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Week 2 Term 4: Sports Day Photo Gallery

Week 10 Term 3: Exhibition of Learning Photo Gallery

Week 9 Term 3: It’s been a while since we blogged but we’re back!

Hello I’m Jovia and I’m Caleb!

We have a new math project investigation called Finals Fever. We have to figure out the cost of everything such as accommodation, travel, food, tickets and maybe souvenirs and how much we would spend on it. So it that’s our math investigation. Our models for geography are looking spectacular and they all loo realistic. If you want to see how amazing it is , just come in to our classroom.

On Wednesday, we had a double civics and citizenship lesson. Everyone started making their scratch animations today.  They look amazing. Watch your children’s scratch project on

Congratulation to the principals award winners of this week assembly’s lesson. Who were me (Jovia), Temperance and Lucy.

Be prepared for our Exhibition of Learning next week on Thursday at 9:30am. We look forward to seeing you if you can make it! Here is a preview of some of our models taking shape. We even got to share some at assembly today!

Joke of the week: Addison, Kostya and John showcased the ‘humour’ character strength by coming up with this cracker of a joke…

Addison said, “My friends name is Kostya, his friends last name (John) is Odolla. Guess what…it’s gonna Kostya Odolla! (cost you a dollar)


Week 4 Term 3 Blog

Hello people, my name is Rocco and I’m Elizabeth and today we are sharing the blog with you! We hope you enjoy this week’s blog!

Book week- soon coming up for East Marden primary school, we are having book week! Starting from the 21st until the 25th of august, we are having book week. The east Marden school has the chance to dress up as an book character. In the morning, we as a school all moved to the basketball/handball courts. One by one each class walks around the circle and shows off their costumes.

We are going to tell about a book name Mechanica. which is when there are no animals left and mechanics make machine animals that escape from the zoos and evolve into stronger and smarter animals who are trying to kill humans. After the book we made some mechanica animals using pop sticks, wire, feathers and other things which made some cool animals. Although we only had 30 minutes and very limited materials everyone still completed it.

Science week- For science week, on Monday our school had science week and all the days there was a different activity in the library. On Monday in the library we did knit and natter, on Tuesday we did marshmallow tower, on Wednesday we did slime, on Thursday we did postit cubes and on on Friday we did pipecleaner challenge.


Parliament House and Art Gallery Excursion

Hi my name is Amrinder and I am Andreas and we are this week’s bloggers. We are going to tell you about our excursion to Parliament House with Miss Poli, Mr Halliday, and Mrs Burt’s class.

To start off with, when Miss poli’s, Mr Halliday’s and Miss Burt’s class entered the room and got ready for the excursion. Mr Halliday explained to everyone about where we are going to go and when we are going to go. Then Mr Halliday showed us a piece of paper that had the names of every section of the art gallery.

Then we started to line up outside to get to go in the bus and go to the art gallery it took about 20 to 25 minutes to get to the art gallery. Then we got off the bus and started to walk to the art gallery after that we put our bags away and lined up after we put our bags away.

After we lined up in our classes then our teachers told us where to go. After that everybody went to their section in the art gallery Miss Poli’s class went the Australian art, Miss Burt’s class went to the Asian art section and Mr Halliday’s class went to a section called the Ramsay Art Prize.


Crackin’ Start

I wonder if the students of Room 15 can remember and explain to their families what we were doing during this task last week? What inquiry are we preparing for? What learning do the students of Room 15 need to show?

PHIL incursion

Phil Cummings came to our school to talk about how he started making books and how on average he does 10 drafts per book and he once did 22 drafts in a book he created


We did maths based on maths fractions and we tried to make fractions and we had a lot of A-ha! Moments and we did maths number lines where we had to put random numbers on a number line but there weren’t just numbers there was also fractions we had to put on the number lines.


We shared our geography projects and we had a whole term to do it when we shared them most of ours were too long!

SEE YA!- Abraham and kostya


Our Final Blog for Term 2…

This is Sienna Hill from Room 15. The main topic about this blog is Enterprise. We started off by getting into pairs and making a PowerPoint about what an Enterprise is and what an entrepreneur is. Then we chose another person to create a pair. After, a Room 15 pair and a Room 16 pair got together and formed a business. Then we typed up some rules and agreements.

