About Us

East Marden Primary school provides the highest quality education for all students, delivering an extensive curriculum focusing on developing skills in literacy and numeracy and 21st century skills.

We aim to foster an engaged, supportive and diverse learning community where every student has the opportunity to discover their potential and achieve their personal best through quality teaching and learning practices. We believe that ALL students can be successful learners and our aim is to develop our students into responsible global citizens with a love of learning. School programs both challenge and support all learners. High expectations of quality work and responsible behaviour are made explicit and student achievements at all levels are acknowledged and celebrated regularly throughout the year.


To educate children to achieve their full potential by helping them acquire and develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for success


East Marden Primary School community values respect, integrity, creativity, persistence and resilience.


For our students to develop the skills to enable them to be successful and responsible citizens of the 21st century.