Room 12


Term 4

Week 3

This week is week three. We did a lot of things this week. My favourite part of this week was when we practised for our Christmas Concert. Many people have brought in props and even Mrs Burt thinks that our item is looking good. The name of our item is Switch Then Flip. I am sure that your children have been talking about the Concert, but if they haven’t, I am not going to be the one to spoil the amazing surprise.

This week for English, we have been working on procedures. We learnt about what Imperative Verbs are and what use they have when writing a procedure.

Imperative Verbs are the verbs at the start of a sentence in a procedure telling you to do something (bossy word). For Example: Put. The word put can be used at the start of a sentence in a procedure telling you to put the onion on the stove.

In History this week, we did research on the impact our event had on the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people. We then had to combine our research with the rest of our group so we had the same information on our posters.

In between all the projects and learning we have also been doing other things. Like getting punishments for being too noisy. We were not able to work quietly in class, and therefore we had to spend seven minutes of our recess standing in a line in silence. I have to say, that it was total torture watching people running around having fun while I had to stand in a line making no noise!

Anyway, before I bring more bad news of torture, I will say Bye-Bye!

Hope you have a good week. See you next week.

By Maahee and Jasleen

Week 2

Welcome to week two! This week we started our research on our chosen event for our history project. We had many choices to choose from, but some of the most common events people chose were The Gold Rush and The Eureka Stockade. I think that the project is fun and engaging, but there are also a few negative bits. Like it gets a bit boring because basically all we have to do is research. But like, DUH. I mean, history is always boring. Here is what other people think about our project so far.

Marie: It’s really easy but that’s good because we don’t have much time. Also, it’s fun.

Zac: It is probably not that much of a challenge

Manreev: I like how we can research new things but I think we should expand the project a bit.

Aiden: It is interesting because it reflects past events.

Bonnie: Bit challenging to finish the research in a week.

Aaryan: I think it’s fun and very engaging.

Ayesha: It’s very helpful and fun.

Michael: Better than past projects because we are more experienced.

Anna: I think it’s boring.

Luke: It’s pretty boring.

In maths, we started learning about shapes. All types included. Such as 3D, 2D, 4D and even 1D. We also have a maths project which involves building a playground. We were given a booklet containing information and criteria that would help us be successful in the project.

We also had to watch a movie called FlatLand and write down all the mathematical or maths related words that we were able to her in the movie. The idea of this was to build a maths word wall in our classroom to help us with our maths vocabulary. I heard a lot of words and filled my whole page. But after that, I have to say, my arms were dropping off! (mainly my wrist but still J)

I have to say that overall this week was really enjoyable. I was glad that we got on with our projects, but I will be glad when the weekend finally arrives.

Week 1

Hello and welcome back to another busy term of school. Time flies don’t you think it is already term 4. This is what people thought of coming back to school:

Aaryan: fun

Kirsten: interesting and curious about the projects

Luke: boring

Jua: very good

Zac: okay

Ayesha: very excited

Aiden: struggling to start

Manreev: exciting

Zidan: pretty good and challenging

Marie:  pretty good. Think it’s going to be a good term

This week we got introduced to our history project. This week we started on the significant person and the research. We had to answer four mini questions in four lessons.

In English we learned about imperative verbs and how they are bossy verbs because they tell you to do something and how imperative verbs go in a procedure.

Now time for a quote!

When its dark look for stars and when it rains look for rainbows. This quote has an unknown writer although a lot of meaning and inspiration.

Now the riddle of the week!

IN a circular mansion, there was a murder. The suspects were the maid, cook, and son. The police investigated and questioned each of the suspects. The cook said he did not do the murder because he was in the kitchen cooking lunch. The son said he did not commit the murder because he was in his room, studying. The maid said she did not do the murder because she was busy dusting the corners of the house. The police immediately knew it was the maid and arrested her. How did they know?

Answer: The mansion was circular. There are no corners!

That’s it for week 1’s blog. Hope you get into the routines. See you next time with week 2’s blog.

Written by Jasleen and Maahee

Term 3

Week 7-10

Hi All,

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while, everyone was busily learning and we didn’t get time to write a blog. Please see some photos of our learning and our Exhibition. Thanks to everyone who was able to come along and see our amazing learning.

Hope everyone has a lovely well- deserved and relaxing holiday!

Kind Regards

Mrs B and the students of Room 12

Week 6

By Clement &Navyaa

Hello everybody my name is Clement, and my name is Navyaa and we are from 12 Mrs Burt.

Character Strength of the Week

The character strength of the week is Bravery.

What does bravery mean?

Bravery means to being able to do something without being scared. –Marie

Not being scared even if you’ll get hurt. -Chris

Having the courage to get up and try again even if everyone thinks you’re wrong. It also means you can take risks, which either help someone else or you. -Manreev

What is the difference between Mental Bravery and Physical Bravery?

Physical bravery is putting your body at risk. – Mr Taylor 2.0

Mental bravery is overcoming obstacles with thought. -Mr Taylor 2.0


On Monday we had a relief teacher instead of Mrs Burt and the relief teacher was Mrs Busenshot. We also did Maths with Miss Poli’s class, we were split into two different groups these groups were specifically made through a test about fractions. The first group had to fold a piece of paper into fractions and many people also did many weird ones too! The second group had a job to do another Mini Maths test about fractions too!

Things we have started this week

This week we have started making our Natural Disaster models for Geography. Mrs Burt took a photo of us all engaged in learning. Please see some of the photos below.


This week in buddies, we shared our stories with other buddies and then we got to make Nature Mandala’s. This was lots of fun!

Thanks Clement and Navyaa

Week 5

Week5 Blog with Aiden and Jua

What/s popping! Today me and Jua will summarise about out week! So I’ll first talk about some of the highlights of Monday/Tuesday. Everyone has been working really hard and persisting on their Geography and Civics and citizenship projecst. What do you think Jua? “Pretty good” – Jua

So this week we have been starting our “Guess the teacher” quiz. Especially because it’s book week.

Here are some of the photos of us working on our quick writes. This week`s topic was “stuck.”

Book Week costumes

Here are some of the predictions that was made before the big parade.

Predictions before the big parade

Maahee- “Really long but really interesting “

Zidan- “People wearing different costumes and if people aren’t colourful it’ll be pretty boring.”

Aaryan- “Many people dressing as creepy things!”

Manreev- “Many dressed in costumes that I’ve never seen!”

