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Some of our learning so far this term..

We are now just over halfway through the term (already!) and the children have been engaging in an exceptional amount of learning in the first 5 weeks of the term.

We have been continuing to work with numbers in Mathematics, and have begun extending our learning into addition. We are currently learning about position and movement, which is linking up with our inquiry learning around special places and soon-to-be created maps for our special places.

We have been focusing on narratives – characters and setting, the structure, descriptive language – through our writing. The children have been broadening their descriptive vocabularies, assisting them in forming ‘more interesting’ orientations for narratives. As a class we have looked closely at various characters and settings, and how they have been described in a range of texts.

An update on our inquiry learning will be uploaded in the coming weeks!

Attached below are some photos of our learning (clicking on photos enlarges them) as well as a term overview.

Parent Overview Term 2-239x5lc


Swimming week

Swimming week was a great success, and the children showed great maturity throughout the week allowing them to have a heap of fun and help everything run smoothly. A huge thank you to the parents who took the time to help out and support us!

Recount writing

This term in our writing we have been focusing on recounts. We have been looking at the format of a recount, beginning with an orientation sentence then using the following sentence starters to sequence the body of the recount: first, then, next, and finally. As a class we have focused a lot on the orientation sentence of a recount, and what information it should include: who, what, when, where. The children have been working together to create orientation sentences and have been doing a wonderful job writing these sentences into their books.



Maths – Sorting and patterns

After settling in during the first two weeks, we we learnt about sorting in a range of different ways such as colour, shape, size and type. We then moved onto pattern which involved the children creating a lot of their own patterns, as well as copying and continuing patterns. It was also important for the children to practise describing the patterns they were seeing and creating.

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Homework and Term Overview

I have had a few questions recently about homework, particularly about the expectations and what is expected.

The children have a homework booklet that aligns with the teaching of phonics at school. This booklet provides an opportunity for students to refresh their learning about each sound and letter, as well as to practise writing the sound and letter. The homework booklet will finish at the completion of the Jolly Phonics program in class (once the children have been exposed to and taught all 42 sounds), and will no longer be required. The teaching of phonics will continue in class.

There is another small sound booklet which the children can use at home for practice and revision, but is also used at school at different times for learning.

As of Week 7, the children were sent home with a Word Box Book which is where word boxes containing small sets of Oxford Sight Words will be placed. There is some information regarding it’s purpose and use on the first page of this book.

The children have been doing a wonderful job of taking the responsibility to read and change their readers over each day. It may be beneficial for the children to read the same reader over two nights, or even take home a reader that they have already read before. This can help with recognition and fluency. It is important to talk about the pictures on each page before reading the words and to make personal connections with the story. The children will need your support with reading in the early stages. In your child’s yellow reading record book you will find some reading strategies to help your child with reading, and you are welcome to ask me for any assistance with strategies.

I recommend that reading be the number one priority for homework, however please do remember that we want reading to be an enjoyable time for your child. I am not strict with homework and will not be forcing it upon the children, as I understand they can be tired after long days, and time outside of school can be busy, taken up by other important commitments and quality family time.

*Although we are nearing the end of term now, attached below is a term overview of the teaching and learning we have covered, are currently covering or will be covering. This includes the days of specialist lessons which should remain the same for Term 2 at this stage.

Parent Overview Term 1


Hello and welcome to the Room 1 class blog

Hi parents and caregivers of Room 1,

Welcome to the class blog of the Room 1 Receptions.

Throughout the year I will post photos and messages about the learning that is taking place in our classroom, as well as important notices, attachments, reminder notes.

I am happy to pass on my email address to those that request it, but I kindly ask that you please do not expect me to reply outside of school hours even though I may check my emails outside of school hours from time to time.

Just like that we are already in week 6 of the first term, and the children have done a fantastic job of becoming familiar with the routines and expectations of school (which can be quite difficult at first, so thank you for your patience and assistance).