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By Jasmine M and Junee

Loud Shirt Day

On the 20th of October we celebrated Loud Shirt Day to raise money for deaf children.

We had to wear a bright and colourful T-shirt that stands out, and bring a gold coin donation. With our buddies in Mr Simpsons class we made scarecrows using an A3 piece of paper and other materials of our choice. We are making a scarecrow because scarecrows represent the deaf children since they can’t hear like them.

Here’s how we made them.

First, on an A4 piece of paper, with our buddies, we drew a draft copy of our scarecrow of what we wanted it to look like.

Next, after we drew our draft copy, we got our A3 piece of paper, and drew the outline of our scarecrow.

Finally, we got our chosen materials and stuck them to our scarecrow to give it texture.

Also, with our buddies we took turns making a scarecrow to go in our garden that will be put in our garden very soon. This was donated to us by Bunning’s and we had lots of fun creating this.


Room 14’s Excursion to the Wingfield Dump

On the 17th of October our class went to the Wingfield Dump as part of our H.A.S.S. inquiry.

It was about a 30-minute drive from our school to Wingfield Dump, when we finally arrived we had our recess and had a rest. Next, we got back on the bus and had a tour around the dump. We looked at where the trucks dropped off the rubbish and put them in huge piles, and where they delivered the rubbish to the landfill site. A landfill site is where rubbish is buried 8m underground with layers of dirt in-between, landfill sites can be found almost everywhere. After, we drove back to where we arrived, and we went into a building where we did some activities, for example, there was a big plastic tube with holes in it (similar to the larger one they use), there was rubbish bin full of cans, bottles, news-papers and magazines that we had to pour into the tube and spin, and the tube would sort the rubbish into different categories and the rubbish would fall into the plastic bins below.

Next, after that, we had our lunch and went on the bus again to go to another place where they sorted the different bottles and cans and squished them into big cubes. We also went into another room where there were more activities like we got to look at the different things that people made just out of recyclable materials like, a rug made out of old clothes.

And finally, we drove back to school from the dump, back to school. This was a very engaging, informative excursion.






Week 6 Blog!

By Mehar and Hayley

Hi and welcome to the week 6 blog post! To start off, welcome to spring! Make sure you are bringing in loose change to put in the small purple piggy at Miss Paladino’s desk to support our school. Also, remember to not bring a sick child to school as a lot of children are sick, on Friday, we only had 16 students! Enjoy the blog.



On Friday we watched a BTN episode. We had to note down some key points and facts about the four topics they mentioned in the episode: Dual citizenship, the country of Guam, Moon Hack, and Bushfires. Dual citizenship is having a citizenship for two countries, Guam is a country threatened by North Korea, Bushfire season is starting and firefighters are preparing. Moon hack is a coding lesson that is trying to break a Guinness world record. We will be choosing a topic and writing a page about it in our book.


In math we have been learning about perimeter. Perimeter is the length of an object from all sides. When you get the length of all sides you add it all together to get the perimeter of the object. We recently did an assesment to put our knowledge to the test. We are starting a new topic and hopefully the students will tell you and teach you all about it!




Week 5 in Room 14 

By Suzy and Matthew

Room 14 Sustainability

Room 14 has been learning about sustainability as part of our Geography inquiry. Sustainability is when you are reusing something over and over again. We have been told to create a logo to represent a sustainable company. We had a lot of fun with our families. We had to use recyclable objects to create our logo for our business for a project later on in our Inquiry.

Room 14 Book Week

Room 14 have had a lot of fun with Book Week this year; we are grateful that there was a lot of activities we could participate in all week. Most importantly our favourite day of the year was the Book Week Parade; we were asked to dress up as our favourite book character. We have had costumes from Harry Potter, the Wizard of Oz, Cinderella and much more.



Character Strengths

By Leni and Bailey

This week we have been learning about the Character strength Kindness. Doing the simple things in the following photos is making someone’s day.


Offer people something when they have nothing.


Encourage People

Help someone when in need.


In Maths we have just started a new and fun topic called Volume.

For our first volume task we had to create two cylinders each of a different shape and size. Once we had done that we had to fill each cylinder with raw pasta counting how much space it would take up. Here are some photos of us taking on this fun challenge.