Something that we think that was wicked was that we start to make our models for our Natural Disaster. Everyone worked really well and were all focused.  It was absolute superb! Good job to everyone in our class!

Now Jua will talk about out classes progress/book week. “Well… a lot of students will know, but this week we have been starting to read books to the younger classes” –Jua

Now back to Jua.

“Lately we have been focusing on some of the goals, which was: Try not get on the behaviour chart, stop talking when the teacher is, take more pride in learning and start to listen more. Mrs. Burt’s advice really did work and gave us a good noise level for the class and made us quieter enabling us to focus more on our learning.”

Okay back to me, here are some of the lists of people that found stuff challenging.

Majority of the class selected MATHS, please see some photos below.

This week`s character strength is Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence. Next week`s character strength is going to be Bravery.

If some parents didn’t know this previously, we also had a riddle that we had to answer every day this week. Congratulations to room 15 for winning the riddle!

Open Classrooms

On Monday EMPS had open classrooms in the afternoon. Thanks to everyone who came into our classroom to see our learning. We were making pamphlets for Civics and Citizenship to advertise our new country. The theme was ‘Escape to our Country.’ This tied in with the book week theme.

And last of all, thank you very much for reading this week`s Blog!

Bye from Aiden and Jua

Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 Fantastic Five families! Kirsten and Lily here for blog.



But before we start, here’s a riddle:

 I have three eyes, and when my red eye opens, everything freezes!

The answer will be at the end.


This week’s character strength is PERSEVERANCE. We’ll let the class tell you what this is:

1.Not giving up and keeping on going until the task is done-Maahee

2.Thinking before you act and taking responsible risks to achieve and keep going-Navyaa

3. Never give up, never give in. Never giving up in your life-Irum


What did you do to show creativity last week?

1.Creativity art Work-Chris

I created my own design and sewed it- Anna

3.I made some creative cards – Jacinta


On Monday it was Mrs Burt’s birthday. In the morning students were let into the classroom early by some secret sources!! (A.K.A Miss Weir and Miss Poli!! 😉 We set up balloons, streamers, banners and more and Mrs Burt was so surprised!

STEM Challenge in the library.

We looked at ashortlisted book week book ‘Mechanica’ by Lance Balchin. We looked at how he had made some of his mechanical looking insects using a program called photoshop. One image took him over 70 hours to make. We then made our own mechanical insects. We were only allowed to select a certain number of objects to create our insect.

Did you try out for any SAPSASA?

Yes 10                                No 15

What are you dressing up as for book week?

Hermione – Manreev

Lilo and stitch – Marie and Lexie

Malfoy – Michael

Fun fact

Did you know that Australia is the only place in the world that has no active volcanoes?


Here’s a joke!

Do you think cows are funny? Because I think that they’re udderly hilarious!!


In maths we have been learning how to put numbers, fractions and decimals on a number lines. We attempted to put numbers on a line from smallest to biggest. We also put fractions on a number line in groups. Great work guys!!


Quick Writes

For Quick Writes this week had to write a story, which included a door. It could be opening the door or what the character saw on the other side of the door. We were using the skills we learnt with Phil Cummings. This included: using descriptive phrases, similes and metaphors, focused on sentence openers and how to describe things in detail.

By Maahee

What are we grateful for?

Mrs B – For having a lovely class who has made my birthday truly amazing and who have been persevering with their learning this week!

Maahee – I am grateful for Sam for giving me more library duty and Book Week.


Jua – for having more Quick Writes

Charlize – to get to go to P.E.

Manreev – Science because we get to learn about my favourite subject

Jacinta – Music

Is there anything that you are looking forward to this week?

Bonnie – Drama/music

Lexie – Science week activities (slime, marshmallow towers etc.)

Michael – To try and get into discus

Chanhee – I’m looking forward to art with Fantastic Fives.

Thankyou… WAIT!!!!

What was the answer to that riddle at the start of the blog? A STOPLIGHT!!!

Don’t forget that next week is book week! Make sure that your child is in a fun costume on Friday the 25th of August.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to rug up if it’s still stormy!!

See you next week!!

Kirsten, Lily and room 12

Week 3

Hi its Marie and Chloe here with your weekly blog. We’d like you to know we have only written a little bit this week due to being very busy and not having enough time to do the blog.

We hope you enjoy. Now to Marie for out important notices:

Hi, Marie here with the weekly notices, next week is science week so……… Get Sciency!

Now to Chloe for a story of our excursion on Tuesday.

To start we went to The Art Gallery. There were 3 sections we went to. There was the Elder Wing, Asian Art and the Ramsey Gallery. Then we went to the Parliament House and we were toured around in three different groups. After the tour we went to question time, which is where they get to make new laws and stuff…. After that we just came back to school.

Photos from The Art Gallery

Photos from Parliament House

Lunch @ the River Torrens

What Was Your Favourite Part Of The Excursion?

Jua: Art Gallery

Michael: Parliament House

Irum: Art Gallery

Aaryan: Parliament House

Jasleen: Parliament House

Charlize: Art Gallery


Now to Chloe for the weekends weather forecast.

Saturday: 17°C

Sunday: 21°C

We had buddies this week and we finished off our Narratives. Then we did the paper chain challenge. We were only given 1 x A4 piece of paper and had to try and create the longest paper chain.

We worked on Scratch this week. We are learning lots of new things about coding. Our learning will help us when we develop our own countries using Scratch for Civics and Citizenships.

With the year 5 cohort we learnt about Bullies, Bystanders and Victims. We then acted out scenarios we have seen at school and how we can help as Bystanders.

Now to Marie for a joke! J

Q: Why are seagulls called seagulls?

A: Because if they flew over the bay they’d be bagels!

Thanks Marie for the joke!

And that’s all for this week, Byeeeeee!!

Week 2

Hello our names are names are Christopher and Charlize welcome to room 12 blog enjoy!

Okay here is our first Question

What was your favourite subject this week?

Jason- mine was geography

Jacinta- mine was Physical Education

What are you grateful for this week?

Aiden-Myself as a learner

Chloe-Staying on task and working hard

What was your favourite thing in science this year?

Clement-to learn about science this term

Lexie-to learn about the Crystal investigation we got last term

What was your favourite subject this week?

Dean- probably science

Irum- science

What are you grateful for this week?

Anna- people being funny

Trent- Phil Cummings coming to the school

What was your favourite thing in science this year?

