Participation in ICAS 2018

Families who would like to participate in ICAS can participate at:

North Shore Coaching College


Principal: Mr Aaron Zhang & Mrs Orinda Xia


2 Beulah Road

Norwood SA 5067


Contact Number(s):

Tel: (08) 8123 1663

Mob: 0452 668 758

Fax: (08) 8123 1663


Please select the link below for the Enrolment form.










Hello, Mrs Self!

My name is Ashlee Self and this year I will be teaching Drama and Music in collaboration with Ken Sykes. I have had a varied performing arts background in music and drama, being a previous member of the Young Adelaide Voices and a long-term member of the Blackwood Players Inc. theatre company.

This semester in Drama, we will be exploring Indigenous Australian Dreaming stories and elements of dance. Through this, students will be able to understand the meanings and motivations behind this rich oral history, understand that culture comes in many different forms and can be experienced through many different outlets.

This semester we will be focussing on stage skills such as commitment to role, stage presence and stance, projection and body control.

We will also be exploring appropriate classroom behaviours with the help of our ‘friends’, an assortment of puppets who individually teach lessons of appropriate voice levels, co-operation, respect and ‘having a go’.

Drama provides the perfect environment for children to practice social skills, such as respecting personal space, safe use of body and respecting differences in opinion. It is also a great chance for children to practice skills that are transferable to everyday situations, such as dealing with unfamiliar scenarios, thinking on your feet and working with people outside of your friendship groups.

I look forward to sharing my passion for the Arts with all my students!

Mrs Self with her ‘friends’, Gloria and Edwin.

Acquaintance Night 2018 – Tuesday 13th February

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

You are invited to come along to school on Tuesday 13th February for our Acquaintance Night.

  • Rec, 1 & 2 (6pm – 6.30pm) Students Classroom

  • 3, 4 & 5 (6.30pm – 7pm) Students Classroom

  • 6 & 7 (7pm – 7.30pm) Students Classroom

  • Year 7 Room 27 Kristina Chong-Tenn (7pm-7.30pm) Library


Specialist Teachers

PE, Italian, Science & Arts

Time: 6pm – 7pm

Location OSHC

Oxford Literacy digital texts

Oxford Literacy is the only literacy series based on the most recent research on frequently used words by Australian students in their own writing, in the first three years of school. The series includes a comprehensive assessment solution, an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books, and interactive ebooks for reading levels 1–30 for shared, guided and independent reading.  Click on the link below to see how to access digital texts at home.  Once your child’s personal bookshelf is set up, reading can be so accessible and fun.

Parents-How to use Oxford Literacy Student Bookshelf-20j3u1o

Words their Way

Spelling is part of the English curriculum area and sits within the Language strand of the Australian curriculum.

One of key features of Words Their Way is that spelling stages are developmental – a teacher can have a class with students working at each of the spelling stages.  It caters for students working at different stages in the classroom and gives all students practical strategies to improve their spelling.

Words Their Way pedagogy is multi-sensory and developmental.  It focuses on building skills and knowledge of strategies to assist with the spelling of words as well as focusing on a broader study of words – word meaning, grammar features and contextual understandings.  It aims to teach children how to hear, say, write and read sounds, letter patterns and words through strategy knowledge rather than from memory.

Teachers at East Marden are at the initial stage of implementing Words Their Way and are beginning with Word Study as part of the English program connecting reading, writing and grammar. 

End of Year Concert has been postponed due to weather concerns.

Over the past week we have been tracking the weather and after speaking with the team at the Bureau of Meteorology they have forecast 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms. With this knowledge we have postposed the concert due to safety concerns.

This concert will be rescheduled for

Tuesday 12th December at 6pm.

Concert Program will remain the same with;

  • Food available from 4.30pm
  • Students to meet teachers in classrooms at 5.30pm
  • Concert will start at 6pmLooking forward to seeing all of our EMPS families on the Tuesday 12th December.
  • If wet weather is predicted for the 12th of December we will need to cancel the concert for 2017 and a notification will be made