Term 1, 2018



The Reception team worked extremely hard this term learning about “What makes a successful learner?”

Students inquired into the many qualities of successful learners and the routines and expectations that were needed to be successful.

Then we looked at how success made us feel:

We investigated how emotions can affect how successful we are and who can help us to be successful at school.

And finally, we made a video summing up some of our learning from the term. Try not to giggle too much at their gorgeous responses!!





Library Lovers Day is an annual event supported by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) which is held on February 14. Library Lovers’ Day is an opportunity for everyone to reconnect with the library and share their love of books.

This year we celebrated Library Lovers day by having our fabulous Library Crew read and share their favourite stories in various areas around the school grounds. They were dressed as the official Library Town Criers and they had a great time reading to the students.


Our dedicated (and awesome) parent volunteers, Pip, Linda & Bec selected books from the library which were superbly wrapped for each class to come in on the day and select a ‘surprise book’. Each ‘surprise book’ had a blank note, envelope & stamp for the class to mail it back to the library through our special mailbox.

Come in and read their love letters to the library.

A huge thank you to our wonderful and amazing leadership team, teachers’, SSOs’ and students for supporting EMPS Library.


This year the library is introducing Scholastic Book Club to EAST MARDEN PRIMARY
SCHOOL. Up to twice a term, during the school year Library staff will send home a Club catalogue
with a different selection of books offered for all ages. You’ll find award-winning books and
bestsellers, as well as old and new favourites.

To place an order with the Book Club, you will need to use the LOOP platform which is set up for
parents/caregivers to pay by credit card. Your child’s order is sent directly to the school, safe and sound.
The books will be delivered to your child’s class by our Library staff. Your child’s order can be done via or using the LOOP app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or
Google Play. We advise that we will not be accepting cash as a payment, so please do not send orders
to school with money payments as they cannot be processed.