Room 14

Welcome to Room 14 2018

Room 14 this year has 27 lovely, energetic students. We are really excited to learn together and have a fun, exciting year showing great persistence, creativity, respect and kindness. Every two weeks a class members from Room 14 will be writing a blog entry; to keep you all informed about the wonderful things that are happening in this classroom. 


Blog Post By Evie

Everyone is enjoying Grade 4 so far and have made new friends in our class including me, I think we are all finding it both exciting and challenging. We have been setting our goals for the term and working hard to live up to them. We have been doing “student shout- outs” weekly, which is giving us all nice feedback and making us feel good. I think everyone is enjoying H.A.S.S project on sustainability and waste management; where we get to do surveys and collect our information any way we like which is new and exciting. I really like having the opportunity to be flexible with my learning. In writing we have just been working on “literary recounts”- a made up recount. In Maths we have been learning our times tables with automaticity and we have the weekly challenge of completing a five minute frenzy and setting new goals every week. We all love this challenge and get new results each time. In Maths we have also been looking at place value up to ten thousands and some of us are allowed to challenge ourselves up to millions, which has been good. We learnt what expanded notation is and got to make a Jersey as an assessment task; which was cool. We have also been working on the school values: perseverance, creativity, kindness and respect. I’m certain everyone is having a wonderful start to Year 4 and we really like our teacher Miss. P. as she is very supportive of us and we can trust her with anything. 

By Evie