Jasleen- doing the planet art

What was your favourite thing about the author Phil Cummings?

Phoebe- listening to his stories

Aleena- That he had interesting stories

What are you looking forward to next week?

Lily- choir excursion

Aaryan- Parliament house

Chanhee-The parliament house excursion

Maahee- The parliament house excursion

What has our class found challenging this week?

Luke-homework and Maths

Zidan Maths

In maths with Miss Poli we started with a mental routine. One we had was make halves with fractions.

Pick a photo and explain it-

Our class had a range of number for maths [ -10, 2/8, 5.75, -6.5] and we had a white board marker and drew a number line on our desks and put those numbers on the number line in order then when we were done we got a long piece of frieze tape and a piece of paper with all the numbers we got at the start and them we had to cut them out and put them on the frieze tape in order.

What have you found challenging this week?

Ayesha- maths

Irum- maths

To end our Blog here is a joke from Lily Hart

Who did the skeleton like to hang out with?

Answer; his verte-bros!!!

Bye have a nice Day

Charlize and Christopher

Week 1

Hi guys!

This is Aaryan and Michael reporting. We will be your bloggers for this week.

The first topic for this blog is-

What was RM 12’s favourite subject and why?

Maahee – The tote bag designing because we could relax.

Chanhee – P.E. with the Crows on Wednesday

Ayesha – P.E. with the Crows on Wednesday

Luke – Civics & Citizen ships games

Kirsten – P.E. with the crows on Wednesday

Clement – The smart money learning about how to save and earn and spend money thoughtfully

This week on Tuesday, we had Tricia come in from Commonwealth Bank to tell us about saving earning and spending money. The motto was “See it earn it and save it”. It was a 1-hour workshop.

Time for an inspirational quote by Martir Luther King Jr

If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl, but keep moving.

Fun fact: orange is the only word that can’t be rhymed!

Our second topic is: Something that our class is grateful for this week?

Navyaa – Everything

Zac – good start

Lily – goats

Trent – homework

Aiden – Having a creepy friend [Michael]

Marie – Amazing school


This week, we had the crows come in and we did some footy workshops. Some of the players were Taylor Walker, Cameron Paul and 2 Rory’s not Rory Slone.

We enjoyed it and loved it.

And finally the last topic is on Friday we had buddies and we had to finalise our book week book. We had lots of fun.

Over and out!

That’s all we have folks!

Enjoy weekend!

Aaryan and Michael

Term 2

Week 10

Our Final Blog for Term 2…

This is Sienna Hill from Room 15 and I’m writing on behalf of the year 5 cohort. The main topic about this blog is Enterprise. We started off by getting into pairs and making a PowerPoint about what an Enterprise is and what an entrepreneur is. Then we chose another person to create a pair. After, we then formed a business.

The next lesson we started planning what products we should make. In the end, most of us had at least 4 different ideas.

The lesson after we thought of some questions to decide what product to make. Later, each individual was assigned a class to survey our consumers. We then parted off into our different classes. After surveying, we came back and discussed our results.

A few days after, we decided on a product and started planning what we wanted to make and we started thinking about what we needed. We started browsing the internet to get an idea of what things cost and so we know how much we are going to spend.

The next Enterprise lesson we got a purchase order to fill in. A purchase order is a sheet of paper asking what we need and how much it would cost. Then we started sorting out what each thing would cost and trying to not go over our budget of $10.

The next week, we collected the things we needed from Mr Halliday, Miss Poli and Mrs Burt and started making our products. Most of us were making paper creations, magnets, fidget spinners and slime. We had a lot of fun making our products.

During the last lesson of making our products, people put up posters to advertise their business. The posters were very colourful!

This week the groups were selling! There were long lines and lots of people. It was a lot of fun! At the end of the week we counted our profits and did a reflection on being in our businesses. Altogether, the groups made over $530! We decided as three classes that we wanted to donate the money to charity.

That’s all!

See you next term! Also, happy holidays! Sienna out!

Student Blog Week 9

Hey there! I’m Anna and I will be showing you GUYS our blog for week 9.

Business and Economics

This week we started to create our products for Business and Economics to get ready to sell the following week. Here are some photos of us making our products:

What are you thinking about this week?

Charlize: Good

Luke: Not very good

Aiden: Calm

Marie: Good

Ayesha: Excited

Chloe: Fine

Lexie: tired

Today was Crazy Hair day! Here are all of our crazy hairstyles!

Thank you for reading this week’s blog by Anna.

Student Blog Week 8

Hi guys I’m Kirsten and I am writing the blog for week 8. I  am going to share with you what people have found challenging this week.


What have you found challenging this week?

Aiden: Learning lots of grammar

Maahee: I found Geography challenging because I couldn’t find a suitable website

Navyaa: Creating a website for Geography because I have never created a website before and it is new to me

Zidan: I found Maths challenging this week because it was hard to solve the strategies and I was trying to improve my grade.

Charlize: Maths, because I had no idea how to solve some of the strategies.

Bonnie: Multiplication and Division strategies in Maths

Jasleen: Lattice strategy for Maths was really hard to figure out for multiplication

Dean: Quick writes


Ok, moving on. I hope you have liked the blog so far. Here’s an inspirational quote:

We hope you liked our quote and it helped to spread smiles.

This week we have been learning all about Character Strengths. We worked with our tables to try and have a go to organise the 24 character strengths and match them to different pictures. We then had a go to predict what our 24 character strengths were. We then did the Character Strengths test. Everyone had different results. Please see some of the photos below.

Check out some of our Top 5 Character Strengths:

1. Prudence, 2. Curiosity,         3. Fairness, 4. Perseverance, 5. Love of Learning
1. Curiosity, 2. Gratitude,        3. Honesty, 4. Perseverance,  5. Love of Learning
1. Appreciation of Beauty,       2. Curiosity, 3. Gratitude,       4. Perseverance                            5. Love of Learning

What have you enjoyed this week?

Mrs Burt: Seeing the students’ progress in their Geography and Business and Economics projects and I enjoyed teaching mathematics and Charatcer Strengths  this week.

Irum: Learning about the Character Strengths

Ayesha: Maths

Michael: Maths

Maahee: Working with our Buddies to make our own picture book. Please see some of the photos below.

Thanks for reading! Kirsten

Student Blog Week 6

Today is Monday, we have a relief teacher and his name is Mr Harmer. We did some art and I was very proud of myself! We didn’t have science this week but oh well!


