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Room 13 Has just completed a major group assignment. Here are some reflections and pictures of the visual data boards that students created. Enjoy! 🙂

I enjoyed this project because we got to learn about a different place in the world. My group each had our own strengths and weaknesses but we made it work by working together and helping each other out. I would want to do a project like this again. If we did do this project again I would change the way we presented our information because it was all over the place and you couldn’t tell where everything was. – Bonnie


Personally, I enjoyed this project. Lexie was a well suited manager who taught me a fair bit. Everyone else did a fantastic job at their roles. At the beginning we thought we were doing well when actually we were doing it incorrectly. We had to start again and from that point, we did pretty well. When we had to start again, I felt like we didn’t have enough time to complete, especially me who was struggling with creating graphs. I felt quite accomplished when we finished and in the end, we got an A.


This project was very eventful, we had to start again because we had to much writing on our visual data board. This caused worry within the group, I really did not want to be manager but I took on the challenge anyway. It was a lot of stress being manager.


We weren’t sure if we would finish in time and this put more stress on me as the manager to take on more work. I ended up doing a lot of other peoples work, I mean I was constantly telling people to re do things and edit, proof read and make things more presentable. This was extremely tiring and meant that I didn’t get a lot of my work done until the last minute.


If people didn’t do a bad work it fell on me and if we got a bad grade it fell on me and that was stressed and scary.  At first we didn’t work very well as a team, it took a while for us to connect as a proper team and figure out how each person worked. After a while we bonded and had lots of fun!


Things I Could’ve Done Better!

·        Been less nervous

·        Fixed Mistakes on the script

·        Worked better as a team

·        Added my colours and style to my visual data board

·        Stood back more while I was presenting


It was nerve racking going up in front of everyone and presenting, I got very lounge tided and got stuck at different parts of my presentation, Marley forgot his Australian work and that was a very big struggle at the last minute, We finished our project a lot earlier than expected and that made me happy and confident.


In the end we got an A which I was very proud of and so was my whole group! Almost every group got As, 2/3 of the group got As.




As a manager I personally felt like I had the biggest responsibility of all. At the beginning, to be honest, I was proud to be selected as manager. In the middle, there were nights at home where I was pulling my hair out of my head and stressing for my group (not literally). At the end, though, I was sad to let the project go. But now, it’s all over. It IS a relief, but the project was also fun. We spent many lessons as a group debating on how we should do what and what infographic makes sense. I really liked working with my group, even if we might not have been friends (or if people weren’t co-operating). It’s been a great learning journey overall for me as a student and as a person. There were many challenges through the project, but we got there in the end. It was a great project and I cannot wait until next term!

By Maahee


My Reflection:

 For this project we had to research about Malaysia. I had to research about the people in Malaysia. I think that my group worked well together through the challenges that we had faced and after it was finished it looked really good with all our info on it. Next time I would like to maybe be a manager and try something new. I think that all the feedback that I`ve been given will definitely help me through assignments like this one and I will take them into consideration whilst presenting work and doing it. Next time I`d like to work with a different group and answering a new topic. Next time I think I might use my space more wisely. I think doing research on people provided me with many challenges that I have overcome and has been challenging but I think it was fun learning about something I haven`t learnt about before and would totally do it again. By Tom.B


HASS reflection:

At the start, honestly I didn’t think that my team was the best. Though all I had to do was to just give them a little bit of an encouragement, this told my group to never stop believing. I was also incredibly proud of my group as one of my group members were only there for a few lessons which dragged her back quite a bit. Though my team was willing to help her out as much as possible. My group also really helped me out a lot by giving me ideas and providing their own information. I also give thanks to all the managers too, as the they were willing to help me out and check my work.

Clement Tomy


Reflection about geography

 What worked well?

 All of my group members worked really well together. Whenever someone could not find any information or got stuck, we all worked together and helped the person.

Obstacle we overcame with?

Unfortunately one of our group members were really sick and missed out of a lot of geography. So we all worked together and helped her finish her work but other than that she finished most of her geography and achieved a lot.

What I have enjoyed about geography?

My group was really fun to work with, we all used the character strength team work, kindness, humour, persistence and love of learning.


We were successful because…

We had great teamwork


Challenges we were presented with were…

Clement forgetting to do Geographical challenges


Ways we overcame this challenge…

Helping Clement and the others

By Phoebe Messner

 Thanks for reading!

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Week 3 Update

Maths – Room 13 Blog

If we were to describe Maths this year in one word, it would be phenomenal. This is Sienna and Chayse reporting the blog for room 13. Towards the end of last term, we started learning about geometry. We were assigned a project that included us creating cities. For Part 1 – there were 2 parts- we had to create nets and then stick them together to make 3D buildings. They included cubes, rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, square-based pyramids, tetrahedrons and pentagonal prisms. We then added decoration which included adorning our buildings with colour, adding details such as trees, parks, roads and paths. When we had completed Part 1, we moved on to Part 2. Part 2 consisted of measuring the area and perimeter of our whole city, area and perimeter of certain areas such as car parks, measuring the surface area and the volume of each building. This was a lengthy process but we persisted through it all. We then added conversions of some of the measurements. We added extra things like Origins of mathematical words and Meanings, the definition of the Metric System and a detailed plan of our city. We finished my taking photos and handing them up. They looked magnificent!

