Room 13

Week 8  – Term 3 .

Dance inquiry. We all got into groups in rm 13 and choose a style of dance and we are going to make a choreography to show the class. Here are some types of dancing traditional ethnic,aboriginal,hip hop, ballet, jazz and country. We even need to try to do a costume. This is good for education and for having fun.


In maths we have been putting different types of cordial together and then tasting it and if you got it wrong it would taste really bad but if you got it wright it would taste really good. We also have been doing different sums and working hard together to try and solve things like area, volume and capacity. Capacity means how much something can hold.


Book Week

Week 4  – Term 3 .

Tharan, Hugo and I figured out the volume of the class if the height of the was room was 400cm. First we measured the length and the width of the classroom. The length of the classroom was 666 cm and the width was 924cm. we had to times it together and the height and the answer was 246,153,600cm3.


I enjoyed doing digital tech today. I was in a group with Krisha, Morgan, Senal, Suhas, Aerin and I. We did different types of technology at shops and at home. Then we put together systems for the different technologies. An example would be an ipad, charger and wifi. We all worked together and eventually got it all done.


Week 1 – Term 3 .

Today we went to the library to have a talk with Phil Cummings, author of many cool books. He told us about the many occasions when he didn’t have anything to write his ideas on, so he improvised and wrote on something like a qantas vomit bag! He brought it in to show us. Phil had a dog that died around 16 years ago, and when he died, Phil was extremely sad. He then made a rule: no dogs in the house. Sometime later that year, his family brought home a new dog. He refused to take care of it, but when he saw the sadness in his daughter’s eyes, he changed his mind. They called her Misty. Misty is now 15 years old. He told us lots of interesting stories, including one about a brown snake go inside his chicken pen. When his chicken pecked him, it scared the living daylights out of him! We had an absolutely, fantastic experience with him and are extremely grateful that he came.


Today in Maths we did a MARBLE MAZE!! It was cool. We had to show different angles and symmetry in our maze. And so it happens it was quite a challenge! A lot of people’s marble mazes worked.  Some people’s marble mazes were really complex!

After lunch we met Mr. Phil Cummings at the library. He told us many stories of the past and the present. He told us of his 3 dogs he had and has. 2 of the dogs names were: MISTY & DAISY and another dog that he didn’t tell us much about but this dog sadly died. He told us a funny story about Daisy his youngest dog. He told us about why we shouldn’t give your dog a squeaky toy. It was funny.




Week 10 Art Showcase!

Rm 13 loved hosting our visitors to showcase all of our wonderful Art work over the last Term. Thank you to all that attended and asked us lots of questions. Here are some photos of the exhibition.


Just a bit of week 10 fun … 4 words that describe the year so far.

It’s been a busy but rewarding 2 terms!! 🙂



The students in room 13 have had many coding learning opportunities. We have been working with Alex and Michael from Code For Kids and have had so much fun!!

Here are a few photos to share!

What have we been up to….

Room 13 has been learning different techniques to improve our descriptive writing. These were pictures taken during a workshop on expanding sentences. The quality of writing in our class is continually improving!!

Digital Technologies

In Digital Technologies we have been learning about coding, programs, algorithms, debugging and using a mixture of hands on lessons with technology but also some dramatisations to highlight the concepts.

In this coding race students were split into groups and given 6 different algorithms at one end and at the other end a blank programming sheet. As a team they needed to work out the code needed to complete the program and by taking turns running to the other end and filling in one code at a time. We made it more challenging by racing against other groups. If students found an error to the program once they got to the other end they needed to ‘debug’ the program and fix the error to make sure the program worked in the end.

A lot of fun was had!


As part of our HASS we have been learning about different explorers. In groups, we focused on different explorers. We sifted through information, discussed questions and taught the rest of the class new information. Some of the questions that we have included as part of our inquiry are:


Edward John Eyre:

  • How old were you when you travelled?
  • What food did you eat?

George Bass

  • How did you get the boat?
  • How old were you when you travelled by boat?

Augustus Charles Gregory

  • Did you find any strange creatures?
  • Did you travel anywhere apart from Australia?

Gregory B

  • Did you encounter any storms?
  • Why did you want to find land for grazing sheep?

Matthew Flinders

  • Did you get sea sick?
  • How did you die?

Charles Sturt

  • Who was part of your crew?
  • Did you land in other places? If yes where were they?

Thomas Livingstone Mitchell

  • What were the names of your ships?
  • How old were you when you started exploring?

Wellbeing Performance 



What have we been up to ….


We learnt about historical recounts using the book ‘Remembering Lionsville’ by Bronwyn Bancroft.


We also read the book ‘When I was little like you’ by Mary Malbunka. It’s a historical recount about Mary’s life when she was little. I found it interesting to learn what it was like in the past.


We learnt that the Aboriginal People were semi, to minimise using up resources.


We wrote a recount based on living in amongst the Aboriginal people in the early years.

-Angelina & Georgia

We compared the way we live now to the way the Aboriginal people lived in the past using a venn diagram.


I liked the clip that explained how the Aboriginal people lived in their huts and what they were made from.


In Literacy

I have been learning about Recount writing – Sujal

I found out there a few types of recounts mainly being a personal recount and a historical recount -Riley

We learnt how to plan as a class and individually – Joseph

We use the first day of school to plan our class recount – Sujal

In history we also looked at recount writing and found out what life was life for the Aboriginal people. We wrote about this in English – Hugo

We wrote about the way Aboriginal people move from place to place – Jet

We wrote about the way Aboriginal people lived in their houses – Tharan

Year 4 Collaboration

We have been collaborating with the other Year 4 classes (Ms Weir & Ms Paladino) at least once a week.

Below is when we rotated around the three Year 4 classrooms to complete team work challenges. This challenge is the one Mr Taylor set for teams to stack cups using only string, paperclips and rubber bands and not touching them with your hands.

We also had to complete a scavenger hunt in mixed year 4 teams and find specific things from around the school yard as quick and as accurately as possible.

Welcome to Mrs Zadoyanchuk and Mr Taylor’s Year 4 Class!

Please look at the attached Welcome Newsletter with information about our classroom for the start of the year.

Room 13 Week 1 Newsletter