Invasion of the kids!

Room 14 has completely taken over the class blog, resulting in two kids each week write at least one post each (or less, if they want). We hope that you’ll feel how much this means to us, and how we felt every week. Please enjoy!


Maths – making marble mazes

We made marble mazes this week, and we just couldn’t stop! We made all sorts, rising to the occasion magnificently. Some made very tricky marble mazes, requiring very fine motor skills to complete, or very lovely marble mazes that just display high pop stick craftsmanship at the highest level. Also, the angles we all had to include are: obtuse, acute, right, and some included reflex angles! Here are some examples:



Hope you enjoyed them as much as us, and try to make some back at home! (we only used pop sticks, and cardboard for the base plate, or some tricky things…)

– By Daniel Cook :)>


Character Strengths – Love

This week our character strength is Love. Love falls under the Humanity category, and it’s not just this one great “I love you!” and kissykissy stuff. Love is this bunch of small things that make you a better person, and that makes life much better and easier. Most people don’t realise it, but Love is just saying good morning, and giving someone a big (real) smile, or giving your family big cuddles at night. Love WILL make your life better, and you should take the first step now!

– By Becky 🙂

 Phil Cummings came to visit

Last week we were very fortunate to have Phil Cummings a famous Australian Author come to our school. He was very entertaining and taught us lots of ideas; that we are going to take to make our very own picture book now.



Deconstruction in Room 14

In Design and Technology we are looking at the functions of different devices and the purpose. We were able to have fun with deconstructing different devices and exploring how many different parts make up a device. We were able to deconstruct computers, printers, pens, mobile phones, USBS and many more. It was so much fun!

Maths in Room 14

This week in Maths we had a challenge to work out the area of our foot and find someone in the class who has the same area as us. We were told we can use whatever materials we needed as long as we provided reasoning for our findings. We had lots of different ideas and we had fun challenging our thinking.


Literacy in Room 14

This term we have been focusing on writing narratives and expositions. We have been learning about sizzling starts, similes and metaphors, high modality words, persuasive words and how to convince our audience. We have been learning many more different techniques to help improve our writing. We have thoroughly enjoyed these writing tasks and we are impressed with our stories. Below is an example of one of our amazing stories.





Maths In Room 14


In Maths we have been looking at Division and a big focus is on worded problems. Not only do we need to come up with a strategy to solve the problem, but we need to come up with a number sentence and provide reasoning of our thinking. We do find this learning challenging, but with great persistence we have got much more confident and our understanding has grown since the beginning of the year.












Port Adelaide Maritime Museum

Last Thursday all three Year 4 classes went to the Port Adelaide Maritime Museum as part of our History inquiry (learning). We got to learn lots of interesting facts about different explorers. We were able to use ipads to go and explore different missions. We got to walk up the lighthouse, go on a dolphin cruise (we saw 5 dolphins), walk around the Museum. We had lots of fun and the sun was shining!

-Ms. Paladino and Daniel Cook



Mandala Art with Room 17



On the 10th of April our class with our Year 2 buddy class did mandala art.

‘What is mandala art?’ you might be asking…

… but of course we will show you!

We had to bring in nature for this, and we also used a hula hoop to hold the mandala together so it didn’t go all over the place. We had buckets of fun with this activity and getting the final result.

Here is some photos of our work which is perfectly amazing…

From the new blog curator, Daniel Cook and Room 14!



Swimming Week 9

Last Week Room 14 went swimming to learn about Water Safety. We had lots of fun and enjoyed swimming with our friends.

  Harmony Day

Last Week was Harmony Week; we had a lot of fun experiencing different cultures and dressing up for our Whole School Parade. Below are some pictures of all the exciting events that happened last week.

Room 14 Students

Meet our Buddy Class. Every fortnight we get together with our Buddy class and do some fun, engaging activities.

This activity we were playing a Maths game. it was fun and we love helping our buddies learn and learning from our buddies.

Room 11, 13 and 14 have been doing some collaboration activities where they have been learning team work skills, getting to know students in their Year Level.



Room 14 are very excited for this year of fun, engaging learning!