The next lesson we started planning what products we should make. In the end, most of us had at least 4 different ideas.

The lesson after we thought of some questions to decide what product to make. Later, each individual was assigned a class to survey. We then parted off into our different classes. After surveying, we came back and discussed our results.

A few days after, we decided on a product and started planning what we wanted to make and we started thinking about what we needed. We started browsing the internet to get an idea of what things cost and so we know how much we are going to spend.

The next Enterprise lesson we got a purchase order to fill in. A purchase order is a sheet of paper asking what we need and how much it would cost. Then we started sorting out what each thing would cost and trying to not go over our budget of $10.

The next week, we collected the things we needed from Mr Halliday, Miss Poli and Mrs Burt and started making our products. Most of us were making paper creations and slime. We had a lot of fun making our products.

During the last lesson of making our products, people put up posters to advertise their business. The posters were very colourful!

This week the groups were selling! There were long lines and lots of people. It was a lot of fun! At the end of the week we counted our profits and did a reflection on being in our businesses. Altogether, the groups made over $530! We decided as three classes that we wanted to donate the money to charity.

That’s all!

See you next term! Also, happy holidays! Sienna out!


Week 9 Term 2 Blog

Hello families,

Please see below the roster for our Enterprise project taking place at recess and lunch times next week. Your children have been working hard to set up a business and create products to sell to the students in our school. You are welcome to come along at recess or lunch to support your child on the day they are selling.

Stay tuned next week for some photos!

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Fantastic Fives in Room 15

 Week 6 Term 2 Blog


Hi! We’re your bloggers for week 6 Phoebe Messner and John Odolla reporting for duty for East Marden primary school room 15. Today’s topic is drum roll please …SURVEYS!!! This term all the Fantastic Fives went around the school surveying classes from reception to year 7 and asked them to vote on the 5 questions they’ve been given so we know what progress we need to be successful. If we get some money we give it to a charity and that charity is Cancer Council. We’ve done this to get information on our chosen products to sell and if people like the idea they would  want to  buy  the 2 products chosen by the sellers or seller.




-What starts and ends with e but only has one letter ?

-What do you have that other people use more?

-what gets wetter every time it’s used?

-what’s black and white and read all over?

Thanks for reading see you in week 7

By Phoebe and John


Blog: Week 5 Term 2

Thank you to Amrinder and Rocco for writing the Week 4 and 5 blog!

After recess on Wednesday two people came and brought some robots in. They taught us about technology. They taught us about tech, programing and many bits about coding. After that Alex and Michael gave us a map and a bee bot. With the bee bot Alex told us we are supposed to get the bee bot on a certain location on the map. After that we had to drive the bee bot backwards on the map. It was really cool and everyone had a lot of fun. When we drove the bee bot the location was Facebook, YouTube, safari, google, eBay. After that Alex and Michael talked to us about this app where you can give commands to this racing car robot. Next week we are going to control the racing cars. Alex and Michael were really cool and they were very funny.


Blog: Week 4 Term 2

Hello everybody, my name is Amrinder and my name is Rocco and we are this week’s bloggers from room 15 and were are going to tell you about our excursion last week to Dream Big Festival.

Friday last week Mrs Burt’s, Mrs Poli’s and Mr Halliday’s classes went to Dream Big Festival. To begin with went to this little grassy area and we stayed there and we had free time for 10 minutes. After that we entered a big building that has a big room that Is made out of paper.

To continue with, a lady from paper from paper planet who was dressed in a fairy costume which was made out paper told us about paper planet. She told us to explore paper world and we could make anything possible made out of paper until paper world turned darkness…

After paper planet was finished we got our bags and walked into the Adelaide oval to eat our lunch. We stayed at Adelaide oval for about 20 minutes and then we went to the tetris and we watched people act. Someone stood on 4 rubix cubes. After that they picked some kids to do tricks with them, a few minutes later there was heaps of kids dancing and there about 70 kids on stage including us! It was a really cool act and then it finished. And then we went to a grassy area. We played and ate for about 15 minutes. The busses came and we all split up on to 2 busses. On the bus we were playing, talking, singing and listening to music! We arrived back to school at approximately around 2:30. After we got to school we came and packed up for the end of the day. Because it was Friday we ended the week with games, fun and awesomeness!