Tuesday, Mrs B is still away, as she is sick and today we have a different relief teacher named Mrs Pearl.

Today is hump day (Wednesday) and our Italian is due… I am pretty sure lots of people haven’t finished though.

After recess, we started information writing and our task was to reconstruct parts of an information report. After lunch, we had maths with Ms Poli and we are focusing on factors, prime numbers and BODMAS!

Information Report text reconstruction

Today is Thursday and our drama projects are due lots of us forgot… but all of us performed! After drama we did business and economics and we made our surveys, that we will use to gain information from our consumers to help us with our business ideas! We then collated our data, based on ideas from our consumers. We finalised our products and names. We look forward to making: stationery, bookmarks, stress balls, snowflake themed things, popcorn, keychains, initial posters and DIY fidget spinners.

After lunch we had one lesson of science before geography.


Q: What do you call cheese that’s not yours?

A: nacho cheese


Finally, its Friday. First we quickly worked on our geography before surveying classes for business and economics. After recess we had health with Mrs Poli’s and Mr Halliday’s class. We are learning to work out how big our problem is by using the Catastrophe scale and rating our problems on a scale of 1 – 10. So far we have looked at problems in our school and in our lives. We have then looked at the problem and our reaction.

Finally, we had Art, Design and Business and Economics, but me, Dean and Marie were working in the computer room on this blog. The students had to look at famous logo designs and focus on the colours they used, their slogans and how the logo connects to their business. For example, did you know the Toyota logo is made up using all of the letters in the word Toyota. Also adidas was formed by using the portmanteau Adidas from Adi Dassler, he is the creator of adidas. It also has a double meaning  and the acronym means “All Day I Dream About Sport.” FedEx use contrasting colours in their logo from the colour wheel to gain attention (blue and orange).


Here is a riddle and a fun educational website



Riddle: I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old.

What am I? A candle.

 Mrs Burt loves sushi and Jua always makes Mrs Burt jealous, with how good her sushi looks. So we took a photo of the amazing sushi, that is making Mrs Burt so jealous!

By Lexie, Marie and “Dean”

Student Blog Week 4 and 5

Hi guys its Marie, Chloe and Lexie here with your weekly blog. Hope you enjoy! Let’s go to Marie and Lexie for some info on this week

Last week we had our biggest morning tea with the whole school on the oval. We shared our lunch with the Fantastic Fives! It was awesome. We then worked collaboratively and used our bodies to create the word “FANTASTIC” Please see the photos below.


Last week we also went on an excursion and it was amazing! We went to the Dream Big festival in the city. The first thing we went to was paper planet. This was like a magical, mystical place that was made out of paper. We got to create lots of things using our creativity andf imagination skills and it was the best. After that we walked to Adelaide oval and we had lunch there. They were setting up for the Crows game the following night. For some of us this was our highlight as we had never been to Adelaide Oval before. After that we went to see a performance called Tetris. They used their bodies to mould into all different shapes and then we got to be a part of the show, which was really cool. Please see the pictures below.

Paper Planet – Dream Big Excursion

Playing with leaves – Dream Big Excursion

Adelaide oval Lunch – Dream Big Excursion

Tetris Performance – Dream Big Excursion

On Monday we focused on Antarctica, we chose a name for our ship ‘Orca Yartala’ Lily, Trent. Maahee, Clement, Manreev, Navyaa, Aaryan, Aiden, Jua and Kirsten wrote a very good persuasive text hopefully it wins!

On Tuesday we picked our partners for business and economics and already some of us have thought of some brilliant ideas! People have been put into groups of 4 and got to choose their own partners. We had P.E in the first lesson we played mini golf and made our own courts.

Wednesday, Hump day which is what I like to call it. We focused on geography today and it was quite productive except for the noise, personally we thought it was too loud! We had science today. In science we mainly focused on our alum crystals.

Thursday was wonderful this week because we are doing business and economics, geography and Drama. We had fun focusing on geography because we got a lot done including business and economics and drama.

It was a fun week!

Now to Marie and Chloe for some questions

Chloe’s Questions

Q1. How has the term been so far?

Bonnie: It is good.

Manreev: Good.

Jason: So far it is ok.

Jacinta: Average.

Chanhee: Kinda Good.

Irum: Awesome!

Q2. What do you think of the new name Orca Yartala and do you think it’s going to win?

Ayesha: I think it’s a good name and also I think it would win

Clement: It’s a really good name and I think it could win

Zidan: It’s a good name and I think there is a 65% chance that it would win and a 35% it not winning



Marie, Lexie and Chloe

Student Blog Week 3

Hi name is Ayesha and with me is Chanhee! We are the bloggers for this week.

So now I’m going to ask some of our classmates what they enjoyed this week.

Navyaa: I enjoyed Naplan.

Jua: We learnt art

Lily: That water pencils are fun to use

Trent: The year 5 NAPLAN


Now Chanhee is going to ask some students what they found challenging

Christopher: The Antarctica project. So hopefully we win and 6 of us get to go to Antarctica.

Dean: Being responsible in science class.

Charlize: Spelling this week.

Jason: Being challenged by the blog

Lily: Multiplication in math

Mrs B: Buddies

Now back to Ayesha and she is going to ask some students what they found interesting.

Lexie: I found the Antarctic mini inquiry, interesting.

Chloe: Maths

Jasleen: Genius hour

Maahee: Naplan

Zac: Art

Now back to Chanhee and he is going to ask his classmates what they are grateful for this week

Charlize: For having a great teacher

Clement: For having a Primary Assembly

Zidan: Doing our best in class

Maahee: Getting to be more independent

Chloe: Doing good job in class

Thanks Chanhee and back to Ayesha and she is going to ask some students what collaborative learning task they completed this week.

Irum: Art and Naplan

Charlize: The brains

Kirsten: Naplan

Zidan: Honesty

Jason: Art

Now I’m going to ask some of the classmates what they are looking forward to next week

Luke: Excursion

Jua: Excursion

Maahee: Excursion

Chloe: The Fantastic Fives

Navyaa: Excursion

Now time for a joke!!!

Ok what room can you not enter? (answer at the bottom of blog)

And another joke…

Knock knock

who’s there


Nanna who

Nanna your business

Answer to joke: Mushroom

Thanks Ayesha and Chanhee

Student Blog Week 2


Weekly Rating=6.1

Hi my name is Jason hi my name is Trent the first question of today is:

How did NAPLAN go?

