Early Years Science

Welcome to Early Years Science in 2018!

My name is Eve Sage and I am excited to be teaching Science to our Reception, Years 1 and 2 Students. Science is such a stimulating curriculum area to focus and nurture children’s natural curiosity in the world around them. It is also a subject that lends itself easily to an Inquiry hands on approach, incorporating STEM, allowing children to experiment, question, explore changes within the parameters of their investigations and draw conclusions based on their findings.

Term 1 has been very busy in Early Years Science, lots of learning and inquiry. The Physics Strand that we have been concentrating on at all year levels, is illustrated in some of the photos below. We have just begun the Earth and Space Sciences Unit which includes ‘Weather’ for Receptions, ‘Changes in the landscape’ for Year 1’s and ‘Water’ for Year 2’s.  We have a lot of investigating to do!

For a more detailed overview of content at each Year Level, click on the links below and for photos, keep scrolling!

EY Science Overview Term 1 2018

Reception Earth and Space Sciences Rubric 2018

Year 1 Earth and Space Sciences Rubric 2018

Year 2 Earth and Space Sciences Rubric 2018



Below are some photos from late 2017 when we had some extra time to investigate science concepts outside the curriculum. The first 2 photos involve Reception students and the concept of Surface Tension. Water molecules love each other, but what happens when we add detergent to break the molecules apart?


Students exploring the animal life in our Native Garden


Year 2 Students constructing a box needed to house a silk worm according to a set criteria and the silk worm!


Year 3 Students also investigating Surface Tension creating a meniscus on a 5 cent coin – how many drops?