Blog: Week 3 Term 2

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the life of the Fantastic Fives this week your bloggers are Kylie and Jovia.

This is what we learnt: This week Miss Poli’s class learnt how to make graphs for projects on excel with Mr Halliday’s class.

What people thought about making graphs.

Jovia: I thought it was a great experience for me to learn how to use graphs on excel.

Ella: it was fun.

Kylie: it was new.


Riddle: What can you catch but you can’t throw?? I’ll give you 10 seconds


The answer is a cold (it is when your sick not cold I feel cold)

Inspirational quote of the week: Anyone who has never made a mistake has never learnt something –Albert Einstein

By Kylie and Jovia


Blog: Week 2 Term 2

Hi, my names Dewwandi and my names Elizabeth. We are this week’s Room 15 bloggers. So, let’s get started!

What is something that our class has learnt new this week?

This week in maths, we learnt about prime numbers and how we identifiy them. We had to follow Eratosthenes’ method to find the prime numbers from 1-100.

Here’s the pattern:

Cross out the number 1

Circle 2 and cross out multiples of it

Circle 3 and cross out all multiples of it

Circle 7 and cross out all multiples of it

Circle all remaining numbers (hope you can figure it out!)

We had a great time challenging ourselves and some of us even tried the 1-200 number chart!

Here are some photos of us working it out as well as a Sting in the Tail task!

What was a collaborative learning task we completed this week?

On Wednesday Miss Poli told us about our excursion to the Dream Big festival (at the festival centre) and showed us a video of one of the performances we are going to see at the festival. It was called Tetris, named after the game. Then we played the real game on the smart board. It was hard work and each of us had to wait until the person before us had their move, and gone back to their desk to make our move. It was really fun and challenging!

What has challenged us this week?

Let’s see what some of our fellow students have thought:

‘NAPLAN” said Emily

‘Ignoring difficult distractions’ said isis

‘Maths and NAPLAN’ said Alex

‘NAPLAN’ said Kaden

Here, let’s have a think with this riddle:

You cross a river and you see a boat full of people but there’s not a single person on it how is that possible?

Here are some photos of Elizabeth and Alex with their Science experiment this week:


The beginning to Term 2…

written by Kaden and Aleena

Hi and welcome to a brand new term. Time has been going so fast and we’re in term 2 already!

Anyway let’s get to the news. Ok, we have started preparing for Genius Hour this week. Our question was meant to be about inventions that help. Like an invention to help an iPad from being flat so we needed an invention for that.

On Monday we played a cooperative game where we had to have two newspapers and we have to get four people across without touching the floor and this is how it went.

A Photo Blog to End the Term! 

A few snapshots from our Exhibition of Learning today…


A few snapshots from our excursion yesterday…

A day in the life of Room 15 in Week 10

Today the students presented their Genius Hour projects to our class, Mrs Burt’s class and Ms Arbuckle.

Here are a couple of snapshots of the presentations:

Congratulations to our Principal’s Award winners at today’s assembly:

Dewwandi, Ethan, Alex and Andreas! 

Blog Entry by Emily and Alex Week 9, Term 1

In week 9, Term 1 Mr. Halliday’s class joined our year 5 class for a week of swimming! It took about 15-20 minutes to get to our destination, aka the ARC. All of us were separated into different swimming groups; seahorses, starfish, sharks, stingrays, seals and jellyfish. In between the lessons of swimming we enjoyed the following:

  • Floating on the water on are backs and fronts
  • Compact entry’s, stride, entry pin drop and sliding in safely off a diving board and off the side of the pool
  • Floating in life jackets-taking them off and putting them back on again
  • Picking partners and rescuing them with a noodle, a ball and a rope
  • Duck diving underwater and fetching a sinking toy
  • Survival swimming-survival backstroke, breath stroke, freestyle, and we also did sculling and doggy paddle
  • Activating prior knowledge on swimming we might have done before
  • Practicing drills in and out in water
  • Using tools to save others
  • Wearing casual clothes- taking them off and putting them back on again











Quick joke:

Q: In what direction does a chicken swim?

A: Cluck-wise!

It was very fun to learn about safety swimming. We can’t wait for next year!!!

Reminder for parents:

We would also like to remind you that on Thursday 13th of April there is an Exhibition of Learning event that we encourage you to come if you can. An invitation was sent home with our excursion form.


