Room 11

Term 4


Week 4

Hi, I am Ashanti and this is Amy.

We are this weeks’ bloggers from room 11. This weeks’ character strength in our class was teamwork. Teamwork is about working together in pairs or groups of all sizes to get the job done.

In class, we have been learning to convert time and do time problem solving.

Knock knock, who’s there, owl, owl who, you sound like an owl HOOT HOOT!

What do you call a banana that jumps off a roof, BANANA SPLAT!

Have a look at the photos below to see our class inquiring into how natural vegetation supports the lives of living things!

Goodbye everyone, thanks for reading.

Ashanti and Amy



Week 3




Week 2

Hi, I’m Elyssa and I’m Filza and we are the week 2 bloggers! We will be talking about sports day and the end of year concert.

Well done to all the sports day teams! We hope you all used teamwork and fairness. Thank you Mr Taylor for making sports day happen and thank you to all the parents who volunteered.

We hope you all have your concert songs organised and have started your dance! We know room 11 has started their dance.

That’s all from the week 2 bloggers see you next time! BYE.




Week 1

Hi, our names are Sofia and Grace!

We are the term 4 bloggers for week 1. On Wednesday, Ms Weir’s class and Ms Z’s class went to the Wingfield Dump and Statewide Dump for an excursion. We were learning about waste management.

Last Friday it was loud shirt day. On LOUD SHIRT DAY, we had to wear a bright top and give a gold coin donation to support the hearing impaired.

Which team do you think will win this year on Sports Day 2017?

This blog is now signed off by Grace and Sofia



Term 3 


Week 8

Hi our names are Ashanti and Bethany and today we are going to be talking about what has been happening in our class this week. We have been focusing on the character strength self-regulation. Here are some ways to show Self-regulation.

Calm down


Control impulses

Stay positive

We hope you can use some of these strategies to help you too!



Week 5

Hi, I’m Henry and I’m Sofia!

We are the week 5 bloggers. We had a busy week with Book Week. Every morning we had to answer key questions from the library and they were all very hard, but we tried our best and we hope other classes did too! On Friday we had our Book Week parade and it was heaps of fun and a nice sunny day. We hope everyone enjoyed the parade as much as we did, because we had a blast! Did you like the book week parade? Are you going to give the library any feedback?

Henry and Sofia




Week 4

In HASS this term our inquiry focus is on waste management and sustainability. We have been wondering and noticing all different things about waste in our school community and in the world. The main question we want to find answers to is how can people use environments more sustainably? We have now started to come up with small questions so that we can research responses to our big driving question. This is our thinking so far:



Week 3

This term our buddy class is Ms Pallotta’s year 2’s. We have been using our character strengths of creativity and teamwork to create patterned art works. It was interesting to see how many different patterns we could think of! Have a look at how they turned out.


Week 2

Last week we had the famous Australian author Phil Cummings visit our school and speak to our class. Phil shared how he comes up with ideas to write his books and how to record ideas. We were also lucky enough to have Phil read us his new book, Feathers. With all of the new information and ideas provided to us by Phil, we started creating our own children’s picture books. Coming up with the story and creating illustrations has been fun and challenging. Check out our books below.


Week 1

Hi, this is Eugene and Joel, and we’re the week 1 bloggers. This week our class has been working on our marble maze runs. They are mazes for marbles to go through. We used pop sticks and blue tac or the hot glue gun to make the maze. We had to include angles and symmetry in our mazes. Have a look at some of our designs so far!





Week 2

This week we visited the Maritime Museum in Port Adelaide to learn more about explorers and the First Fleet.

Week 3

The class has been inquiring into digital technologies and deconstructing old laptops, mobile phones, usb’s and more! It has been interesting comparing different materials and thinking about how these devices operate.

Week 4

On Friday this week the three year 4 classes walked to Linear Park to sit by the river and take inspiration from our surroundings to create an impressionist piece of art.

Week 5

This term our class has been inquiring into the First Fleet and life for people in England which resulted in them being transported to Australia. We have also been thinking about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders lives before and after the Europeans came to Australia.

Week 6

Our class was learning about Reconciliation Week and decided that to help raise awareness of reconciliation within our school, that we would hold a stall selling fact files, fliers, bookmarks and plenty of interesting information. We decided the funds raised would go towards ANTar – which is an Aboriginal organisation that fights for the rights and justice of Aboriginal people. Our class raised over $300 to donate!

Week 7

In our class we have started Positive Education lessons which focus on 24 character strengths to build our best selves and to think positively towards learning and life situations. It has been interesting learning about the different strengths of people in the class.

Week 10

The year 4 classes showcased their fantastic artwork from throughout the term, including cubism, impressionism and pop art styles. Everyone was very excited for parents and other classes to come in and view our exhibition.

Sentence building


We have learnt that we can use the mnemonic FANBOYS to help remember the common conjunctions used to create compound sentences. Read on for some great sentences!

Week 9 

Explorer inquiry

Check out the fantastic world explorer fact files we have created during our inquiry into the journey of explorers! We stained our final products with tea to create an old and worn look to the paper.

Week 8


Learning about water safety has been so much fun and really important for everyone in our class. We now know some of the handy items that we can use to help keep someone struggling in the water to stay afloat until help comes. Some items you could throw to a person are a towel, long stick, a ball, a noodle, an esky or a kick board.

Week 7 

Harmony Week

In week 7 the school celebrated Harmony Week. We had a lot of fun experiencing different cultures and dressing up in our traditional dress for the whole school Harmony Day Parade. Throughout the week we enjoyed a shared lunch including many foods from a variety of different cultures, shared our backgrounds and put our hands together to create collaborative art pieces.

Week 6 

Year 4 collaboration

Room 11, 13 and 14 have been doing some collaboration activities where they have been learning teamwork skills and getting to know students in the other year 4 classes.

Week 5 

Guided reading

In room 11 we have been learning how to independently carry out reading tasks in small groups to improve our reading. At the beginning of the week, Ms Weir shares a comprehension strategy with the class and we all do an activity together to practice the strategy. Throughout the week each of the four reading groups rotates through different activities to practice the strategy in different situations. The four groups are: reader’s theatre, partner read, guided read with Ms Weir and an explicit comprehension task.

Welcome to Room 11 Year 4!