Room 11

Week 1 BLOG
Welcome to our first blog! This week, we learnt about rules and laws and brain-stormed how the laws and rules work and their similarities/differences. We were all excited and fascinated of this, as it was something very new to all of us. We also had our favourite subject this week: spelling! Why? It was because we got to think of fun sentences and learn about new words. Of course, there were challenging parts to it, but it still extremely fun to do. This week, we had our very first class meeting and we tried our best to cooperate. We also spoke one by one. It was extremely useful and made our brains think deeply. Also, did you know that the first woman governor in the Australian states name was Roma Mitchell? Because we didn’t! We had so much fun doing all sorts of different tasks this week and we are looking forward to another lesson of spelling next week. our class also learnt to be true to themselves and have a growth mindset due to the task of drawing a horse upside down. And even if you aren’t very confident of yourself on a certain subject, don’t worry because this is what the smartest person on planet Earth, Albert Einstein said: ” Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish on it’s attempt to climb a tree, then it will spend the rest of it’s life thinking it’s stupid.” So don’t worry!

By Krisha Baxi and Sally Kim

Week 2 BLOG
Hello! We are Week 2’s bloggers, Martia and Maiko. We will be talking about our fantastic learning we did. Next week is NAPLAN, and we have been doing practice tests.
On Monday we have learnt about prime and composite numbers. Prime numbers have only 2 factors, like 5. 5 only has the factors 1 and 5. Composite numbers, like 8 have more than 2 factors, like 8 has 1, 2, 4, and 8. For maths, we even learnt square numbers and square roots. It has been challenging for some people, but we used a growth mindset like what we have learnt last week. We have been doing some work with our buddies too, helping them with their inquiry. We went near the ark, and discussed about communities.

By Martia and Maiko