From Alex and Emily




Blog Entry – Week 8 Term 1

Hi, our names are Ella and Athena and we’re going to tell you about our week and what we did.

STEM Challenge

On Monday, our class did another STEM challenge (STEM meaning science, technology, engineering and mathematics.) The challenge was that we had to build a triangle using materials and put a little man on top of the triangle. We had a piece of string, 10 cups, a rubber band, 2 pop sticks and a little man to put on top. The biggest challenge of all was that…. WE COULDN’T TOUCH THE CUPS TO PLACE THEM   AS TRIANGLE OR TOUCH THE LITTLE MAN TO PLACE IT ON TOP OF THE TRIANGLE TOWER! So we had to think of a strategy to make a triangle out of the cups without touching the cups or the little man. One of the best strategies was using the pop sticks as chopsticks to lift the cups and the little man up.

Harmony Week

We made flags from our backgrounds, some people made up their flags because they had multiple backgrounds, we waved our flags during the parade. On Thursday in harmony week, room 15,16 and 12 all had a shared lunch together, there were all types of food and they were all yummy!



So that was room 15s class blog from u s hope you have a great week everybody, bye!


Blog Entry – Week 5 Term 1

Hi, our names are Hunter and Caleb and today we are going to show you this week’s Class Blog for the week. Week 5 has been a great week now we are going to share some of our favourite things to you down below.


On Monday, we had buddy class. We thought it was our favourite lesson on Monday. our classes had to do a STEM challenge (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), including the biggest challenge of all, was not to eat the marshmallow! Each group was given 20 sticks of spaghetti, a marshmallow and about 1 meter of string and masking tape. Our real challenge was to see who could get the marshmallow the highest of the ground only supported by the spaghetti.

Fun Fact

On Tuesday a koala was seen crawling from the back of the oval to the oval playground.

Quote of the Week

I mean what I say and I say what I mean – Dr Seuss

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed.


Blog Entry – Week 4 Term 1

By Ethan R and Addison B

Hi, our names are Ethan and Addison and we are bloggers from Miss Poli’s class. This is what we have done for week 4.

What have we learnt that is new to our class?

On Tuesday Miss Poli taught us the 4 spelling groups which are:

Morphemic, Etymological, Phonological and Visual. Morphemic words are words with a prefix or suffix. Etymological words have a clue in the front of the word (For example: decade, dec means 10).

Phonological words are words you hear the way it is spelt. Visual words are how they look.

What did we find interesting?

When we entered the science room, Catherine (The science teacher) told us how she released a couple of butterflies out into the wild. There is still a couple of chrysalis still not open. We were all eager to see the chrysalis.

What was a learning task that involved collaboration that was completed?

In PE (Physical Education) we are learning about Invasion Games. Our learning intention is playing American Football. It is when 2 teams consisting of 11 players, must get the ball to the end zone (The far back part of the field).


You are a bus driver. On the first stop, 12 people get on. On the second stop, 6 people get off, 3 people get on. On the third stop, 5 people get off, 6 people get on. On the fourth stop, half of the passengers get off. What colour was the bus driver’s hair?

A: It is the colour of your hair. In the first sentence it said “You are a bus driver”.



Hi! This is your bloggers Phoebe & Isis

Reporting for duty from Room 15 Miss Poli’s class.

The topics this week are History & Art. Isis will take you through art later!

Our History topic is “What were the significant events & significant people that shaped Australian colonies?“ All the Fantastic Fives came together to discuss this question & watch 3 clips about it. These 3 episodes are on 3 different people, their different lives & perspectives. Now back to you Isis!

Ok, now time for the art part. The Fantastic Fives also came together to do a fantastic name art. Look at Miss Poli’s prime perspective art and Mrs Burt’s pretty pattern art or even Mr Halliday’s awesome over and under art!

And remember, there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.

Thanks for reading and see you in Week 4!



Written by Phoebe and Isis


Fantastic Fives!

Welcome to 2017. This is our classroom blog where you will find updates on the learning taking place in our class. The posts are created by the students in our class and will be regularly uploaded.

Please see a photo of the year five cohort and our Fantastic Five scavenger hunt!

We look forward to sharing our learning with you! Hope to see you soon!