Christopher: Challenging


Irum: NAPLAN is awesome

Jacinta: NAPLAN is easy

Zac: NAPLAN is easy

Anna: NAPLAN is boring

Trent: NAPLAN is okay….

Platinum Question:

 Have you settled in at class?






This week started off by us starting a practice NAPLAN test to get us started in the NAPLAN feel.

In the next 3 days we had NAPLAN-the big test of year 5.

On Tuesday we had NAPLAN language conventions in the morning and NAPLAN Writing.

On Wednesday we had NAPLAN Reading.

On Thursday we had NAPLAN maths.

Thanks Trent & Jason

Student Blog Week 1

Hello and welcome to Week 1 Term 2’s blog. This week Jacinta and Jasleen were picked to be in charge of writing and typing the blog. You’ll be reading about Room 12 and Mrs. Burt’s thinking of this term. We asked two questions to figure out the thoughts about room 12’s first week back.


Now back to Jacinta for the first question.

Thanks Jasleen! Now I asked some students how they were feeling about their first week back. Here’s what they said:

Chloe – nerves and tired

Ayesha – excited

Maahee – excited

Dean – happy to see my friends

Chris – It’s pretty good

Lily – relaxed I think it’s going to be a good term

Aaryan – excited

Jua – excited

Miss Burt – excited and relaxed

Chanhee – happy to see friends

Trent – nervous and worried

That’s all for me now back to Jasleen.

Thanks Jacinta! So I asked 6 students and Mrs. Burt a question here are the results.

What are you looking forward to this term? Why?

Anna – I’m looking forward to Genius Hour because I’ve got more experience.

Aiden – NAPLAN because it’s a big part of year 5.

Marie – I’m looking forward to all the projects because I think they’re fun.

Jason – crystallisation in Science because I’m interested in crystals.

Ayesha – Genius Hour, because I like Genius Hour.

Clement– Genius Hour, because we get to make something about a problem and come up with a solution.

Mrs. Burt – I am looking forward to watching the students grow as learners, because I want them to have a say and to be able to learn from their past experiences.


Something interesting that happened this week was Genius Hour. Ms. Arbuckle was leading the lesson. To get our minds into the project and tune us in, we had to do an activity. In this activity we had a group of four and a worksheet to fill in about the Great Barrier Reef. We watched a couple of videos. Then we had to figure out the problem which was the coral bleaching. Then we had to research and fill in the work sheet along the way. The last step was to figure out an invention to solve the problem.

Please see some photos below of us working collaboratively with the Fantastic Fives on this learning. 


Hope you like this blog!

That’s all folks.


Jasleen & Jacinta

Term 1

Student Blog Week 11

Hi lovely families of Room 12, my name is Manreev and with me today is Irum and we are going to be informing you about some of the fun activities we’ve been doing this week. Now I will hand this over to Irum, who will be giving you the last weekly review for Term 1.

Thanks Manreev. Now let’s continue…


On Monday we had to hand in our History and Science projects. After lunch the Fantastic Fives (rooms 12, 15 and 16) got together and celebrated the things we were able to achieve this term. We all watched a movie and ate popcorn. Delicious and fun!!!


In the morning we went off to P.E and played a game of Basketball and Hockey. When we got back we started to edit our portfolios and practise things for the Exhibition. After lunch we cleaned up the classroom and changed the setting of the classroom for the Exhibition.


Wednesday was the day of our excursion to Port Adelaide Maritime Museum with Ms Poli’s and Mr Haliday’s classes. The classes split up into groups and each of the groups took turns climbing the Lighthouse, riding the Dolphin Cruise boat and going to the Maritime Museum.


Thursday is the last day of school and the day of the Exhibition. In the morning all the year 5 classes got ready for the exhibition. At 9:30 all the parents started to look at some of the History projects. After recess we watched the BFG and had our shared lunch and Class Party. Yummy. Later on (after lunch) we got 40 minutes of electronics.

Now Manreev will give you some more information about the EXCURSION and EXHIBITION.

Thanks Irum


On Wednesday we went to the Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide. At the Museum we learnt about the boats in the past. We looked at three different cabins and we had to relate each cabin to one another. Later on we got to explore a giant ship called the Ketch, with many rooms from the olden days. It was so informative and fun.

Archie Boat





Exhibition of Learning – History

On Thursday we had the exhibition. So many parents and leadership came to view our History work. Everybody got positive and constructive feedback. The classes had a great time and it was fantastic! We loved it so much! It was the highlight of our term. We can’t wait to do another one!

Welcome to our Exhibition of History Learning. VIP entrance!


Ms. Dubrowsky, Ms. Perham, Ms. El and Ms. Barker rocking the red carpet!

Parents/Guardians/Teachers did you get snapped walking the red carpet?

Thanks for viewing our blog. Hope you have a lovely holiday! Bye.

Manreev & Irum

Student Blog Week 10


Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Hello who?

Hello from the other side!


Hi guys, we are the reporters from Rm.12. This week it’s Zidan and Aaryan. We hope you enjoy our blog this week.

Collaboration Learning with Fantastic Fives

On Monday the Fantastic Fives (all year 5 classes), came together to do another collaboration task. Last week, we made the E.M.P.S acronym and made it under 25 minutes. This week, we did it again to see if our collaboration skills improved. We did it under 14 minutes, and at last it was a new high score. Yay!

After that task, we made the word ‘’ FIVES ‘’ and made it under 8 minutes in the first go. All the classes were very happy with our collaboration skills.

Maths with Miss Poli. Strategies for Addition and Subtraction

 In Maths with Miss Poli this week we learnt lots of new strategies for Addition and Subtraction. We had a bus top style activity where we designed our own problems depending on what we thought our ability was and used the different strategies to solve our problems. We learnt Zig-Zag, Traditional Algorithm, Chunking and Open-number lines. It was lots of fun.

Our learning guide for Subtraction

Visual Art with Fantastic Fives

This week was our last week to finish our Australian landscape Impressionist paintings that we have been working on. We have done this during the Fantastic Fives Visual Art Friday afternoon classes. Check out us painting and working hard to complete them!

Here is a sample of one proud student, Chanhee and his amazing art!

Look at my Impressionist style Australian landscape

We asked some of our classmates about ‘’what they are looking forward to next week?’’ They said:

AIDEN: The excursion to maritime museum and class party.

JUA: Starting school holidays on Friday.

