The year 7 classes created Ambiente-Environment trioramas.

      Just adding the finishing touches to our maschere in time for Harmony week. Thanks to all the parents who helped with making and decorating the mashere. The finished products are absolutely amazing.




Signora Ricci

Elvira Overview   Please click on link to view overview



Term 2 has arrived and so has the cold weather. Fa molto freddo.

The topics to be covered in first 5 weeks of this term are:

Italian Overview              Term 2, 2017

Week 1 Yr1-2 Read and label 6 phrases to describe the weather.

Yr3-4 Sing and create movement to song:”Che tempo fa?”

Yr5-7 Label the world and write& translate new vocab


ACARA Sub Strand: Socialising

Interact orally and in writing to exchange ideas, experiences and feelings and participate in planning and taking action.

Week2 Yr1-2 Sing and create movement to song; “Oggi, oggi”

Yr3-4 Write and illustrate phrases in song. Describe weather today.

Yr5-7 Sort vocab in diverse environments. Illustrate 4 environments.


ACARA Sub Strand: Informing

Week3 Yr1-2 Illustrate and describe weather today. Label sun, clouds etc.

Yr3-4 Discuss weather for the season. Write & illustrate 4 seasons.

Yr5-7 Write 2-3 sentences for each environment.

c’e`-there is/ci sono- there are


ACARA Sub Strand: Informing

Week4 Yr1-2 Create a scene/triorama of a season (autumn or winter)

Yr3-4 Write a poem (acrostic or other) about favourite season.

Yr5-7 Describe and illustrate your own environment.

(Assessment task)


ACARA Sub Strand: Creating