Photos of Maths’ projects are uploaded, too.

Other learning….

In Geography we are starting to compare Asia and Australia and what better way to learn about those countries then to replicate an artwork of their own? We chose an Asian Visual artist and created a profile for them. We then chose an artwork that took our fancy and drew it. We had a lot of fun, and they looked amazing!

Riddle: What do you see once in a year, twice in a week, but only twice in forever?

Answer: The letter “E”

Ok, Sienna and Chayse out!


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Week 11 Term 1

We have had a busy week mostly listening to our Decades Project presentations & completing our Maths Projects.

Here are a few photos of our class working on our maths projects.



Blog 2018Monday Week 1 to Wednesday Week 4

Hi! This is Clement and Lexie and we are here to tell the world (the parents of Rm 13) what we have been doing for the past few weeks. We started off with many, many games that we did just get to know each other and the teacher.

Just before I did a poll on what we did and coming in a tie is Hints and Skit-tell, then it was Quizzes and Two truths and a lie. Hint was when we all wrote 5 facts about our then Mrs Zadoyanchuk would read them out, then as class we would guess who it was. Next for skit –tell we were given 8 skittles of different skittles and we have to make facts about ourselves according to our colours.

School Values

­­­­­­­­­­In this school (if anyone doesn’t know it yet) we have things called school values, they are Kindness, Respect, Creativity and Perseverance. On week 2 Thursday we used these school values in our task. Our task was to as a class make a poster about the values. The posters included sounds like, feels like and thinks like.

Class Novel

Since school started we have been focusing on a book called Matty Forever. And a few days ago we were given a task of drawing any scene from the book or make a new blurb about it.

Our learning in the first 2 weeks

In week one we fixated on getting to know each other, we did masses of different types of art with friendship, teamwork, ourselves and leadership. These activities were not only fun but supportive.

Fun tasks 

We did some maths, the task was called “maths about me” and it was maths calculations about yourself. An extension task was to do coding about ourselves. Mrs Z took a picture of us then we put it in the middle of the paper.

We did an activity about care for students called the “care instructions T-shirt Activity” we drew a T-shirt then wrote 10 instructions of care, we then read them out to the class.

We made some bullying posters in partners, we researched what bullying means to different people. We also made added fun with friendship questions and drawing pictures!!

We made books for our buddy class, our buddy class; Mrs Ryan. We had to choose a character strength then make a book about it, an extension task was to make a movie poster about our book, AFTER THAT…. We were allowed to either make a movie or a trailer.

Matty forever blurbs/scenes

written by Lexie Mulvany and Clement Tomy

Week 5 News Report

Hello, and welcome to the AMAZING year 6 news report brought to you by me Phoebe. Today our new topic is…….


In maths we’ve just started a project on Special Numbers and need to do a poster with definitions and examples of these special numbers. Square and triangle numbers, Prime and composite numbers, Positive and Negative numbers, Factors and lastly multiples. We need to be very creative and present our definitions somehow on a poster and have an example for each number.

Well that’s all for this week and we’ll be back for another blog next week. Here are some photos of the maths project- then it’s over to Dean and his report on BUDDIES!!!



Today (2nd of March) we had our second lesson with our buddies in Ms Ryan’s class

We have chosen our specific buddies and during the lesson we had to learn everything about our buddies, 3 quarters through the lesson we had to present everything we had learned about our buddies and at the end we had a class photo with everyone. We focused on getting to know each other.


We also had a funny photo together!


Written by Dean

Week 8 Report


On Thursday the 15th of March the year 6 students from EMPS got to have an excursiOn in the city which involved the vast exploration of the national library, the intense activity in the art gallery and last but not least the 90 year timeline of the great Sir Donald Bradman at the Adelaide Oval.

It all started off with the very long bus trip that went from school all the way to the bustling city, finally parking next to the Migration museum so that the other classes with the booked tours could get to their designated places in time for the awesome exploration of the various places. We too, would go to the same places throughout the day but, we went to go to explore the Bradman Exhibit in the Adelaide Oval first.

In that Exhibit we learnt that Sir Donald Bradman was married and had 2 kids, that he scored over 20 centuries, which is 100 runs in Cricket and he died with an average of approximately 95 runs per game.

Then we were in for our lunch break which was like 1 hr after recess which was quite early in the morning, after we got rest we set of to the library and we learnt much more beyond our prior knowledge about many things (mainly federation) On that note after the excursion we were given an assignment about the decades after federation. We were all given a certain decade from 1901-2000.

After we went through the library we set of to the National Art Gallery of South Australia and we split into two different groups, the groups were led by two incredibly good guide tours. Before we started the excursion the teachers gave all of the students a sheet with the decades from 1901-2000. We used this sheet to record as many Famous Art works and artists for each decade and doing so we had to write down our own notes about what we think about the pictures/paintings.

Overall we all had a fun educational day learning outside of the classroom!

Written by Trent & Clement from room 13