JACINTA: Gallery walk/red carpet event and class party.

CLEMENT: Excursion to Maritime Museum and dolphin cruise.

AYESHA: The red carpet event.


Sorry if you have started to feel bored but now it’s time for a joke including Kim Jong-un and your favourite DONALD TRUMP!

At a conference in North Korea, Kim Jong-Un announced that they will be landing a man on the sun!

One of the reporters said “But the Sun is too hot.”

There was a stunned silence in the cabinet. Kim Jong-Un said that we will land at night time!

The cabinet broke into a thunderous applause.

Back at the white House, Donald Trump was watching television and said that he was silly! There is no Sun at night time. The White House broke into a thunderous applause!

Hope you liked the joke.


Now time for a riddle

What is the only word that can’t be rhymed with another word.

Answer will be at the bottom of the page.


This is information about the RED CARPET EVENT held on Thursday from 9:30am to 10:30am.

Next week, the whole year 5 cohort are coming together for a red carpet event. All parents are coming if they can make it , also our Governing Council has been invited and Leadership. All children need to dress up as something from the time when the First Fleet arrived. You could also be a presenter. Hope all parents can make it on time please, it’s going to be spectacular and we are so excited to show you our History learning.


This week our class started a new topic which is Persuasive Writing. Mrs. Burt put a picture on the board for Quick Writes. So all of us had to persuade Mrs. Burt for the topic she gave us, either for or against during Quick Writes. After that the person sitting next to us had to swap books with us and we needed to give feedback to each other.

Assembly Award

This week our class got an unexpected surprise at the Assembly, which was the Primary Assembly great manners award. We were so proud of ourselves!

We got the Primary Assembly award for listening and using our manners!
Assembly Principal Award Winners. Zac, Trent, Kirsten & Chanhee

Answer Riddle: orange

Now time for a fun fact! It is physically impossible for pigs to look up to the sky!

Thanks Aiden for helping with the blog!

Aaryan and Zidan

Student Blog Week 9

Hello everybody how are you doing? Hope you’re doing well this is Christopher and Clement today that is going to be typing this blog for this week.

Firstly, what is a collaborative learning task that we have done?

Aiden-On Monday (27-3-17) We teamed with the Fantastic fives and made the logo E.M.P.S on the oval by using our bodies.

E.M.P.S collaboration task by the Fantastic Fives


Marie- H.A.S.S was fun because we all had to work together by communication which helped our collaboration to improve.

Next, are you confident with you H.A.S.S project and presenting in week 11?

Anna- My group is doing really well and confident about presenting because we answered our question quickly and clearly.

Zidan-Our group is doing really well in our Project with trying to succeed in the project and trying to get a good grade by answering our questions in depth.

What was your favourite subject this week and why?

Aaryan-So far I really like P.E Because Mr Taylor makes interesting sports and learning new sports fun.

Lexie- I really enjoyed art his term because we get to talk with our friends and I can channel my creativity on a plain piece of paper and make it no longer plain.

Maths with Miss Poli – Zig Zag Maths

Have you learnt a new strategy this term for any subject?

Dean- On Wednesday we learnt a new strategy called Zig zag addition in maths with Miss Poli’s class.


Maahee- We learnt a new way of planning our narratives and paragraphs, which is called the CSIOA. This stands for Character, Setting, Incident, Object and Action. I also enjoyed our straw tower challenge with our buddy class.

These buddies thought outside the box!
The Winners. Look at that straw tower!
When your buddy is taller than you!


Ok Chris tell us the riddle: My riddle is: What is a room you cannot enter. (Answer at the bottom)


Now let’s have a joke: What store does a chicken avoid?

KFC (Kentucky FRIED chicken)

Thank you for reading our blog once again presented by Clement and Christopher. Bye. Oh What is the answer to the riddle? The answer is a Mushroom HAHAHA

Please don’t forget to come to our Red Carpet Exhibition of Learning!

Student Blog Week 8

Dear Readers,

Welcome to week eight. It’s nearly the end of term one! How quickly time flies. This week our class had swimming and we think some people really enjoyed it. We had DECD lessons on how to stay safe in the water. We interviewed some people and this is what some people thought about this week:

Michael: It was pretty good and I really liked the game where we had to hold our breath for as long as we could.

Maahee:  I think swimming week is a great experience for people to learn new things and how to be safe in the water.

Aiden: It was good and it was way more fun then I’d expected.

Manreev: I thought swimming week was fun and really educational.

Aaryaan: Fun, interactive and helpful for learning.

Irum: It was incredible and awesome x2.

Zac: It was fun.

Bonnie: I thought it was fun, because I learnt how to keep safe in the water.

Christopher: It was really good and we learnt lots.

Lexie: I thought swimming week was fun and challenging but I enjoyed it heaps.

Please see some of the photos below.

Swimming Week Photos


Mrs B had fun doing some of the girls hair after swimming.

Now that’s done, let’s move onto jokes, riddles and quotes for the week:


Everybody has me but no one can get rid of me. What am I?


What do you call an old snowman?


It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but it takes a great deal more to stand up to your friends.

Please try and figure out the answers!

Clement and the Rubix Cube

Clement is working hard to solve the 4 x 4 Rubix Cube! Getting closer.

History Projects Gallery Walk

This week we did a Gallery Walk with the year 5 cohort to check out how our peers were progressing with their History projects as they are due in two weeks. We are hoping to have an exhibition of our learning in week 11 for our families. We had to give positive and constructive feedback to our peers to help us to be more successful learners. We really enjoyed this opportunity and learnt a lot from it!

Dr Leigh Burrows: Bean bag movement activities, Wellbeing

When we had our pupil free day the teachers all went to a wellbeing day with Dr Leigh Burrows. They learnt lots of this to help us with our wellbeing. Mrs B has been teaching us the “Bean bag movement activities.” These exercises are adapted from the book ‘Take Time’ by Nash-Wortham and Hunt ( 2003). They can be done successfully with any age including adolescents and adults. They are very calming, centering and grounding and help to balance and harmonise the right and left sides and upper and lower parts of the body. In addition adding the element of going forwards and backwards with speaking and moving helps to build the short term memory. Use small bean bags or juggling balls. Each activity can be repeated eight times.

We have learnt the following activities that you could also try at home!

