blog.


WK 10 Blog

Hi! Our names are Tom and Oska and were the class bloggers for this week.


Swimming: Last week we went swimming with Ms Poli`s class. We went for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Our groups were seals, polar bears and our group the jellyfish.

Fantastic fives:

This week we had a task and we needed all the fantastic fives to come together to make the letters E.M.P.S. We were given the same task last week to see if we could do it in less than 10 minutes. Our time I think from memory was 25 minutes but this week our time was 15 minutes.  The idea was to work together as a team to get it done.


Also our HASS projects are due next week (Week 11) we will be presenting it and dressing up. Parents may come if they wish and coffee and tea will be provided and on Wednesday in week 11 we will be going on an excursion to the Maritime Museum.


By Tom and Oska



Week 6

Hello, our names are Tharuk and Charlie. We are going to be your hosts for week 6, week 7 and week 8.

In week 6 we voted for the SRC’s. First of all, the students that wanted to be SRC said their speech. There were 11 students trying out for SRC. Good job to all the students that tried for SRC. The SRC’s are Charlie and Adem. The deputies are Noah and Chayse.


Week 7 Harmony week

It was Harmony week in week 7 so on Tuesday, all year levels got to dress up in their cultural costumes. At the end, they announced the winners for the recipe book cover. On Wednesday Allan came and talked about his culture and performed some music on the didgeridoo. On Wednesday, some people from the Sikh culture came to explain what their culture is and how it works. We also had a shared lunch. Everyone got to bring in cultural food.

Shahrin getting a turban

Week 8

In music we had to make a sound track using only percussion instruments. Percussion instruments are instruments that you only strum, hit or shake. On Tuesday we learnt about rotational symmetry in maths. What we had to do was to cut out some shapes and use a pencil to rotate it 360 degrees and see if it was the same as the beginning. On Wednesday, we had Ms Chong Tenn and we did P.E with Mr Taylor, he taught us how to play netball and taught us the rules. Even though the boys didn’t like it, they still played and had fun. Here are some of the rules:

  • You can’t move with the ball
  • You can’t jump while shooting a goal


This week the most popular subject was P.E!

On Thursday we worked on HASS and it is due on Week 11 Term 1 so we better get a wriggle on everyone. We hope everyone finishes, GOOD LUCK.J

This is the amount of people from each back ground country from our class:

India        Italy        Vietnam        UK        Australia        Korea        Sri Lanka

5               2              1                    1           5                      1                2

Bosnia        Pakistan        Bangladesh        Ireland        America        Scotland

2                  1                     1                          2                  1                     1


Term 1 Week 5

Hi, our names are Adem and Christine and we are room 16’s class bloggers for week 5.

We are going to answer two questions you may be wondering about our class.

  • What is something our class is grateful for this week?

Many of our class members were grateful for their friends in this class.

Daina said:

‘I am grateful for my amazing friends.’

Oska said:

‘I am lucky to have such delicious food.’

Adem said:

‘I am grateful for my amazing and cool class!!’


  • What do you think our favourite subject is this week?

Our class’s favourite subject this week was our contrasting colours artwork.

We had lots of fun doing it, we enjoyed looking at our artworks all together and seeing what the other classes did.

Contrasting Colours Art


That is all for this week!!

Thanks and Bye!!!

Term 1 Week 4

Buddy Class

This week on Wednesday our buddy class (Miss Taylor) came to room 16. We had a very enjoyable afternoon doing hand art, tracing around each other’s hands. And then we had fun decorating inside our hands with lots of bright colours and patterns.

This is what some people did….

Chayse: “Me and my buddy did cute designs inside our hands. My art looked a bit like Spiderman!”

Christine: “We did loads of cool rainbow colours.”

Zainab: “My buddy did a Freddy hand and I did some cool designs.”

Maddie: “We decorated each other’s hands.”

Ben: “I did my two favourite colours!”

Thank you!!!!


Working with our buddy class

What has challenged us this week?

This week our class was learning computer coding. Everyone had so much fun being challenged and working on different activities. The class favourite was Minecraft Adventurer, where you use code to find different items to build your house.

On Monday our class went to music. There we learned how to play the C cord, G cord and the G7 cord and finally the A minor cord – they were all hard!



Knock Knock

Who’s there?

B 2

B 2 who?

B 2 school on time! 


Term 1 Week 3

What are some things we learnt this week?

This week we learnt what new homework we get and what we are going to do for reading groups.

For homework we have to read every night for 15 minutes, practise times tables once a week and complete a spelling task in our homework or spelling book. We also have other activities to complete like physical activity and being read to by a parent.

For reading groups we have been learning the role cards. One of the role cards is ‘Questioner’. For questioner we have to write three questions for our group to answer. When we’ve learnt all the role cards we will split into groups and read books. When we are reading we will fill in the role cards.

So that’s a few things we have learnt this week.

By Noah


What has challenged our class this week?

Lots of things have challenged our class this week. We just started homework which might have been challenging for some people. Our class also started a science project on seeds, this includes budgeting and landscaping which was definitely a challenge.

My class had to write a narrative on a random box and had to make it interesting, and since there’s nothing interesting about a box, that was a big challenge.

By Zainab


Fantastic Fives!

Welcome to 2017. This is our classroom blog where you will find updates on the learning taking place in our class. The posts are created by the students in our class and will be regularly uploaded.

Please see a photo of the year five cohort and our Fantastic Five scavenger hunt!

We look forward to sharing our learning with you! Hope to see you soon!