Assemblies 2018

This year we are taking the opportunity to implement some new changes to the format of assemblies at East Marden Primary. Our aim is to make them shorter, interactive with a greater focus on sharing student learning. Students will be the primary innovators in planning, organising and presenting assemblies.  Students will take a leading role in showcasing learning through focus areas with their buddy classes.

The school will be divided into two groups from years R-7 and assemblies will be held on alternate weeks on Fridays at 9am in the gym.

This term the first assemblies will be held on Friday (week 10) and Friday (week 11) at 9am.

Let’s Chat over Coffee

Families are warming invited to join us for coffee and lots of friendly chatter! Don’t mess a great opportunity to connect with your school community after your child’s assembly.

Date: 6th and the 13th of April

Time: After 9am Assembly (9.50am – 10.40am)

Venue: School Gym

Contact: Kalai 0470 189 055 (any queries)


Assembly Group A Classes Hosting
Term 1  Week 10 Room 32 and Room 17
Term 2  Week 4 Room 16 and Room21
Term 2  Week 7 Room 23 and Room 5
Term 3  Week 3 Room 12 and Room 1
Term 3  Week 7 Room 24 and Room 8
Term 4  Week 3 Room 30 and Room 7
Term 4  Week 6 Room 28 and Room 18
Assembly Group B Classes Hosting
Term 1  Week 11 Room 13 and Room 29
Term 2  Week 5 Room 14 and Room 2
Term 2  Week 9 Room 11 and Room 20
Term 3  Week 5 Room 31 and Room 6
Term 3  Week 9 Room 15 and Room 19
Term 4  Week 4 Room 22 and Room 10
Term 4  Week 8 Room 27 and Room 9


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