  • Pass the bean bag around the body clockwise, gently, rhythmically (begin and end and come back to this one in between the others below)
  • ‘Spiral’. Pass the bean bag around the body clockwise from the middle of the body then up under arms, down to ankles and repeat a few times
  • ‘Waterfall,’ drop bean bag or juggling ball down your back, take in turns each side, can count forwards and backwards in 3s, 5s, or 2s
  • ‘Rainbow’, put out arms straight out beside you horizontally, look at bean bag in right hand raise both hands above head, switch beanbag into left hand and watch as you lower both arms. Repeat several times


Don’t forget to enter the writer’s competition. All poems and stories are due by the 31st of March.

$1000 received for the 1st prize winner.

Visit the site at


Maahee and Michael

Student Blog Week 7

Hi this is Navyaa and Marie here with your weekly blog.

This week is Harmony Week.

We have asked some children in our class about what they thought about this special week:

  • Dean: It was a very orange week
  • Anna: Very exciting and diverse
  • Aaryan: Very informative
  • Chloe: It was fun because we got to learn about different cultures
  • Chanhee: Very fun and I found out new information on different cultures and religions
  • Zidan: It was interesting because we got to learn about different religions
  • Clement: It was fun because we got to experience different religions
  • Jacinta: Sunny and entertaining
  • Chris: It was really fun because I got to wear a turban
  • Bonnie: Fun because we got to dress up in our traditional costumes or just wear orange clothes
  • Lily: It’s a fun way to express our cultural diversity
  • Aiden: It was surprising that there were so many different religions

Now Back To Navyaa

Thanks Marie

Now for some info on Harmony Week


On Tuesday the 14th of March we had a parade to celebrate Harmony Day and it was amazing to see how many different cultures this school has. Look at how fabulous we all look in the picture below.

Look at how fabulous we all look! We are so proud of the diversity in our classroom!


Today is Wednesday the 15th of March and a person called Allan came to our school to teach us about Aboriginal culture. He also spoke about a dreaming story “Tjilbruke”, about being jealous.

We love learning and listening to Allan!

Please click to see: Allan playing the didgeridoo.


Today was our shared lunch here are some things people brought:

Dean: pizza scrolls

Manreev: pappadums

Ayesha: pizza

Anna: cheese triangles

Michael: Russian pies

Aaryan: potato bites

Maahee: mixed veggie bites

Chloe: dumplings

Luke: baglets and bread sticks with dip

We also went to an assembly called Turbans and Trust. They taught us about seek religion and let some people try on turbans. They taught us about the significance of turbans to their faith.

We really enjoyed learning about the Seek faith.

More about this week!

Clement tried to teach Mrs B and a few students how to solve the rubrix cube. Mrs B said it is her goal to solve it by the end of the year.

Clement solved the Rubrix Cube! He taught Mrs B. She is determined to solve it by the end of the year!

Our beans are growing large stalks!

Look at our bean stalks!

We did some relaxation with Kalai during our “What’s the Buzz” learning.

Relaxation with Kalai.

REMINDER: Bring swimming supplies for swimming week next week. 

Joke: Why was the baby ant confused? Because its uncles were ants.

That’s all for this week! Thanks Navy and Marie

Student Blog Week 6

Hey this is Lexie here and I am going to tell you about our wonderful week!

Monday Journal Entry

It is Monday and we are starting off with Guided Reading. After that we focused on our History projects, our topic is Australian Colonisation.

After we went to Science to work on our project and work on adaption. We updated our plant journals then ate our lunch. Yummy!

After lunch Mrs B read to us, 1 chapter of the BFG. Next was Quick Writes.

Finally it was time for Spelling which is always a fun challenge.

Look at our beans growing!

Over to Jua for some questioning.

Hey I am Jua and I am going to be interviewing some of my classmates.

What was something our class has learnt this week?

Marie said that we have been Guided in Guided Reading and learning our roles for Book Club and now we know what to do.

Zac said that we learnt how camels have adapted in the desert.


Lexie again for Tuesday’s Journal.

It is Tuesday and we have P.E to start off with. Currently in P.E we are focusing on Basketball.

Next we decorated bookmarks for our Guided Reading. After recess we had Math with Miss Poli’s class. We are focusing on subertising and problem solving.

Before lunch we worked on our note taking skills with some BTN.

After lunch Mrs B read another chapter of the BFG. Next we worked on our Spelling for this week.

Finally we had Digital Tech with a relief teacher Miss Duddy.

Problem Solving using 1 of the problem solving strategies we have been learning about this week.
A snapshot from BTN
Check out some of our awesome bookmarks.

Back to Jua for some more questions.

What has our class found interesting this week?

Anna said she has found science interesting.

Dean said some of our seeds are not growing.

Wednesday Journal Entry

Today is Wednesday and first we are learning about the female historians as it is International Women’s Day. When we first listed famous historians we only included one female. Then we realised that we had left off some important women in history.

After we had Italian with Sinora Ricci and that is always fun.

After recess we had Math again with Miss Poli’s class. We worked on problem solving and suberizing. It was a little hard but still fun.

After lunch we had quick writes and the picture was a frog. After we had digital technologies, which personally I love.

Famous People History before we noticed we only included one female
We then added to our mind map and realised we missed off some pretty important women in History.
Quick Writes prompt. Learning Intention: Improve descriptive writing by using more adjectives. Success Criteria: Explain how adjectives make a narrative more exciting. Use adjectives to describe characters, settings and to add emotion.

Back to Jua for some more questions.

What was a task you have worked on with a group?

Naavya said starting our project on H.A.S.S.

Lily said doing math with the whole class.

Thursday’s Journal Entry

Today was Thursday and we had drama with Mr Bolton, which was fun next we had guided reading but instead of reading our books, we read articles on woman who invented important things to link in with our learning on Wednesday. After recess we watched a wellbeing show and that was really exiting. After we celebrated clean up Australia day by cleaning up the school and recording our findings. After lunch we focused on Reading and Quick Writes. After we did spelling and finishing off. It was a good week!

These are the materials we collected in our area for Clean Up Australia Day. Hopefully we can continue to keep our school looking this clean.
A small snapshot from The Wellbeing Show

Look at our sensory area in our classroom. This helps us when we need a brain break. We can use it once a lesson.

Our sensory area!

More questions from Jua

What is your class looking forward to next week?

Chloe said we are looking forward to Harmony week!!!

That’s all from us this week, we hope you enjoyed hearing about our week!

Thanks Lexie and Jua

Week 5 Student Blog

Hello I am Dean and next to me is Kirsten. We are the student bloggers this week and we will be telling you about our week.

Kirsten here!

Guided Reading

This week our class has officially started Guided Reading now that we know our roles and have spent some time practicing for the past two weeks. Guided Reading has been a challenge because we all have to know how to run guided reading in our groups and get the hang of it.

This week our class voted on a behaviour sort of thing to help us become better learners as we noticed this is something we needed to improve on. On the board we have the letters of noise and if we get too noisy  we turn over a letter from noise. For every letter we agreed to pick up 5 papers, to help keep our school clean, if we get to N we work quietly for the rest of the lesson.  Mrs. Burt’s helpers hand out little cards to encourage positive learning. On one card is a positive monster that says “Engaged and Learning”, if you get it you get a Dojo point which is linked to Habits of Mind. If you get a green monster card, it is a reminder and you have to pick up papers.

And Dean is back

I interviewed Mrs Burt.

Mrs Burt what are you grateful for?

“I love everyone’s lovely personalities in Room 12.”

What else?

“The work ethic in this classroom and positive attitudes towards learning.”

What was your hardest challenge?

“Adapting to the new routines of E.M.P.S.”

How did you cope with your challenge?

“By being organised, persisting and asking questions when I need to.”

Thanks Mrs Burt. Now for a little more on the learning in Room 12 this week. We ran our SRC elections this week. All students who wanted to run for SRC rep needed to come up with a speech. They had one week to prepare for their speech. They then presented on Thursday. We all got to vote for one male and one female and then Mrs Burt tallied the votes.

Congratulations to our new reps:

Boy: Aaryan

Girl: Maahee

and our vice reps:

Boy: Clement

Girl: Navyaa

All of the students who went for SRC in Room 12.

All students presented really well.


This week in Maths we worked on reading, ordering and saying large numbers up to a decillion with Miss Poli”s class. We recogonised patterns in the numbers and periods.

Well that’s all for this week!

SEL with Kalai

We also had Kalai come into our classroom to do some Social and Emotional Learning with us. We played a game call Fruit Salad. It was fun.

SEL – Fruit Salad Game “Pear”

Educational websites

We also starting coding this week using It is lots of fun!

A note for the students in Room 12

You also should have created your own login for coding. You need to use your email address and password. You can sign in below,
​If you haven’t created a new user for code yet you need to sign up here:

Please see some other educational links:

Studdyladder (we have our own logins):



Scholastic News Online:

Fact Monster:

Thanks for Reading!

Dean & Kirsten

Week 4 Student Blog

We chose to change the layout of our classroom!

Working with our Buddy Class


Working in our groups on our History Inquiry project on “Australian Colonisation” to develop our Key Inquiry Questions.


Mrs B helped us with the types of questions we could design using the Question Matrix, relating to the Big Idea questions, as we found it very tricky.
Aaryan developed some great inquiry questions.

G’day people! Aiden and Anna here to tell you some exciting news for this week in fantastic fives and Mrs Burt’s class.

This week we started using our own email accounts!

Brain Teaser

Before we get into something let’s start off with a mind blowing brain teaser! You leave home and go left, then you go right, go to the left again and if you come back home there is a guy waiting for you. Who is this guy? Answers at the bottom of the page. We hope you get it soon.

Let’s get into something that people thought about this week!

Question: What was challenging this week?

Luke – “Writing a narrative and the sequence of events.”

Navyaa – “Being quiet, because we had trouble managing our distractions.”

Zidan – “Homework! Because everyone and I thought it was much more than it really was, but it was new to us, so we will get better with practise.”

Let’s take a look of what our class enjoyed.

Clement – “We did acting with Mr Boltin and we had lots of fun.”

Kirsten – “I found PE and Drama really fun!”

Chris – “I enjoyed drawing the Nogard when practising the “Visualising strategy” for the Guided Reading Book Club role, because it was really fun and funny.”

In my opinion most of the people loved Drama and working with our buddies.

Answer for brain teaser: Baseball catcher

Thank you for reading our weekly blog

Bye from Anna and Aiden.

Week 3 Student Blog

Brain Break – Smiling Minds meditation

This week Jua said she learnt some new things in H.A.S.S. She learnt some things about convicts and Indigenous people during Australian Colonisation.

Working with Miss Poli’s class in Maths, to play 200 or bust which is a mental routine.
Working with Miss Poli’s class in Maths, to play 200 or bust which is a mental routine.

A challenge this week was managing our distractions. This week we have been grateful for working with the Fantastic Fives team more. Please see some of the photos. We have collaborated this week with Mr Halliday’s and Miss Poli’s class during our history lessons.

Play is The Way game – Piccadilly Circus

What We Were Grateful For

Aiden: Working with Mr Halliday’s and Miss Poli’s class.

Lexie: For all of my amazing friends!

Maahee: Mrs Burt, our wonderful teacher!

Zidan: For the teacher adding humour to the class

Bonnie: For everyone being respectful to each other

Clement: Learning new sports in P.E.

Mrs Burt: For everyone making me feel so welcome in this class and welcoming me to East Marden PS

Jua: For everyone being awesome!!

Kirsten: Learning new things

Anna: For people making me laugh

Hope you have a great 2017 <3

Written by Lily and Chloe 17/02/2017

Fantastic Fives!

Year 5 Cohort – “Fantastic Fives”

Welcome to 2017. This is our classroom blog where you will find updates on the learning taking place in our class. The posts are created by the students in our class and will be regularly uploaded.

Fantastic Fives working together.

Please see a photo of the year five cohort and our Fantastic Five scavenger hunt!

We look forward to sharing our learning with you! Hope to see you soon!

Room 12 Classroom Expectations

So proud of the Room 12 kidlets. Last week we developed our Classroom expectations and I held a design competition. The students voted for their favourite design, which would go onto a big canvas in our classroom. All students contributed to the final design. The winner was Luke. Congratulations Luke! The finished design looks terrific and they all took so much pride in it. Make sure you come and check it out!

Room 12 Classroom Expectations
Working on our Classroom Expectations.

Parents please find an Australian Curriculum link below: Information for parents.

Welcome to our Room 12 classroom blog.

Please find a digital copy of the term 1 classroom Newsletter. This blog will be updated regularly by the students in Room 12. We look forward to sharing our learning journey with you! I will continue to make regular contact with you also on ClassDojo. 

Thanks Hayley Burt

term 1 newsletter 2017